Yesterday I wrote about heading out to Vancouver Pride. This was less because I trooned out, although I do identify as a trans-Lesbian, and more to raise awareness over the malicious child abuse agenda known colloquially as “child trannies.” I was informed of the event roughly a week before it happened, but kept forgetting to announce this on the site until late last night.

As a result, I expected it to be just me going, and figured the experience and footage gained would be easily valuable enough to justify the solo effort. I actually did have one of our goyettes accompany me, or try to. I was so disorganized that I accidentally forgot about this, didn’t properly schedule a meetup location, and left her twisting in the wind. She ended up having her “hands off our children,” sign stolen from her.

Sign stealing was a recurring theme when dealing with these antifa types. But well before that, I had arrived in Vancouver a full twenty minutes early. Only I accidentally went to the opposite side of Davie street, found out at 11 am, and then had to trek two kilometers to arrive at the freak show.

I arrived in the general area, but ended up being about a hundred meters from where they were, looking around a bit. Soon enough I found them, and was greeted with Chris Elston and the crew already posing with their signs. I personally have no pictures of that, so I raided Chris Elston’s twatter to get the following.

Me to the viewers left from Chris Elston, center.

I also found this video on Chris’ twitter, showing the VPD essentially siding with the antifas, and pretty much explicitly saying that if we are assaulted, then we will be the ones removed from the parade. 

As for the crowd itself, my goodness are these people ever gross.

I’m putting the video of this clown fiesta below, but that’s the best way to describe these people. What you’ll see at PRIDE is a bunch of dysgenic losers who most definitely should not be wearing assless chaps wearing them nonetheless. I actually didn’t get pictures of the worst things I saw, but boy is it ever eye opening.

I didn’t film anything until these little porkers showed up and started chanting “trannyphobes are awesome and you should totally be one.” Well maybe they didn’t say that specifically, but even before these unfuckable teenagers came around, the crowd was obviously quite hostile to us. Of course, they were hostile in that typical snarky redditor “oh my god, that’s so disrespectful,” and “yikes,” type comments spoken behind our backs. 

I was absolutely loving it. There’s something about knowing that you’re ruining these disgusting groomer child abusers collective day that is just so outrageously satisfying to me. It feels great when your enemies don’t want you there, and you’re there nonetheless. 

Although unfortunately most of my pics are from this time, since after this I was using my phone to record things.

Again, I was struck by how dysgenic these people are. There was so much obesity and general grossness with these people. It really is a bunch of losers pretending not to be while in public.

I’m not going to recap the entire video, because it speaks for itself. The porkers showed up. I chirped them. Some weirdo with a whistle kept blowing it in my ear and Chris’ ear, and they did their little “transphobes go home,” chant. I didn’t get it all on camera, but I was enjoying myself. I remember asking one of the fatties whether she identifies as a female virgin or a male virgin. I also called them xenophobic bigots who weren’t being very inclusive of us, not in the Conservative DR3 way, just to troll them. 

Lol. LMAO.

Like I said, the video largely speaks for itself. We start off with the parade, and boy was it ever a cavalcade of weird perverts who probably want access to your children’s buttholes.

Actually just before the parade, I got this little rat coming over and pretending like he wasn’t filming me with his smartphone, with the above video starting from the right spot. So I started filming him, and asked him some basic questions about child abuse, which he had no answer to. I think that’s required watching, since it shows how slimy and duplicitous these little creeps are, what with him trying to catch me on camera saying something that isn’t Predditor approved. I of course don’t care, which is why I used it as an opportunity to make him answer those questions, only for our conversation to be interrupted by this little oompa loompa coming to his defense.

Specifically she said that my phone wasn’t pretty.

Look, you’re not going to get any sort of deep analysis from these bots, who believe whatever the WMD Liars tell them to believe. I don’t have a pretty phone, therefore children can consent to sex and mutilation procedures.

With that the parade was on, and I think the images speak for themselves.

In order to work better with Odysee, I uploaded this as a 360p video. I somewhat regret that, as the obese lagoon creatures we saw cheering for “trans kids,” are even better in high definition.

The cavalcade of perverts continued with TD Canada Trust having a particularly large turnout.

It was during this time that xir over here, who may have given his name later, emerges from the crowd, towering over the women in front of him, and storms over to roughly where I was. I didn’t pay xir much mind at the time. There are a lot of people here with weird psychological problems, and there was a hefty VPD presence.

But next thing I know, he’s stolen one of our signs and is waltzing off. 

And this wasn’t the last we saw of his corpulent body.

Although there were other unfortunate sites to behold in the meantime. The armpit is gross, but the face on this thing was just something else.

What follows is me talking to VPD officer John Roberts. He’s obviously being dismissive of us, outright saying “what do you want me to do, arrest him right now?”

Yeah, we do, and if one of the Bigotphobic KKK Enjoyers had stolen one of the groomers signs, you bet your sweet ass that the totally political Vancouver Police Department would be arresting them immediately, and making a big show of it.

While we were talking, xir came back. The VPD officers proceeded to stand around doing nothing while Ference, one of our guys, fought with him to get his sign back. Eventually this pathetic blob’s weak grip gave out, and Ference got it back. The VPD stood around with their thumbs up their asses, and will almost certainly not charge this creature with assault, despite me sending the video into them for exactly this purpose.

This organizer piece of shit was there, totally fine with it of course. In the background some… thing looks on. Not really sure what that is.

But finally Xir comes back, and has a few things to say to us.

You’re the real fucking goofs around here.

Quit thinking about little kids private parts.

You’re a goof, you’re a goof, and you’re a goof. Stop being goofs.

Me: It’s the guy who stole our sign BTW.

Weirdo: And quit calling queer’s goof. Take care my dear, it’s freedom of speech. Enjoy the space. My name’s Eric Amazascapo. Come doxx this bitch.

So, is his name not really Eric Amazascapo or whatever? I’m confused here.

I’d like to see you alt-right superstar, come find me motherfucker.

You hear that everyone, I’m a star. A superstar in fact.

Anyway, then as I’m talking about this with Pierre, this ugly creature punches a mother’s sign directly into her face. 

What follows is more talks with the police. They think the assaulted mother should accept her apology. Keep in mind, she was doing this to us seconds before her supposedly heartfelt apology.

Charming lady.

Then this fag shows up out of nowhere and starts making gang signs at me and saying “I got fuckin’ bail money bro I’m not scared of jail.” I moved closer to this chubby little poser, only to have the female cop angrily point at me to move away.

And with that, our PRIDE experience comes to an end. Well not quite, as I need to give the two VPD Officers, John Roberts, and Gagan Luduu, two statements relating to the assault of the mother, and the assault of Ference, complete with edited video. It’s time consuming, but necessary.

Also, I happened to see this on Chris Elston’s twitter.

You know how making this groomer pedo sick to their stomach makes me feel?

It makes me feel pretty good.

Apparently this creep followed us.

Although that was it for me, this bike creep followed two of the mothers, and then Chris and Pierre for some ways after they left the fiesta. According to her,

He barged us against us. I told him not to touch me with his bike again.

Sadly, this very same mother decided not to press charges against the tattooed loser self-identified as “Jessie.” 

I wanted her to press charges, in part because I knew the VPD would find some way to dismiss them, further discrediting themselves. However, I can’t speak for her, and the video is pretty useful by itself. I haven’t talked to Ference, the man who had his sign stolen by that weirdo loser, but I will still be sending a statement to VPD officer John Roberts, along with edited video of the encounter, in support of his claim.

And with that, my PRIDE experience has ended. I escaped without MonkeyPox, but with some great video, so it’s pretty much all good from my perspective.

You might be wondering what happened to the Daily Rake groupie who showed up with her sign. I mentioned her earlier, but she’s not in the video. We’ll talk about her and more in a followup piece, where we go into the do’s and don’ts of these real life events.

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  1. Wow, what dregs. With police protection no less. Glad you made it rain a bit on their parade!

  2. Wow. Being them is it’s own punishment. We just have to keep our children safe in the meantime…

  3. Is there a reason you’re not using BitChute or other non-pozzed video site to post your videos? I want to see these perverts being harrassed. Surely you knew posting on YouTube would just lead to a bunch of dead links.

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