In a recent article of mine I commented on one Alex Hammer of the Daily Mail viciously attacking Patriot Front. Most of that article was focused on his indistinguishable from antifa hitpiece on Patriot Front. However, there was one line that caused more than a little consternation.

Currently being held without bail, Thomas Ryan Rousseau – who, along with his followers, are faced with felonies for the alleged offense that could see them jailed for up to five years – founded the white supremacist group in 2017 at just 18, after starting pro-white Vanguard America when he was 16.

This Daily Mail article was written just yesterday, June 13th. We knew that most of the Patriot Front guys had received bail, and it was believed that they all had. However, if this was wrong, and Rousseau was being held without bail, then this was a huge story.

Curiously, all other sources said that they all received bail, with Thomas Rousseau included amongst them. And yet, Rousseau had not made a public appearance after their arrest. Did Alex Hammer of the Daily Mail have access to any new information? Was there something that these other sources had missed? Or worse, were they intentionally covering up the imprisonment of Thomas Rousseau?

No actually the Daily Mail is just a joke site, that nobody should ever take seriously. I exchanged some messages with our local Coeur d’Alene activist who was quite worried about this, as well as Jack McKracken, whose original reporting I referenced extensively. Our local activist was so concerned that he went down to the jail where Thomas Rousseau was being held at, wanting to get the police on record denying Rousseau bail for political purposes.

Only to find out that no, Rousseau was not at the jail. He had been released on bail with everyone else in Patriot Front, and was a free man since the early morning of Sunday, June 12th.

The Daily Mail is not a serious publication.

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