For the backstory on this horrific murder, go here. For a piece on NJP’s protest, go here. For a look at the koshervative response, go here. And for a look at the typical antifa “journalist” response, go here.

For bonus points, guess if the above image is the antifa journalist, or the true blue conservative.

C.S. Hagen

It was the conservative, with this image being the antifa propagandist C.S. Hagen, who can be seen in the video below being confronted by Peter Tefft outside of what appears to be an all ages drag show.

At least, that’s what I got from the telegram channel Justice For Jupiter, which I strongly recommend you follow. I got the video above from there, with the context provided by the JFJ channel admin. I’m not 100% sure, but I believe that’s Peter Tefft. It may be multiple people, or someone else entirely.

CSam Hagen seen reporting favorably of an all ages drag show hosted by groomers. Also he is the lead reporter for the Fargo Forum on the Jupiter story.

He likes it when children’s lives are destroyed especially White children. He gets paid to depoliticize the victimization of White people.

He’s a real piece of work, isn’t he.

Why was it a Pro White advocate/ reporter and not the local news looking for an interview with Kollie? Aren’t they covering the story?

Why does the media keep saying he’s from Liberia if Kollie himself says he’s from the Ivory Coast?

Tefft here asks a rhetorical question that I believe we all know the answer to. The propagandists refuse to cover the vicious murder of Jupiter Paulsen, as well as the absurd anti-White followup, all detailed in this piece I already linked to. They refuse to talk about this, because there is no way to talk about this story without “supporting natzees,” by which we mean galvanizing the people to demand justice for this racially motivated murder of one of our children.

Tefft has done a good job keeping this story alive, in addition to the NJP guys last month. I’m not completely sure if he’s the caller in this video or if it’s someone else, but it does sound like him using the alias of “Fred in Fargo.”

Koshervatives, in this case a Yale Graduate zionist shill Scott Hennen, are trying to talk about anything, absolutely anything other than the vicious murder of a fourteen year old White child. Instead, they’re trying to steer the goyim into weird “Chyna baaaaaad,” semi-conspiratard garbage whining about China investing in a corn mill in North Dakota. As Tefft points out, China should be thanked for investing in rural, White areas. I’d personally add that China should also be thanked for censoring Harvey Weinstein’s Hollywood.

The Weinstein Company’s fourth feature film. From 2004.

To transcribe that video above.

Scott Hennen: Fred in Fargo wants to weigh in on the China Question. Go ahead Fred what’s on your mind.

Fred in Fargo: Yeah, thanks for having me on Scott. Well you know my uncle does grow corn, and I was up there helping him bail hay this weekend, but I don’t grow corn specifically. My take on it was that if China is willing to spend money in rural, White areas I think that we should let them. The federal government’s not doing anything.

And that brings me to why I called. I’m calling to update everyone on the Jupiter Paulsen case. If nobodies going to help the Paulsen family, then no one’s surprised that he’s reaching out to pro-White groups like the National Justice Party.

But the update that I had for everyone. There’s more nonsense going on Scott here. Just this last weekend Robert, the father, and the mother of Jupiter Paulsen, and Peter Tefft, the pro-White advocate helping the guy, have all been served with subpoenas by the defense and the prosecution. Nobody really knows why.

This fella is on tape murdering this young girl. They don’t need to be harassing the parents, as far as I’m concerned. This is an effort of political repression. They don’t want Rob speaking out, and telling everyone that the prosecution is not doing the best job, the media is lying about –

Scott Hennon: Got another guest waiting, so I’m going to have to cut you off but I appreciate you calling. Interesting, I’d like to ask your uncle, relate it back to the China Question. You say China investing in rural America is a good thing. Does that include near an air force base?

Again, I think uh, the fact that the corn milling plant is chosen for Grand Forks is less surprising given the way the corn belt’s moving to the North, than the fact than that decision came after an intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance mission was announced for the base. Uh we have a space force now.

Here’s a summary of the conversation.

Organic advocate who represents the people: The courts are harassing the parents of a White Child who was horrifically murdered in order to deny him justice. What they’re –

Kosher Shill: Yeah but some Chinese corporation is investing in an area in the same general vicinity as one of our Derp Force bases. China bad.

But I do have to go into more detail as to the subpoenas that the Paulsen family have been served with. Unfortunately I am not a legal expert, so I will try to correct any errors made in my analysis as soon as possible.

Peter Tefft’s suboena order.

JFJ Telegram Channel (July 22nd):

Peter Tefft and the parents of Jupiter Paulsen have all been subpoenaed by the Kollie defense.

The state is doing more to punish the parents who just want justice than to Kollie a murderer caught red/ black handed.

Why would the state do such a thing? Robert Paulsen has been active promoting this story, but he is in no way relevant to the case itself. Jupiter Paulsen was murdered when she was biking to her mother’s house. Her mother is not a suspect. Her father is not a suspect. Arthur Kollie and Jupiter Paulsen had no prior contact with each other. And yet the state is compelling them to testify as if they had some relevant information they must share with the public at the trial.

JFJ Channel:

This could be an attempt to sever contact between Rob and his advocates and family. If all have to testify they’re not allowed to communicate in the interim. Any attempts to make contact will be labeled as “witness intimidation”. This may also be an attempt to paint the very civil public outrage at the handling of this case as a means to have the trial moved to another court.

That makes sense to me. The corrupt, anti-White court forcing the two parents to testify would make it illegal, or at least incredibly legally difficult for them to talk to each other. This could theoretically make sense in a crime where they were suspects, since they could straighten out their stories together. But that’s obviously not the case.

What exactly are the two parents supposed to testify to? What are they going to say “I expected my daughter to show up, but then this negro murdered her.” We have the video of Arthur Kollie torturing this poor child to death. We know who did it. We know the parents were not involved. Fuck Kollie’s defense team, and fuck the judge for letting those subpoenas go through.

Peter Tefft accompanied Robert Paulsen down to the local police office to file a Hate Crime and Bias Report. How has that gone?

JFJ Channel:

The prosecution against Arthur Kollie said in a news report they could press hate crime charges but haven’t. Even after Pro White Advocate Peter Tefft accompanied Robert Paulsen to turn in a Fargo Hate Crime and Bias Report neither the police or prosecution has contacted the family about proceeding forward.

If the most brutal attack in North Dakota history isn’t a hate crime then what is?

He ends with a rhetorical question. The answer would be “doing something that a privileged group doesn’t approve of.”

Interestingly, searching for the above gives this very site as the second result, and Amerikaner, a compatriot of ours, as the first and third. That’s because there are no good arguments against hate crime charges for Jupiter Paulsen, let alone this ridiculous attempt at an anti-White denial of justice. As a result, the WMD Liars have to simply refuse to talk about it.

JFC Channel (August 5th):

Yesterday Kollies defense made several more motions in another pre-trial hearing. He requested to move the trial back, for his bond to be lowered, and that he wants another new lawyer. Again. All of these motions were denied. Also, the defense decided to go with the results from Kollies first psych eval indicating the latest went even more poorly. The first eval indicates Arthur is lying about being crazy.

For those of you to lazy to read the first piece, Kollie’s defense team tried to pretend that he was clinically insane. The court psychiatrist did a test, and concluded that he was obviously faking being insane. Then the defense demanded a second test, appropos of nothing, and the judge allowed them to claim insanity before this test was done, and redact his guilty plea.

Well now it has been done, and this second psychiatrist clearly diagnosed him as being even more of a faker than the first psychiatrist, so the defense is back to using the results of the first psych evaluation. It’s nice to know that the second psychiatrist was honest, but a certain percent of the time you’ll get some anti-White (((psychiatrist))) who will be more than happy to abuse their credentials to push forward an evil anti-White agenda. It’s also still ridiculous the corrupt actions of Judge “Dirty” Irby.

Judge Irby

The prosecution is subpoenaing 30-40 people including Jupiter’s parents as well as pro White activist Peter Tefft.

Once again, this makes little to no sense. Paulsen’s parents are not relevant to this crime. They do not need to testify, and even I with my very limited knowledge of legal proceedings know that if someone is murdered the parents are rarely forced to testify.

Robert Paulsen

It’s even more ridiculous in the case of Peter Tefft. He’s not relevant to this case in any way shape or form. He’s purely an activist, who is using the outrageous anti-White conduct of this court to enact political change for the better. What’s he going to testify to? He never met Jupiter Paulsen, and he didn’t know Arthur Kollie before he murdered her.

Good developments but as we know the judicial system has no intention of giving White families justice unless they are made to through political action.

The trial is still set for September 7th. Be there to peacefully demand Justice for Jupiter.

I’m in Canada, but I’ll do everything I can to try to ensure that justice can be given to Our People, as well as the Paulsen family in particular. That one of our fourteen year old children could be murdered in such a vicious way, only to have us denied not simply hate crime charges, but even something as tepid as ten years in jail, out on parole in two, is such a slap in the face that I can’t write in public what I would like to do to everyone responsible for this. 

That’s where we’re at right now with the Jupiter Paulsen story. Koshervatives continue to refuse to talk about this outrage, instead trying desperately to focus Whitey’s anger towards imaginary threats from China. The courts are now engaging in harassment of Paulsen’s parents, as well as Peter Tefft, in a type of lawfare designed to send a message to any Uppity White People. But at least the second psychiatrist was honest enough not to let Arthur Kollie get away scott free for this horrific anti-White crime. One can only speculate as to what else they’ll try in the future to deny Our People justice.

I’ll write another piece just before the trial in early September, and be covering this the rest of the way.

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  1. I’m probably wrong, but I think I know what the defense is up to. Their insanity plea got ovened by the second psych evaluation, so they’re going to do something even more insane – they’re going to paint the Paulsens as racists and claim that Jupiter provoked Kollie by calling him a nigger. They may not go that far, but the only reason I can think of as to why Jupiter’s parents would be called to testify is if the defense were going to engage in victim blaming.

    The prosecution could stop this, but they’re just as motivated as the defense is to see this animal walk free. Hopefully I’m overthinking all of this and it really is just a ploy to silence the activism surrounding this case.

    1. Sounds about right

    2. I didn’t think of that, but it could well be the case.

  2. > they’re going to paint the Paulsens as racists and claim that Jupiter provoked Kollie by calling him a nigger

    Given today’s climate that’s certainly possible — but Kollie would have to testify under oath about that, and the jury would have to believe him — if I was the prosecution I would also try to make him take a polygraph, albeit I do not know what ND law is regarding the admissibility of polygraph results.

    How much leeway does a judge have in refusing to allow a subpoena for a witness or related party? — what concern do Jupiter’s parents have about appearing? — from what I have seen reported, including here, their behavior has been fine.

    Whites should not press for hate charges in this case or any other — hate crime laws were enacted to harass and intimidate Whites as their country is demographically stolen from them — acquiescing in their existence, including by campaigning for them to be applied for alleged hate against Whites, will never be in the general long-term interest of Whites.

  3. The Jupiter Paulsen social media posts are very touching. It’s important to remember who these people were. These people had lives, feelings, dreams. They aren’t just names. They made people laugh, they made people smile, they lit up rooms and were entitled to a future before it was ripped away from them by a savage that hated them for being White. Moments like this make me appreciate NJP and others even more than I already do. Excellent journalism as always.

    1. Could not agree more.

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