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When a Grade One teacher at an Ottawa elementary school told her class about gender fluidity and that there was no such thing as boys and girls, Pam Buffone’s daughter was left confused and unsettled, the mother says.

Confused and unsettled? Sounds like a real trannyphobic six year old we’ve got on our hands here. I sure do hope that the state slams the hammer down on this six year old on behalf of oppressed genderqueers worldwide.

She and her husband eventually complained to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal, alleging the school had discriminated against the six-year-old based on her sex and gender identity.

But a tribunal adjudicator has just ruled the Ottawa public-school board did not violate the girl’s rights with its gender-themed instruction, saying there was no direct evidence she was harmed by the material.

Adjudicator Eva Nichols focused her decision on whether the girl had been the victim of discrimination. But she also said the changes the parents want in schools would run counter to the provincial Human Rights Code, policies of the Human Rights Commission and case law of the tribunal.

That’s essentially circular logic. They made previous decisions that push tranny stuff on children. Then they go back and say “no, no, we’ve got all this case law that prevents us from not grooming children.” It’s just yet another cowardly way of pretending to be objective and apolitical.

“It is clear that what (the girl’s) parents are seeking was not a clarification or correction for their daughter, but systemic changes to the school board’s policy and to an educational system that in their opinion should not allow such concepts as ‘gender fluidity’ to be addressed in the classroom.”

Her daughter’s case prompted Buffone to more generally challenge how both the education and health-care systems are dealing with transgender issues, mostly through the Gender Report Canada website.

She says the tribunal decision left her bitterly disappointed.

The Buffones’ lawyer, Lisa Bildy, said she was also disappointed by the ruling, but not surprised.

“Quite frankly, there is an irreconcilable clash of worldviews in our society right now, and that is reflected in this decision,” she said in a statement.

“Respecting the inherent human dignity of gender-diverse people, through inclusion and acceptance, is a very different goal than inculcating all children into thinking that their sex is a fiction or that they must have a gender identity.”

Is it though? This is why the groomer term is so effective. It’s not like these people are really ideological, they’re just perverts who want access to children. And they want access to them so they can abuse them in various ways. 

The issue has received less attention in Canada, but Buffone is not the only parent to voice concerns. Some told the National Post about schools recognizing name and pronoun changes for their minor children without informing the parents, or large groups of pupils in a single class come out as transgender.

But health professionals who treat young people with gender dysphoria — the sense of not belonging to one’s birth sex — say that affirming and supporting those feelings at school and elsewhere is key to their mental health and wellbeing.

Ah yes, those “health professionals.” 

Credit to Pamela Buffone, who forced the Human Rights Tribunal to come out with this ruling. Having said that, at this point I’m not really sure they need to be any more discredited, what with no one really taking them seriously as an objective instrument of the law. Even still, it’s nice to see them resorting to referencing their own work supposedly as justification to let a pervert teach six year olds that there’s no such thing as boys and girls.

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