ROME — Italy’s right-wing parties are poised to abandon anti-EU politics, according to a leaked blueprint for power designed to reassure international markets and allies.

A draft of the right-wingers’ joint program for government, agreed by representatives of the parties on Wednesday and seen by POLITICO, stated that Italy is “a fully fledged part of Europe” and pledged its “full adhesion” to European integration.

The document also said, if elected, the next Italian government will seek changes to the terms of its pandemic recovery fund deal with the EU, since the Ukraine war and inflation have changed the context significantly.

The pro-EU declaration is likely to be broadly welcomed by investors and European politicians as well as officials in Brussels, with opinion polls showing an alliance of right-wingers led by Giorgia Meloni is on course to win power in the September 25 election.

It’s tiresome, I get it. To have electoral politics be this utterly fake and controlled is disheartening. Sometimes I wish that just once there could be a mainstream politician, or political party that wasn’t completely and utterly malicious. But of course, that can’t happen by definition, as any such party would not be allowed to be “mainstream,” in the first place.

Historically the far-right League party held positions hostile to Europe, suggesting that Italy should leave the euro, while its ally, Meloni’s Brothers of Italy, was more ambiguous. The other main partner in the coalition, Silvio Berlusconi’s center-right Forza Italia, was traditionally pro-European.

As recently as last year the League and Brothers signed a declaration with other populist parties in Europe calling the EU “a tool of radical forces that would like to carry out a cultural, religious transformation and ultimately a nationless construction of Europe”, and called for the EU to be reformed with “a set of inviolable competences” maintained by member states.

But with elections on September 25 looking almost certain to bring a right-wing coalition to power, the leaders are seeking to reassure financial markets and international allies, by making it explicitly clear that any formerly anti-European leanings are now history.

The draft electoral program was agreed by party representatives ahead of expected publication this weekend. A center-right insider said it was very unlikely to change. 

The manifesto pledged “respect for international alliances, and strengthening of Italy’s diplomatic role in the geopolitical context. Respect for NATO commitments including on defense spending. Support for Ukraine in the face of the invasion by the Russian [Federation].”

Eric Striker found a video of Giorgia Meloni, the leader of the Fratella d’Italia party, at Yoram Hazoni‘s “National Conservative” conference. In fact, twenty five seconds into the video she clearly says “I entirely agree with Yoram’s views.”


That’s not a one time thing. She metaphorically sucks Yoram’s circumcised penis in the entirety of her introduction.

This is why I find the title of Yoram’s latest book, “The Future of Nationalism,” so effective. Because, in a few words it clearly sums up the fact that our worldview is the exact opposite to what they would like to force on us. Yoram, your book will scandalize Italy.

She even smiles when saying this line, showing well and truly that she’s there to do some Benny Shapiro style “OwN dA LiBS” bullshit, and most definitely not there to get actual tangible policy. The conference is from 2020, but like I said, they’ve recently shown themselves to be complete shills, something we could have predicted from them showing up at a Yoram Hazony conference.

Voter turnout appears to have fallen from 2018 highs. Italians appear to have the same instinctual reaction to these politicians as we have to ours, and electoral politics under ZOG continues to be the same pretty much everywhere.

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  1. I won’t trust anyone to run Italy whose last name isn’t Mussolini.

    And even then I’d want to know if they’d been on a trip to israel or met with hazoni, jews would have no compunction about working with Mussolini’s family if circumstances demanded it.

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