A few days ago I wrote about Xi Jinping allegedly being placed under house arrest while the Chinese Military poured into Beijing. I passed it off as probably being fake news, but I had to write about it just in case it was something more important.

Turns out that yes, it was fake news from the start, something my intuition told me, but which it’s nice to see confirmed.

I was very skeptical of the video that allegedly showed an 80 km long procession of Chinese Military hardware streaming into Beijing. It didn’t show anything approaching an 80 km long convoy, nor was there evidence that the footage came from Beijing, or even from this decade. There were other similar fakes, like the explosion “from Beijing,” that actually came from Tianjing in 2015.

Although that claim comes from someone with the tranny flag who calls themselves “LoliWifeGroomer,” so it’s not really clear why this was considered a trustworthy source even by the most braindead of QAnon types.

Some of the other accounts that got #chinacoup trending were some weird combination of QAnon and spam. It’s interesting to see the types of scams that are pulled on different groups, with this one obviously targeting Africans, so long as they speak English.

But in any case Xi Jinping is fine, and the people who bloviate about “fake news,” are totally fine with allowing this disinformation online. Remember, the only thing they’re opposed to is political speech that the ADL doesn’t like.


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