We begin this story on July 23rd, when TPUSA was throwing their Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida.

Creative Loafing Tampa:

When neo-Nazis arrived holding DeSantis flags outside Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in Tampa, organizers of the event said they couldn’t understand why the annual gathering of conservative youths would draw such extremism.

Some attendees did mental gymnastics and claimed that the groups were “feds” or “antifa” dressed up as neo-Nazis to make them look bad.

But the people waving swastikas and SS symbols flags were from confirmed fascist groups in Florida, including the Goyim Defense League and the National Socialist Movement (NSM).

The NSM and GDL certainly appear to have caused quite the kerfuffle in Miami. The GDL has done some funny stuff before, NSM not so much, but if they were doing this to troll TPUSA then I think this is hilarious and I fully support them. On the other hand if they unironically support Ron DeSantis and are really big fans of TPUSA then I really don’t know what to say.

Considering that I found this on GDL’s telegram channel and I think it’s safe to say that they did this as a troll. I think. They’ve certainly got a good sense of humour about them.


This prompted Beak-American Nikki Fried to come out and condemn these goyim.

Good Afternoon, my name is Nikki Fried. I am Florida’s commissioner of Agriculture, and Gubernatorial Candidate. I am also the first Jewish female to have ever held statewide, here in the state of Florida.

I think she must have meant to say “held office,” but she just forgot to say office. It certainly is a bit weird, but moving on.


That may not be a direct quote, but you get the gist of it. The comments section appears to be having none of it.

But it wouldn’t be American Politics in 2022 if Koshervatives didn’t furiously denounce these goyim.

TPUSA is now a Nazi Hunter organization. We are on a mission to find and unmask the “Nazis” – aka paid leftists – who tried to ruin the lives of 5K patriotic young American students. More soon… If you come to a @TPUSA conference to harm students, we will destroy your life.

As you can see, Benny Johnson includes this cute little image he or an intern photoshopped for him.

Looks like we’ve got Benny Johnson on the left, Jack Posobiec on the right, and Cuck Leader Charlie Kirk in the middle. Let’s take a closer look at Benny Johnson, starting with his introduction video from “America Fest 2021!”. And yes the punctuation is correct. They put an exclamation mark in the title of their embarrassing event.

WARNING: Cringe levels stratospheric.

Jaime, do we have a screenshot of him doing that embarrassing little dance?

Thank you Jaime. It’s always nice to see how unbearably cringe-inducing our opposition is.

For another case in point, I have no idea what’s going on here in this tweet. 

Trump announces MASSIVE lawsuit against CNN for repeated DEFAMATION as The View hosts tremble with PANIC after @TPUSA  threatens to sue for SLANDERING patriot students

I still don’t know what’s going on. Is he implying that these events are somehow related? Like, the view hosts are over in the corner cowering as TPUSA threatens to sue them for slandering PATRIOTIC STUDENTS. On the other side of the room Orange Faggot is announcing a MASSIVE lawsuit against CNN for calling him a bitch or something and CNN’s Jeff Zucker has his hands and feet tied up with a bright red ball gag in his mouth.

All I know is that these people supposedly lost a conflict called the “Groyper War,” back in 2019, so I’m a little confused as to how they’re all still around while the self-proclaimed winners of that war are doing god knows what other than watching tranny porn.

But is worth mentioning that this soyboy’s response to the Goyim Defense League is identical to antifas. Which is to say that their presence is literally violence and they’re putting the lives of 5k students at risk. Since Koshervatives support racial discrimination against White People, mass burnings of Churches, child trannies, and the rest, it’s not particularly clear what the difference is between them and antifa anyway. Nice to see they also utilize the same tactics when dealing with the enemies of their Nose-American owners.

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  1. Imagine being a young man and caring about something as gay as TPUSA. Have sex, drink beer, go to the beach, smoke weed. Ffs just do anything but be a TPUSA goy slave.

  2. The folks there were genuine NS. They were trolling DeSantis.

    1. So I’ve heard. Also, nice to see you again.

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  4. “When neo-Nazis arrived holding DeSantis flags outside Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in Tampa, organizers of the event said they couldn’t understand why the annual gathering of conservative youths would draw such extremism.”
    So much has changed over the past decade. From NatSoc groups unironically supporting GOP candidates, to NatSoc groups supporting Clinton (to paint her as a ‘racist’ to help Trump win), to now ironically supporting GOP candidates just to fuck with them. We’ve come a long way in a very short space of time.

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