Imagine getting all of the social and financial benefits of womanhood, while still getting to have a penis.


A cisgender — not transgender — man from Alberta recently changed the gender marker on his birth certificate, as CBC Calgary reported this week. The man decided to change the gender noted on his ID to reduce the cost of his automobile insurance — a move that saved him more than $1,100.

To trans people, the report has brought to the surface fears of backlash. In recent years, anti-trans activists have repeatedly banked on a fear of cis men changing their gender markers to access affirmative action as well as women’s spaces, arguing against loosening change of gender marker legislation.

In the United Kingdom, flames of fear were fanned when a cis man was suspended from the Labour Party for falsely claiming to be a woman in order to make it onto an all-women’s short list.

Alright, which CBC troon wrote this clown fiesta?

None other than Florence Ashley, author of three opinion pieces currently on the CBC. I will be getting to all of these at some point, because I’m not above farming easy content.

In the United States and Canada, anti-trans groups have opposed trans women’s access to women’s bathrooms by playing up the fear that it would allegedly allow cis male predators easy access to those spaces. Although trans advocates and allies have pointed out that gendered bathrooms do little to prevent sexual violence and that better-built degendered bathrooms would be preferable, opponents of trans rights continue to bank on fear to advance their agenda.

Sure, there’s something to be said about disgusting creeps using bathrooms to assault women, but whether or not any more assaults happen, these men creep women out. No one wants these people around them, least of all women. We saw a great example of that with the swimmer teammates of “Lia” Thomas, the male swimmer who has set decent times in the pool, which has shattered female records at the collegiate level.

Unlike the ex-member of the Labour Party, the man from Alberta — known only by the pseudonym “David” — did not seek to undermine trans rights. CBC quotes him saying that he “didn’t do it to point out how easy it is to change genders,” nor to “criticize or ridicule transgender or LGBT rights.” Instead, he sought to take a stance against the injustice of gender-differentiated insurance premiums.

Oh my god. Look at its face.

The entire article is just this mutant seething and coping over this Chad utterly destroying their fake, made up identities. He decided that he was a woman because he wants to spend less on car insurance. I cannot think of a more deflating event for these fake, pretend revolutionaries than a guy who doesn’t even pretend to be a woman legally changing his gender to save money.

Fraud and possibly perjury — this was an act of civil disobedience. Perhaps a naive one, as he will likely face some of the denials of service and many barriers that trans people face when their gender marker doesn’t match their affirmed gender identity.

The story also highlights something that trans communities have been claiming for a long time — that government-sponsored gender markers should not be relied upon when making gender categorizations. Those categorizations are unhelpful because they fail to track the people’s gender identity and material conditions. Insofar as the right to gender self-identification is already recognized by Canadian jurisprudence, gender markers doubly serve as a barrier to the full inclusion of trans people and as an additional risk of mischief — as “David’s” story illustrates.

I didn’t bold any of that previous part, because I don’t think you should read any of it. Just sort of zone out and let the weirdo’s seething wash over you. After all, this is what it looks like.

And now I’d just like to take a minute to tell you that I just save a lot of money on car insurance by switching to geico womanhood. I’d really suggest you give it a shot.


But not really.

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