Ottawa Citizen:

A 19-year-old man is dead and an 18-year-old man faces second-degree murder charges after a triple stabbing at the St. Laurent Shopping Centre on Friday.

Mohamed Osman, 18, has been charged with second-degree murder, two counts of aggravated assault and one count of breaching release conditions.

I don’t have a picture of this Mohamed Osman character. Nor do they explain what exactly his breach of release charge is for. Other stories, such as this one by Fox, claim that he was charged with violating his parole. There is very little reason to believe that Osman is actually 18, and even if he was, our (((parasite class’s))) soft on Criminals of Colour policies almost certainly lead directly to this.

Marcus Maloney, 19, was one of three men taken to hospital by paramedics. He was pronounced dead in hospital on Friday. Two other men were being treated in hospital, but their injuries were not considered life-threatening.

Police and emergency responders were called to the shopping centre at about 4:35 p.m. Friday after witnesses reported a stabbing resulting in injuries to three men.

At least one video on social media appears to show a scuffle in front of the Dollarama store at the mall involving at least six people, apparently teens or young men.

The video does not show the start of the fight, but captured images of one person on the ground with another person on top of him, while two more exchange blows. Two others join the fray and four people then move to another corner, with three of them punching the fourth.

I have tried, but I can’t find the social media video of this confrontation. It may no longer exist, or it may have been made unsearchable by the usual suspsects. Whatever the case, it’s interesting how the Ottawa Citizen piece pulls few punches in describing the horrible reality of the citizens who are forced to live around these “teens.”

Retailers in the mall said Saturday they were concerned about an escalation in violence and petty theft occurring late in the afternoons as schools let students out for the day.

“It’s fights. It’s kids running around and shoplifting,” said Ally Quinones, manager of Giftz N’ Gagz, a store near the mall entrance to the OC Transpo station.

Quinones said she was not worried about her own safety. There had been some thefts, but she had never encountered a life-threatening situation and could keep youths out of her store because it was a smoke shop.

But she said the problem would get worse late in the afternoon.

“It’s getting bad,” she said. “We can keep kids out of here if they’re under 18, but I’m worried for other people.”

The after-school scuffles are a problem because the teens apparently believe that, as soon as they are outside the mall, they are immune to being stopped by security guards, said Dakota Elliott, who manages the Lidz store near the ground-level entrance to the transit station.

Scuffles often happen after school hours, but there is rarely a problem on weekends, he said.

“There is a fight involving multiple kids at least once a week,” Elliott said. “Once they cross the road to the bus stop, they’re safe from (mall) security. Once they’re off mall property, there’s nothing we can do.”

An OC Transpo driver at the transit station, who asked not to be identified, said she was increasingly concerned about scofflaws who refused to pay their fares, engaged in violence and damaged buses, even with security cameras recording.

One teenage girl told the driver she couldn’t pay the bus fare, then punched the driver in the arm hard enough to cause a bruise.

“There are no consequences if they damage the bus or don’t pay,” the driver said.

There are consequences for you, goy, fact-checking the lampshadocaust. There are consequences for you saying that a mentally ill man in a dress is a mentally ill man in a dress. There are no consequences for violent trannies who assault one of us at a pervert parade. And there are no consequences for “teen-Canadians” who assault bus drivers, destroy property, and do a sort of low level terrorism that causes everyone else around them to live greatly diminished lives. If they go so far as to stab one of us or each other, then they may go to jail, but this will then be used as a statistic showing how systematically Aryan Supreeemacist the legal system is.

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  1. Canadians need to get some guns, it can’t be that hard.

    This stuff is getting sillier than having a gay son of Castro by “swinger” mom as your fake leader.

  2. Toronto I could believe (yawn), but now Ottawa.

    Canada, Sweden, Germany — all contenders for which country will go majority non-white after the US (current estimate is 2043, for the UK it’s 2066) — my bet is on Germany.

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