These past two days I’ve collected a lot of pathetic and dumb conservatives, although I repeat myself, bloviating about how Patriot Front are some sort of fed false flag group that exists purely to make them look bad as they impotently whine about antifa groomers putting on sex shows for children. Well, when they aren’t attacking them as “White Supreeemacist neon-natzees,” that is.

Just to be clear, the above was shared by one “Andy Cyr,” in that Coeur d’Alene group chat that I briefly joined. And this wasn’t at the time, this was earlier today, after he had an entire night to reflect on things. And long after he had seen that the very same police force who arrested Patriot Front on bullshit, trumped up charges of “conspiracy to riot,” refused to arrest a pervert who intentionally exposed his “female penis,” to a crowd of 5 year old children.

So what does this attacker of PF, Andy Cyr, look like? Well just cast your eyes down this page. And yes, that is the Libertarian “Please tread on me, that’s my sexual fetish,” flag.

The soyboy libertarian cheers on the cops doing probably illegal and definitely politically motivated arrests of people protesting antifa groomers. Not that he’s alone in that.

But this piece is mostly going to be about the absolutely batshit insane and idiotic “proofs,” that these Q-Anon antifa-sympathizers have come up with. First of all, there was the constant refrain of the cops didn’t unmask Patriot Front. That means they’re feds.” 

Yeah, about that.

And of course the cops then arrested them all, and posted their faces and names publicly. As I keep mentioning, I pixelated their faces. In the original release, you can see them quite clearly. Of course this now means that PF are feds in some other, unspecified way.

But now we get to the real schizo hours.

OH MY GAAAAAAWWWWWDDDDD! This is it, this is the smoking gun. A PF member has a megaphone that has an “FBI,” sticker on it. I mean it’s right there, we’ve got them. What else could someone having a sticker that says “F.B.I.” on it mean other than “I work for the FBI.” There is just no other explanation possible.

We’ve got them. Now if only we can figure out what’s written just above the “F.B.I.” part. Maybe it’s this particular agents name. It looks like just one word, but my friend who is a Totally Real Patriot And Not A Fellow Schizo LARPer assures me that sometimes the feds just have one name. It’s like callsigns for fighter pilots. 

And what do we have here? Confirmation. This particular fed operative goes by the callsign “Abolish.” Reports are that he’s accidentally left his fed ID, pictured above, on random locations all around the country. This is because the feds have access to secret underground tunnels built by Elon Musk at the behest of the real president Donald Trump who rules from his shadow office, and can move around the country at Mach 2.5.

You may be wondering why Glorious Gorland Blormph allows the feds to move around in these tunnels. That’s because our Secret Patriots on the inside of the FBI, who launched the fated May 17th Coup that kept Trump in charge, have been hard at work routing out the Black Hat feds, who go by the name “Patriot Front.” That’s why it looks like Patriot Front is an actual patriotic group that is facing state oppression. They are, because our guys are secretly in charge. Luckily, “Abolish,” was their top guy. And the brave Mossad trained cuck sheriff in Coeur d’Alene took him in on behalf of Patriot Dinesh D’Souza.

The highly intelligent and reality based commentary doesn’t stop there. Here’s a facebook interaction Our Patriots had on their uncensored facebook accounts.

Yes, very good servatives. Make sure to spread the doxx of these actually patriotic young men who wanted to stop five year olds from being groomed by antifa in your deeply servative city. Also, that bottom picture of the Chad PF guy taking a picture of the propagandist while smiling is so good I considered not censoring his face. That servatives don’t see this as posting an L is beyond me.

But it’s this next part that is extremely believable and very rugged investigative journalism.

I saw you hit the comma key, Keith. The period key is right next to it you fucking moron patriot.

Let me quickly fix the stunning and brave incorrect usage of comma and lack of periods and transcribe this brilliant investigative journalism.

This story is just so freaking weird.

A friend of mine works for the Iron Horse. They all went in for a drink and when the bartender asked for ID they all showed him their FBI badges.

FEDS CONFIRMED!!!!! As if we needed another smoking gun after we saw that one of them, callsign “Abolish,” forgot to take his “F.B.I.” identification sticker off of his megaphone. But just in case, Keith here “knows a guy.” And was does “this guy,” know? He knows that on June 9th, 2022, the Patriot Front feds, who were all courageously arrested by True (Mossad) Patriot Sheriff Bobby, walked into his bar and showed him their FBI identification. 

They had to, that’s how the FBI operates. When you sign up, according to true patriots in the QAnon groups I’m a part of, the FBI takes all of your other identification. You don’t get to have a drivers license, care card, SIN, none of it. You can’t even have a gym membership, only your FBI identification. And no, they don’t give their agents in the field fake identification either. This is how intelligence services operate all over the World.

That way, when they go to bars, the bartender gets to see that they are all federal agents. There’s no law that stipulates this, but the FBI does this anyway. Just like they put “Abolish F.B.I.” stickers on their megaphones. 

But as if that wasn’t enough, Patriot “Red.Pill.Dispensary,” comes through with yet another smoking gun. I mean these guys have the exact same outfit as the FBI, with no changes at all. The FBI as an organization has a budget of just over $10B per year. They simply don’t have the money to buy their field operatives new clothes.

This is not even one tenth of the shizo retard critiques of Patriot Front. These people are dumb, pathetic cowards, who couldn’t even stop a bunch of antifa pedos from grooming children in their deeply servative city. But they’ll congregate online to entertain themselves with idiotic QAnon conspiracy theories while they call anyone who actually fights back against Globo Homo feds, in the most absolutely idiotic way possible.

But, you know, priorities and all that.

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  1. I think the faggots have gotten so used to wearing dresses that they have forgotten in America we have literally three pants to choose from. “If they’re not wearing jeans they’re a fed!” is the new MAGA Tranny loving boomer motto, apparently.

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