Today was certainly Patriot Front day. While I made it clear up front that I’ve never been a fan of Patriot Front’s aesthetics per se, the disgusting grift-right response to them, such as calling them feds or trying to doxx them, needed to be fought back

All thirty one of the Patriot Front members who showed up to protest the disgusting antifa-groomer show were arrested on “conspiracy to riot,” charges by the Coeur d’Alene police. My original take was that the arrest wasn’t really the end of the World. They were going to hold them until after the Groomer Pride event was over, and then release them. They were also going to rip off all their masks, to let antifa “journalists,” dox them.

Original image was not blurred/pixelated.

I didn’t think that they would stoop so low as to face and name doxx all 31 members of PF that they arrested. I also did not expect them to go ahead with their nonsense “conspiracy to riot,” charges. I am not a lawyer, but others have stated that conspiracy to riot is an extremely difficult charge to prove.

I think this could be turned into an enormous win for Thomas Rousseau, Patriot Front, and our people everywhere for them to fight the city in the courts. The longer this story is in the news, the better this will look for Patriot Front, and the worse it will look from the perspective of the city.

Sheriff Robert “Bob” Norris

In my various call ins to the police, I’ve noticed that there certainly is a strong bureaucrat gang division of responsibility. Or perhaps hiding of responsibility. But while we can’t assign all the blame for PF’s mass arrest to one person, we might as well start with Sheriff Robert Norris. So who is Sheriff Bob anyway?

Hyphen Report:

Further research into Robert “Bob” Norris, Kootenai County Sheriff and ringleader of the politically-motivated arrest of 31 members of the non-violent, pro-White activist group, Patriot Front, reveals he has received training from the infamous Israeli intelligence group, Mossad. According to the Kootenai County website, Bob Norris was hand-selected to visit “our greatest ally” to train with members of Mossad and Shin Bet to develop skills necessary to fight the “war on terror.”

They’re not kidding. Mossad Bob was hand picked by the Mossad, and trained in the art of suppressing the peasant population of a country that Israel doesn’t like. And Mossad Bob has put those skills to good use right back here in the United States of America.

Upon first glance, Bob doesn’t look like a real super soldier. He kind of looks like a fag, to be quite honest. And there’s something about his Asian wife that hints at fetishization to me. 

I blanked out his child’s face in this collage of his on instagram. So this might seem like a weird question to ask from your perspective. But trust me, if you could see “his,” child, you’d have to ask yourself how “his,” it truly is.

I don’t want to show you any pictures of his child, because she doesn’t need to be dragged into this. What I will say is that “his,” daughter is… Asian. And I don’t mean half, I mean the whole thing. I grew up in the Vancouver area, I know what a hapa looks like, and this ain’t it. 

“So beautiful, sister and brother!” Going to assume a language barrier behind that one.

He doesn’t have any other children on his instagram, indicating that Sheriff Bob never managed to reproduce. So we’ve got a cucky Mossad badass over here, with a possibly fetish incited marriage that honeyboo is using to get into the United States of Pedomerica. After all, where else would she meet Dinesh D’Souza.

As with censorship, we must focus on what is not censored, as much as we focus on what is censored. So to with Sheriff Bobby’s arrest history. We see that childless fifty eight year old man Bobby loves arresting Patriot Front members who are obviously going to a protest, and give them trumped up charges of “Conspiracy to Riot.” So what can you do and not get arrested by Sherrif Bobby Brown? 

Showing your female penis in a hyper sexual way to a bunch of children.

Notice how the kids don’t actually like this, at all?

Remember that whiny cunt Summer Bushnell from my previous article on Dave Reilly? Well the latest article on her site is Summer being assblasted, tearing her hair out as to why a sex organ exposing creep at Pride in the Park wasn’t arrested.

The Bushnell Report:

We got one win, let’s go for two!

If you’re wondering what this “one win,” she’s referring to is, she’s talking about Patriot Front being arrested on behalf of grooming antifa. 

This is what the conservative antifa sympathizer considers a win.

Can this guy be arrested for exposing his genitals to minors?

Not by Sheriff Mossad he can’t.

Let’s go big and hold all of the extremists accountable.

Yeah there’s those evil extremists who want pedos to stop raping children, and then there’s the extremist pedos who want to rape children. I hate both equally as a big brained centrist. We need to take a lesson from Dave Rubin, and start focusing first on niceness, and kindness, as opposed to this constant partisan hostility that defines this countries political scene.


Remind me again what Patriot Front did? Because these perverts exposed themselves to children, and there’s photographic evidence. Here you go. Don’t worry, it’s blurred. This is already against the law, and it’s disgusting perverted garbage that nobody likes. 

I also have a video of this.

So the antifa pedos exposed their female dicks to children as young as five, and Patriot Front had some shields. Yes, these are both things that we should spend equal time fighting.

This is in front of a group of children.

In your own home, in private be you. DON’T DO THIS IN PUBLIC IN FRONT OF CHILDREN!

Well don’t worry Summer. Now that you’ve impotently whined about it online to your single digit audience I’m sure the utterly corrupt Sheriff Robert “Protect Israel or Die Tryin'” Norris is going to get right on that. 

Don’t bash the PD. I suggest you tell them we want a second win. We want Idaho statue[sic] upheld regarding flashing genital[sic] in public especially in front of children. The statue[sic] is listed in the video.

Legal Statue

Let’s see those statutes she was referring to. 

It’s an open and shut case. He should be in jail, but he isn’t. So why isn’t he?

Something tells me that this disgusting pervert is going to be a free man for as long as Mossad cuck Norris is sheriff. But it’s okay. Conservatives got a bunch of innocent men who were fighting against this arrested, or at least made sure to try their hardest to doxx them afterwards. It’s okay that they can’t stop pedos who are breaking the law and exposing their feminine penises to their children. One out of two is 50%, and that’s a passing grade.

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  1. Multi Culti Mossad Bob, guess what, you have a name, a face, and an address too (although it is probably unlisted I’m sure someone could find it if they wanted to). Don’t look the information up or do anything else if it is illegal though, we want to follow the laws and use loopholes like Bob does.

    When you treat people like shit using loopholes of the law don’t be surprised when they decide they don’t like the law much anymore and start following their own laws.

    This guy is the reason so many people are changing their minds on “back the blue” nonsense.

    Hope you don’t get re-elected Bob. Maybe you can move to whatever shit hole your wife came from and bring law and order to them.

  2. 31 men – that’s almost full platoon strength. Next objective should be company strength.

  3. […] A Look at Coeur d’Alene Sherriff Robert “Bob” Norris […]

  4. If Bob “My Wife is Asian” Norris was groomed by the Israelis it wouldn’t surprise me if they have blackmail material on him. The guy’s fucking weird-looking.

  5. Does uncensored footage of gaynigger dick exist or is this all pulled from the pre-blurred video that was circulating? The jewish degeneracy of a gay nigger rubbing himself through his panties in front of children is bad enough, but full exposure is a powerful claim. I expect someone to vouch for the evidence beyond a censored photo. And then when that has been confirmed… you hang the gaynigger and the jewcop with the same rope.

    1. Allegedly, and I think Vincent James claimed to have seen it. Having said that, the longer I go being teased over this, the less confidence I place in the conservatives who refuse to provide the uncensored video.

      As you said, if he rubbed his junk suggestively, that is still a crime, but we do need to be accurate.

  6. Showing your female penis to children in public! Isn’t that illegal? Even in America? So why didn’t Mossad Bob arrest “it”
    The organisers behind this paedophilia need hitting with hammer .
    I’m surprised the parents allowed it

    1. There was no exposure it was blurred to give the impression of exposure.. The actual video show’s no Penis. Straight fake news

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