When I originally wrote about Keffals vs KiwiFarms I assumed I had come to the drama too late, and was already writing about past events. This turned out to not be the case, as I found out when writing about some other troons continuing their weeks long whinefest over Big Brother Contestant Kyle Hitler remaining in the house, well ensconced in his all-White alliance.

It was trending then, two days ago, and four days after I wrote my piece. But at long last, the drama appears to be over. And it’s been Total KiwiFarms Victory.

This might not be such a big deal under normal circumstances. Believe it or not, I kind of have to agree with xir tranny Lucas when he says that KiwiFarms is basically full of a bunch of psychopaths. It certainly is, but as a group they’re relatively apolitical and irreverent, which causes the troons to seethe with apoplectic rage. 

But wait, it’s not over. Keffals, aka Lucas Sorenti, has schemed up a plan so devious and virtuous that it’s attracted Brianna Wu, someone I forgot existed. And if Brianna Wu is on your side, that means you fight on the side of angels.

I’d forgotten about GamerGate

So what is this big bad plan to holocaust KiwiFarms once and for all? How is Lucas going to stuff Joshua Moon, KiwiFarms owner, into a locker, or (girl)cock slap him into next week?

I wasn’t the only one absolutely dripping with anticipation. I just can’t wait to see how these biological failures are gonna brutally murder the Farms once and for all.

Phase 1 is dropping a wall of text on us. You can find the original tweet here. I’m going to go through the trouble of transcribing this effortpost for you.

NOTE: A user on Poast, who I will keep anonymous unless told otherwise, informed me that Keffals may be trying to harvest people’s data with the Google docs links. When Google Drive files are opened, the originator of the document is informed as to who opened the document, which could potentially leave the opener vulnerable to doxxing. Because of this, I removed the relevant hyperlinks. 

The official website of the #DropKiwifarms campaign is now online. Our campaign has seen a surge of support, and outlets such as Business InsiderTime MagazineViceKotaku, and Daily Dot have begun to take notice and requests by media to organizers of the campaign keep pouring in. We are now entering into the second phase of this campaign where our organizational efforts intensify and we start to put more focused pressure on Cloudflare employees to get them to drop a website that the Anti-Defamation League has described as an “Extremist-friendly Forum”. Kiwifarms is a transphobic hate forum that actively stalks people, publishes doxxing information, and is implicated in multiple suicides of transgender and neurodivergent people. Recently, users of the forum have also swatted a sitting congressperson, and Kiwifarms is hosted by a company formerly named after Adolf Hitler’s plan for Jewish genocide. Joshua Moon, the site’s owner, was permanently banned on Twitter for calling for genocide against Muslims and asking a Jewish journalist if he could have his fingers for a necklace.

Actually I found the original site where Keffals made the screenshots on, which is what gives me the hyperlinks. I decided to click on the link that supposedly proves KiwiFarms is now being hosted by a company named after the Lampshadocaust, only to be greeted with this.

Keffals has a history of lying. But like many times before, I wish this was true, even if I don’t believe it. 

And I really don’t think that there’s much to say here. Lucas Sorenti is a shitty, worthless human being who is a coddled and privileged golem of our parasite class. Everything he does is shitty, and either hilarious or outraging. His plan to holocaust the Farms is to continue lobbying Cloudflare, who has already told him to fuck off, do a random protest in the middle of October, and soak the paypiggies for all they’re worth.

So basically it’s just troons being troons, and KiwiFarms will continue to be a great source of info on people you wish you’d never heard of.

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  1. Hey dude, that gdrive url to the company works now (‘final solutions llc’ is an awesome name) but id caution against highlighting it as trickery with gdocs has been used to dox people in the past.

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