A Ukrainian official has been relieved of her duties over her handling of reports detailing sexual assault allegations made against Russians in Ukraine.

On Tuesday, the Ukrainian parliament, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, removed Lyudmila Denisova, the parliament’s commissioner for human rights, from her post, according to Ukrainska Pravda. No new appointment has been made to fill the role.

The move to dismiss Denisova came after outrage about the wording used in public reports about alleged sexual assaults committed by Russians, as well as the alleged dissemination in those reports of unverified information. Despite accusations from Ukraine, the Kremlin has repeatedly denied that Russian soldiers have committed war crimes or sexual assaults during the invasion.

According to the online Ukrinform news platform, one member of the Ukrainian parliament, Pavlo Frolov, provided a number of reasons why Denisova was removed, including “the numerous details of ‘unnatural sexual offenses’ and child sexual abuses in the occupied territories, which were unsupported by evidence and only harmed Ukraine.”

Look at this neo-natzee Russian Supreeemacist propaganda that pretends the Russian soldiers aren’t really going around mass raping the poor immigrant Ukrainian wahmens. Funny, because I got direct confirmation from the Ghost of Kiev herself that, in addition to Russia losing this war, they have still found the time to rape 6 million Ukrainian women.

Sadly it appears this propaganda has worked on the delusional comments section. I mean, imagine not believing the government that passed off video game footage as the real deal three times.

And in related news, since I don’t want to make two different stories.

The Hill:

Over the past three months, the Ukrainians have thwarted Vladimir Putin’s effort to topple their duly elected government, take Kyiv and occupy much of the country. The battle is not over, however, so the West must continue to help ensure that the Kremlin’s aggression fails and that Ukraine forces a Russian withdrawal or achieves a negotiated outcome on terms acceptable to Ukrainians.

More than 30 of our fellow experts and national security professionals — whose digital signatures appear at the end of this op-ed — agree.

Hey everyone, the WMD Liars all agree, in their expert opinion, hundreds of thousands of goyim must continue to die in Ukraine. The war is totally not over. It’s definitely not the case that Russia has been grinding the Ukrainian forces into dust. Read on to find out how Hillary can still win with the Reddit Dilation Brigade.

Credit to BANG user kuraudo. Or at least, I think he made this.

This graphic that I got from FTN’s telegram channel really sums it up.

Zelensky is losing, Putin is winning, and nobody cares about this anymore. Ukraine and Zelensky are old news.

They’re trying to get the goyim invested in this, but it’s not working, and it won’t work. The novelty is gone, and Russia’s strategy of slowly grinding them down has made for boring reading. The Redditor dilates for Zelensky no more.

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