I thought I was done writing about Patriot Front’s Saturday arrest in Coeur d’Alene. Unfortunately, the Coeur d’Alene PD truly deserve at least one more article on them, with a brief shoutout to the slimy conservative-antifa fags who are still attacking Patriot Front.

Note the downvotes. This garbage isn’t popular when people find out about it.

The article I wrote on Fox News commenters show that this kind of behaviour is a minority opinion. Normal people don’t side with the Coeur d’Alene PD oppressing activists who try to protest an antifa grooming session aimed at five year olds. But there is a small but vocal contingent of rats who never fail to stab normal men in the back whenever they go out and fight. Ignore them, nobody else likes them either.

In addition to arresting the Patriot Front guys on trumped up charges, they also arrested two preachers on, you guessed it, trumped up charges of “trespassing,” in a public park. One of the arrests lead to the iconic shot above. Local Coeur d’Alene residents were not thrilled with their behaviour.

We’ll get to her second message a bit later.

W.T.H?!? I’d walked up to one of the police quads on Saturday to offer them a flyer and they acted as if I was a leper yet they’ll collaborate with this insanity – all while being on the clock. Astounding. – Telegram user Marianna

If you’re wondering what she means by “collaborate,” here’s one of the images captured from the Pride in (grooming children in) the Park event.

And here’s another.

This was the audience that tranny above was “sexy” dancing for.

I already wrote about that disgusting tranny, who didn’t just expose himself to five year olds but did a sexual dance for them, junk swinging free. But everyone should know that the cops were right there in the audience. There are tons of pictures of them all over the park, not just the one above. And like I said earlier, they were actively making arrests.

So they saw a tranny exposing itself to children in real time. They had front row seats. And they and were cool with it, and only days later, after numerous people sent in the video, are they even talking about it.


The Coeur d’Alene Police Department is investigating whether or not a dancer’s genitals were exposed during Saturday’s Pride in the Park.

The Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office has been made aware of the situation and will assist CDAPD if needed.

CDAPD says people called to complain about the individual on the stage at the bandshell, alleging that someone exposed their genitals. Those who called did not see what happened first hand.

Detectives have made contact with the dancer. They will complete the investigation this afternoon and will send it to the Coeur d’Alene City Prosecutor’s Office for review.

Remember, the cops were positively crawling over the event. They were right there.

It’s true, the people who sent in the footage of the pervert exposing itself to children didn’t see what happened firsthand. But they did have an uncensored video that allegedly showed xir in all its gory details. And you know who did have a firsthand view of this? The Coeur d’Alene police, that’s who. Which brings us back to Marianna’s comment.

Lemme guess how that “investigation” go.

CDA PD: “Ma’am-sir, what were you wearing during your June 11th Coeur d’Alene performance?”

PERV: “I was wearing a brown leotard.”

CDA PD: “So, did you ever expose yourself during your performance?”

PERV: “No officer.”

CDA PD: “Ok, thank you for your cooperation.”

The end.

She could be wrong, but it’s hard to predict that these blue antifas are going to do anything to these disgusting child abusing perverts. That “those people didn’t see that firsthand,” indicates to me that they’ll bureaucrat gang this to death. Don’t talk about it for a while and then quietly release a “not enough evidence to charge,” report weeks later.

But you should have some sympathy for these blue antifas. Did you know that you not liking them makes them the real victims?


An Idaho police chief said his department has been receiving hate calls after arresting 31 individuals believed to be affiliated with a white supremacist group near a Pride event over the weekend.

White said that the department received nearly 150 calls after Saturday’s arrests — 50% of which were praise from the community.

“The other 50% who are completely anonymous and who want nothing more than to scream and yell at us, and use some really choice words, offer death threats against myself and other members of the police department merely for doing our jobs,” White said. “Those people obviously remain anonymous and don’t tell us where they are from, although we had a call as far away as Norway.”

White said all of the men were charged with a misdemeanor count of conspiracy to riot.

At his Monday press conference, he added that the biggest lesson for law enforcement is that “one concerned citizen can prevent something horrible from happening” and, as a result, “we likely stopped a riot from happening downtown.”

Coeur d’Alene Police Chief Lee White

It’s not surprising to me that this weasel-man received death threats. Frankly I’d have a hard time stopping myself from spitting on him if I got the chance. But that’s not productive behaviour, unlike a lawsuit against this town and this beady eyed little rat in particular. I am not a lawyer, but someone needs to get in touch with Thomas Rousseau and explore the legal options for not simply fighting back these bullshit charges, but going on the offensive against these people.

I want to see scorched earth here. And the longer we talk about this issue, and the more familiar people are with it, the worse this will look for them, and the better this will look for us. Remember, we’ve already got the BoomerWaffen against these rats, what is needed now is tangible action.


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  1. […] Fuck the Coeur d’Alene Blue Antifas […]

  2. >>”At his Monday press conference, he added that the biggest lesson for law enforcement is that “one concerned citizen can prevent something horrible from happening” and, as a result, “we likely stopped a riot from happening downtown.”

    Patriot Front doesn’t riot you fcking liar

  3. Imagine if you were an honest cop “investigating” Patriot Front.

    “Sir I found the criminals in the park”

    “Ah yes those rioters ‘Patriot Front’”

    “No sir, this tranny was exposing himself to children. It was disgusting!”

    “You’re fired! I need your badge and your gun right now!”

    Well, that was a short career for our honest cop…

  4. One of the massive failures of the Trump era, online, second wave alt-right was promoting pro-pig propaganda as a response to BLM. It took until after Charlottesville for them to slowly reorient. I saw some sickening “back the blue” rhetoric from those people that was absolutely appalling. Part of the problem is that some people who are ex-radical libertarians want to go too far in the opposite direction about issues like pigs and civil liberties.

    White nationalists were always 100% anti-pig.

    1. It’s Finklethink. BLM is an anti-White hate group, so koshervatives step in to direct your hatred of them towards defense of the police. It’s an old trick.

    2. Being anti-police is dumb, but also useful. Police have to exist. Police will exist in Whitetopia. But we need to break newcomers of their reverence to the polixe and military. Urban police serve the interests of power. Always have, and likely always will. We need to accept that and move on. We do not hold power, therefore urban police will not serve our interests. Further, we directly oppose those who do hold power, therefore the police will oppress us. The task at hand is to weaken the power of those we oppose.

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