I was sent the following video by one of the mothers who has been sending me content on a regular basis. I decided not to write about it at the time, but then someone sent me the video again today, replete with all the messages this disgusting tranny was sending to what it presumed was a nine year old child.

In said video we can see two pedo hunters confronting someone who is not named in the video. We’ll get to that later, but for now we see them confronting this disgusting tranny, who proceeds to turn away and try desperately to avoid having a conversation with them.

Pedophile Poacher: I think we both know the implications of these messages, okay.

Xir Pedo: Go away.

PP: All I want to do is have a talk. This is to a nine, a six, and a one year old.

Xir Pedo: I don’t care.

What messages could our dear Pedophile Poacher be referring to?

Keep in mind, this was sent to a nine year old. 

Well in reality it was sent to the guy we see on the video, Alex Rosen, but it’s the thought that counts.

(Fake) Child: My sister is only 1.

Phia the tranny pedo: That doesn’t bother me.

And of course the tranny pedo knew what it was doing was wrong, which is why it makes it very clear to its victims that it would very much enjoy some discretion.

Looks like an open and shut case to me, let’s see what the Berkeley PD thinks about this.

This is relevant, because at some point the literal pedophile has the balls to get the police involved. Yes, that’s right, it had the arrogance to call the cops over because the guy who has printed out evidence of xir tranny sending explicitly sexual messages to children was bothering him. Now of course what happens is that, after Rosen shows the cops the text messages, they immediately arrest the –

Just kidding, the Berkeley blue antifa let the pedo get away with no charges. Nothing, despite sending explicit messages to little kids. 

As for the pedo  tranny xirself, I looked up @sophia_always_loren. But as is often the case, the search engine links to a deleted instagram account. Looks like xir deleted xir’s account after being exposed as a pedo.

It’s nice, but I would have preferred jailtime, something Pedophile Poachers has achieved in the past.


SOMERSET, Ky. (WYMT) – A man has been arrested after he planned to meet up with a person he thought was an 11-year-old girl.

The girl, was not 11 years old, though. In fact, the girl was not even real. A fake Instagram account posing as the child was run by a group called “Predator Poachers”.

”After they [Predator Poachers] told us what had happened we conducted our own investigation to determine if the accusations are in fact what they are,” said Deputy Alex Wesley

The story above is from late 2021, and shows that some police departments do indeed do the sane thing, and arrest these pedos when they are presented with evidence. But the Berkeley Blue Antifa know damn well who they serve, and it’s not anyone remotely concerned with the safety and well being of children. Just the opposite.

The Predator Poachers are an organization founded by Alex Rosen, a 21 year old living in Houston.

”I always wanted to be in law enforcement,” he said. “I started doing this when I was nineteen, so at least in Houston you can’t be a cop until you’re 21, but that’s always what I wanted to do.”

If you’re like me, you’re getting a bit curious. A name like Rosen certainly doesn’t inspire confidence. Sure enough some quick research found some people on the internet seething mad at him. Only, it was all the shittiest people, whose hatred serves only as an endorsement.

Okay, Alex Rosen is an awful human being who says a bunch of bad things [about BLM]. But it turns out it goes much deeper than that, and honestly, I’m not too surprised whatsoever.

We all know that Alex Rosen does his own sting operations, but did you know that he actually uses children in them as well? Take a look here.

*Video shows 12-14 year old boy taking coat off in room with hidden camera, clearly designed to catch the child abuser on the right.*

The above shot is from just after Rosen opens the door. The kid puts his clothes back on completely, and he tells the pervert to take a seat. It’s actually quite a satisfying watch, but what does Lanza, some creep with a fox avatar, have to say about this?

As you can see there, Alex Rosen put what looks to be a thirteen, fourteen year old boy in a potentially serious position just for the sake of internet clout.

Um, okay. So that’s just literally not what happened. He put a thirteen year old boy in a totally safe position where he was being surveilled at all times, and he did so in order to undeniably expose the child abuser as a pedo. Whether he did this because he hates pedos, or because he just wants internet clout is somewhat irrelevant. Methinks that Lanza here was looking for a reason to dislike a guy who hunts down pedos. Big think as to why.

YouTube Fandom:

Alex Rosen (born: March 15, 2000 [age 22]), better known as Chet Goldstein, is an American YouTuber and substance maker. He is the founder of Predator Poachers, and best known for exposing EDP445. His older videos were about miscellaneous topics, and he was called out for his older prank call videos, and other behaviors.

Accusations of racism/pedophilia

After exposing Bryant, a lot of controversies came out about Alex. Alex was called out for one of his older prank videos, where he called Black Lives Matter hotlines, and repeatedly said racial slurs against African-Americans. He was also on video, saying racial slurs again, homophobia, being creepy to a decoy asking to do inappropriate things for him claiming it was a predator, and talked about having a three year old female child in his basement. He also made racist jokes about African-Americans, such as a joke on video about them “not being able to swim.” Chet’s behavior was called out by SomeOrdinaryGamers, and penguinz0, for his older videos. Since then, both EDP445 and Alex have been terminated off of YouTube.


After all the accusations came out about Alex, he was terminated along with EDP445. At the time, he had about 120K subscribers and 4.3M views.

Could this be… a truly based jew?

It’s certainly possible. Making Black jokes and hating pedophiles is sort of universally popular, and it would not surprise me one bit if the unsportsmanlike-American jokes were blown out of proportion by the pedos, seething with anger at the pedo hunter, but thinking that the optics of “I just want to rape children in peace,” might be worse than “he said Black People suck at swimming.”

Like I said, the man certainly accumulated only the best of enemies. To the extent he continues going around exposing pedos, I say god bless, and godspeed Mr. Rosen.

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  2. Couple things.
    “Pedophobes” is a thing?
    I’m coming up with a term for those who fear getting Plooked up the anus by subhuman monkey faggots – I’m clearly good for nothing, since half the word (phobe) is given to me by the power of the collective, yet I cannot fire a single neuron to describe this new malady sure to produce shekels for the big Pharma/psychoanalyst alliance…..

    Chet Goldstein ? The first Hebroid (sorta like a hemmorhoid but more dangerous) Cowboy. Shunned by his clan – anyone with dirty fingernails and sunburned skin cannot be one of us…

  3. Alex is a real one, I’ll endorse his Good One card

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