A Ukrainian pensioner shot down a Russian Su-34 jet with a rifle, sending it spiralling to the ground, a government agency has said.

Valeriy Fedorovych opened fire when the enemy aircraft flew overhead in Chernhiv, according to the State Border Service of Ukraine.

It is claimed he picked off the jet, which costs an estimated £74million, and footage circulating at the time showed it careening back down to earth, although he was not seen in the video.

Do I even need to bother debunking this?

This man just takes out his rifle, make unspecified, squeezes a round in the general direction of an SU-34, and then it falls out of the sky. Colour me a Hitler Enjoyer, but that doesn’t sound very plausible to me, for a lot of different reasons. First of all, the plane is a massive distance away from him, according to the video itself.

This is highly zoomed in.

It’s extremely difficult to hit fast moving targets, but we’re supposed to believe that this old man managed to do exactly that. Then, the bullet from his mystery rifle had enough energy to do… something, which caused the plane to fall out of the sky. This would be hard to believe with a single 50 cal round, but we don’t even need to go that far, because the video itself doesn’t even show the plane hitting the ground.

I’ve started it at the right moment. Seriously, we don’t see or hear any gunfire, and we never see a plane hit the ground. It looks just like a jet fighter flying, possibly doing some maneuvering. 

YouTube commenter spdoosh leaves the above comment which I’ll transcribe below.

If thats the ‘rifle’ he allegedly used its a semi auto shotgun, good luck with that one then. The checkering work on the stock and forend is almost Beretta in appearance. The footage of the ac going down was reported in March by the use of a manpad, which is much more likely.
Hey guys, a shotgun down a Russian fighter jet from a mile away.

Makes you wonder why we bother with MANPADS or heavy machine guns in the first place. Just throw some elderly Ukrainian guys with shotguns a couple miles away and they’ll be downing jet fighters 10,000 ft up in no time.

And back to our article.

Footage shared by the agency shows Fedorovych walking with a rifle slung over his shoulder through the city mostly destroyed by Russian bombardment.

He retrieved some of the debris of the ‘exploded’ jet and keeps it in his garage.

His is one of the many stories of remarkable bravery from Ukrainian civilians in the face of Putin’s barbaric invasion.

And here I was thinking his was one of the remarkable stories of extremely retarded propaganda coming from the NATO regime in Ukraine. DailyMail confirms that, no, this is real, along with all the usual suspects.

Has war propaganda always been this idiotic? I’m thinking the answer is that it’s been dumb forever, but Russia-Ukraine is taking it to a whole new low. Usually I’d blame “diversity,” but this is coming straight out of the Ukrainian government. Then again this is all ZOG propaganda anyway, so it still works.

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  1. The Daily Fail is even misreporting the cost of the Su-34, presumably for propaganda purposes. According to the Russian government, the Su-34 costs “only” $36 million per plane, not the preposterous 74 million pounds (~$85 million) claimed (which would make it more expensive than a Super Hornet)

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