The Sun UK:

A PAIR of teen schoolgirls are facing murder charges after another girl was brutally beaten to death – amid reports the killing may have been broadcast on Facebook.

Serena McKay, 19, was found dead on the Sagkeeng First Nation reserve, north-east of Winnipeg, Canada, on April 23.

Cops are currently investigating whether a video of the horrific murder may have been broadcast on a vile Facebook video that may have remained on the site for up to four hours before being removed.

Sickening footage too graphic to publish shows a bloodied teen being savagely punched and kicked as she lies helpless on the ground.

Throughout the ordeal, male and female voices can be heard taunting and hurling abuse at the victim.

At one point, a female voice says: “I don’t want to f****** see her alive.”

The girl being attacked in the clip can be heard sobbing and telling her tormentors: “I’m so sorry.”

But the group keep attacking her until she goes limpbefore continuing to stamp[sic] on her head as she lies motionless.

I don’t mean to make light of this, just the opposite. Serena McKay may not have been on the best path in life, as her being a high school student at age 19 would indicate, but the video is truly shocking. The only thing you’ll find on YouTube is this random guy’s react video, but even that’s enough.

Talking about the viciousness and cruelty of the two Abo girls who are stomping her head as she’s begging for her life doesn’t hit as viscerally as watching it for yourself, even in such a pixelated form. 

Cops are now investigating the horrifying footage in a bid to establish whether it shows Ms McKay’s violent death.

They have arrested two girls, aged 16 and 17 – who went to Sagkeeng Anicinabe High School with Serena, according to CBC – in connection with her murder.

The footage was uploaded and shared on Facebook, where it was reportedly online for at least four hours before it was deleted.

Serena McKay

And of course, the two psychopaths were so pleased with themselves that they streamed her murder on Facebook Live. But what I want you to understand is that, according to our parasite class, this was genocide. You see, Aboriginal women have a ten times higher murder rate than White Women. That means that you’re genociding them. 

I understand your confusion, so let me spell it out for you more clearly. Abos kill each other a lot. That means you’re genociding them.

I can see you’re still confused, but there’s not really any more to explain. That’s the new definition of genocide, according to our parasite class. 

So it’d be really nice if those psychopath girls hadn’t beaten Serena McKay to death. Not just for her own sake, but because it means we’re guilty of an even bigger genocide. Somehow.

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  1. This happened in 2017.

  2. These people are violent retards. As such, they made awesome allies during the French and Indian War, the American Revolutionary wars, and the War of1812. Then peace broke out, they hit the bottle hard, and the rest as they say, is history.

    Today, thankfully, they mostly stick with and prey on their own.

    But that doesn’t stop the (((media))) from peddling the white guilt to historically illiterate midwits.

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