Yahoo News:

Two groups got into a fight at Disney World, ending in arrests and one injury.

A spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Orlando, Florida told TODAY Parents that the brawl occurred on Wednesday evening inside the Magic Kingdom.

“Deputies conducted their investigation and subsequently arrested three people for misdemeanor battery,” read a statement sent to TODAY Parents. “One person was taken to the hospital for a minor injury.”

What could possibly have caused these Group-Americans to behave this way?


It appears the Group-Americans are the ones who are dressed in the matching white shirt with red shorts attire. The other family seems like some sort of vaguely Latinx mystery meat. It’s hard to get a good bead on them seeing how blurry the images and videos are.

Speaking of, here’s two minutes of Group-American behaviour. 

Yahoo News:

Fights do occasionally break out at theme parks.

This week, after “multiple” teenage fights forced Knott’s Berry Farm to close early, the Buena Park, California-based amusement park issued a “new chaperone policy” on Fridays and Saturdays “until further notice,” according to the theme park’s “Code of Conduct.”

Image still from the original fight.

Oh no, it’s such a shame what teenager-Americans are getting up to these days. Why would teenager-Americans behave so poorly?

And in 2019, a fight broke out between “an unruly group of teenagers” at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri, tweeted the the Clay County, Missouri Sheriff’s Office. In another tweet, the department added, “It’s unfortunate that families & children had their evening disrupted by these events.”

Will no one stop us from the terror that these teenager-Americans put us through every day. These teenager-Americans with their nappy hair and slurred English. These goddamn teenager-Americans with their Nike Air Force One’s and lack of high school diplomas.

These twenty five year old Teenager-Americans must be stopped.

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  1. “Fights do occasionally break out at theme parks”

    I managed to visit multiple parks in Florida without witnessing a fight, or even entertaining the possibility that such a thing could happen.
    That was over two decades ago, however.

  2. If teen ager Americans want to fight they should go to Ukraine.

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