She’s done it goyim, she’s really done it. And so have the groypers. The takeover of the Republican Party might not be over, but it’s certainly started with this resounding victory by the kikess that we likess Laura “big nose bigger dreams” Loomer.

All credit to Nuke Telly for the above video, which I shamelessly stole. In it we can see Spicolas Juan Fuentes, the child savior of the Brown Race and Laura Loomer, a creature that little children fear will take up residence under the bed, conspiring to truly infiltrate and destroy the Republican Party once and for all. We then see Laura Loomer getting bent over and spanked by an Aryan Gentleman by the name of Daniel Webster. Knowing Loomer’s sexual history, I’m sure she was all about it.

I’d actually forgotten, but this wasn’t Laura’s first failed electoral campaign.

Israel National News:

Representative Lois Frankel has won reelection in the race for Florida’s 21st district to the US House of Representatives, defeating Republican challenger Laura Loomer.

With 90% of the votes in for the district, the incumbent Democrat is leading Loomer 59.3% to 38.9%, and is projected to hold the seat.

Florida’s 21st congressional district, which spans much of the Miami-Dade area’s suburbs including Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, is a Democratic-leaning area rated as being nine points more Democratic than the US as a whole by the Cook Partisan Voter Index.

In 2018, Frankel ran unopposed in the general election. In 2016, she defeated Republican Paul Spain with 62.7% of the vote to 35.1%.

Laura managed to lose to someone named Lois Frankel back in late 2020, and she did so by a 20 point margin of defeat, more than ten points worse than a generic Republican. Lest you think that our favourite nose-American is the most cash-strapped incarnation of her species here on this continent, she actually outspent all her Republican rivals.

This wasn’t a one time thing either. In her 2020 election she also outspent her incumbent competition.

You can find the above on the federal elections commission website here. For comparison, Lois Frankel spent only about $440k. In two elections, Loomer has spent almost three million dollars, outspent her opponents by a combined two million, and won zero seats.

I don’t even necessarily dislike Laura. I haven’t been regularly seeing her face since 2016, only to find out that she’s still just kind of… there. Well not just there, raising millions of dollars for her failed election campaigns.

And it’s also nice to see one last twist of the knife into the already dead Catboi Cult “moobment.” All seven of Nick’s fans threw all of their 120lbs weight behind the open zionist Laura Loomer. And now she gets to continue not being a congresswoman.

Well at least she’s hot.

What, it’s a fetish of mine.

Sue me.

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  1. That nose job really did wonders for her career!

    1. It also haunts my nightmares

  2. No. You are not allowed to have a fetish for knife-nosed bipedal flesh eating bacteria in vaguely Human form. Don’t even joke about this.

  3. She looks batshit crazy.

  4. This is like anudda holocaust, oy veeeeeey! 😆 😆

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