The following screencap made its way around telegram. 

I was quite skeptical of this. After all, I’ve been burnt before, and this struck me as being exactly the kind of fake news that retards uncritically share on telegram. ClownWorld is bad, but can it really be this bad?

I went and looked for this tweet on the Washington Department of Health’s official twitter. I would have bet that I wouldn’t find anything, but no. There it is in all its glory. You can still find the original tweet here as of time of writing proving that yes, ClownWorld would really do this.

Your brain is probably trying out some coping mechanisms, but I assure you that this is quite real. The Washington Department of Health twitter account is not a parody. They joined in 2009 and have almost 20k tweets, many of which are exactly the kind of boring tweets you’d expect from a bunch of government bureaucrats. Sure, they signal that They Support The Current Thing, but you’d expect that.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what “chestfeeding,” means…


But the term “breastfeeding” doesn’t apply to everyone. And that’s why many people instead use the more gender-neutral term “chestfeeding.”

In short, chestfeeding is feeding your baby milk from your chest.

It’s often used as a way for transgender and nonbinary parents to describe how they feed and nurture their babies after childbirth by feeding them milk from their chest. Some people also similarly use the word bodyfeeding.

Anyone can use this inclusive term if they want to, though the word is most commonly used by transmasculine peopleTrusted Source or nonbinary people.

It’s very important for the Washington Department of Health to show the world that they do indeed support Male Trannies of Colour “chestfeeding,” their presumably about to be groomed babies. That, and making sure that elementary school kids get Pfizers new booster.

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