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Two years ago, in congressional and state elections, Republican candidates accused Democrats of supporting proposals to “defund” or “abolish” police. Actually, although anti-police slogans were widespread on social media and among protesters, very few Democratic officeholders supported these ideas. But Republicans didn’t let those facts get in the way. They smeared the whole Democratic party as an agent of crime and chaos.

Monday’s FBI search of Mar-a-Lago—reportedly in pursuit of classified documents that former President Donald Trump may have illegally kept when he left office—has turned this issue upside down. Now that law enforcement has targeted Trump, conservatives are denouncing the FBI. Some want to defund the bureau; others are demanding its complete abolition. Here are some of the more egregious reversals.

The rest of this whinefest is mostly pictures the author, William Saletan, collected of prominent koshervatives/republicans attacking the DEMONrats for being “soft on crime,” while also attacking the FBI for being a political police force. Below we see a pretty good example of this.

And it’s almost like the author is trying to thunderstrike the reader. How could anyone possibly conflate DA’s intentionally letting violent black criminals out of prison for anti-White ideological reasons with the national political police doing raids on political opposition?

It’s a point made even more clearly by some retard named “BreadPanes,” and I don’t have much to add other than repeating what some anonymous George Floyd Creepypasta admin wrote under their re-post of this idiots comic.

Retarded leftist thinks that a BN criminal being knelt gently upon his neck is equivalent to a former president being raided for political reasons by the American Secret Police (otherwise known as the FBI)


The shitlib’s original article in one sense plays upon koshervatisms intentional weakness and contradictions. As we see in story after story, most recently the Arthur Kollie case, the anti-Whites aren’t “soft on crime,” they’re soft on Criminals of Colour, especially when they commit violent acts against Whitey. BLM is an anti-White hate group, and these people wrote and said plenty of explicitly anti-White things in the summer of 2020, as well as before and after.

“Fuck the Feds,” might be the very first non-retarded thing the MAGA crowd has come up with since about 2018 at the very latest. Instead of impotently defending the police who literally knelt for BLM during their anti-White riots of 2020, they’ve focused their ire at law enforcement. But even better, they’re going straight to the top.

Everybody who isn’t a spiteful mutant or a member of our (((privileged class))) hates these people. It’s a popular message, and it’s a dangerous message, where by dangerous I mean politically useful.

Police departments are somewhat hit or miss. They are often total Globo Homo Enjoyers, but not always. The same is true for individual police officers. 


When they don’t do what the people want, they should be called out and shamed for this. However, imagine thinking that the FBI is the slightest bit interested in doing what’s in the interest of the people?

Peter Strzok, FBI

Their job is to oppress you, and there are plenty of extremely motivated mutants in the FBI who love what they do. At this point, they can only be exposed and agitated against, in contrast to the local police who often can go either way. And since the Feds are federal, this is the perfect platform to run on nationally.

The more that antifa types whine, the more over the target you are. Don’t be fooled by them trying and failing to make fun of this, MAGApedes have finally caught onto a winner and shouldn’t let go. That doesn’t mean that Republicans doing this bit are actually genuine of course, only that they feel the need to get out in front of the people, as always.

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  1. (((William Saletan)))

  2. Defund as part of a state secession movement. FBI needs to be starved out, rendered irrelevant, shunned, and otherwise scattered on the winds.

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