Which means tomorrow or today, depending on when you read this.

I was forwarded these screencapped tweets on telegram by someone I know IRL. I kept meaning to make an announcement, but ultimately it kept slipping my mind. Transcript of his tweet below.

I’m up to about 8 or 9 people joining me for Vancouver Pride on Sunday.

I’d like to get that number up to 20 or more. That’s still so small, but it’s a symbol of inspiration in Canada for those too afraid to speak out against child transition.

Please DM if you’re interested.

Don’t bother DM’ing Chris Elson, aka Billboard Chris, if you’re interested in coming out. I know most of you don’t even have twatter at this point, and all the better for you, so you can just show up.

Chris Elston has been doing great work for a while now. He first rose to fame with his billboards, and he’s been a pretty constant voice against these groomers for years. He retweeted me once with my old site, and his current twitter is pretty solid. Luckily, the twatter troon trannissaries make sure you know what disgusting bigotphobia you’re subjecting yourself to when you click on this monster’s profile.

Chris Elston is far from perfect, but he is genuine, and has done some great work in the past.

Although I do cringe at the “voice of reason among Democrats,” line…

Apparently our enemies agree.

Notice the like/comment ratios of these two tweets. Even on 2022 twatter, which is so worthless that I haven’t bothered using my account for months, these groomer pedos are still getting ratio’d.

We’ll be meeting at the foot of Davie Street near English Bay at 11 am. Please get there before then, and do please come out. And of course, be on your best behaviour, as our actions will be reflective on Chris.

Personally I want to come out just so I can take pictures of the Pride Parade. Something tells me this event will be a goldmine for propaganda, just like other “Pride Parades,” have been in the past.

Again, I apologize for this going out so late, but if you’re in the Lower Mainland, I’d strongly suggest you show up and check it out. Worst comes to worst it’ll at least be a funny/gross experience being surrounded by these people.

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  1. In that advertisement why do they have a real boy and a real girl in the mirror?
    Shouldn’t they take pride in their work by showing what a “trans” child actually looks like?

    1. Showing the true reality of this would tarnish the image of this twisted nonsense.

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