I was informed that Talking Points USA was defeated by the Catboi Cult sometime back in 2019. There was this entire war that happened with the homosexual Mexicans on one side, and the people who wish they were homosexual Mexicans on the other. At the end, the pretend homos at TPUSA were crushed under the pink stilletto of the gayper army. Or so I was told.

In a shocking turn of events, Charlie Kirk and the Army of Shills appears to have achieved Total Cuck Victory over the Catboi Respecters. They are now flexing on the perma-virgins by trotting out this solid, respectable, 7/10 airhead to shill for Israel, and boy am I ever excited to hear what she says.

Mediocre but Acceptable Gash: Throughout all of their history the Israelites and the nation of Israel has been perhaps the most hated nation in the World.

You don’t say?

This isn’t an edited video, by the way. This is straight from Talking Points USA’s non-censored YouTube channel, and I’ve transcribed the entire thing just so you can see how brilliant her defense of Israel is.

But what’s truly remarkable about what’s behind me is you can see the Western Wall, or the Wailing Wall, where Jews in Israel go to pray, it’s the closest thing to where the temple originally stood. You can see the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is the third holiest site for Muslims. And behind that is the Mount of Olives where the Garden of Gethsemane is, and where Jesus began the entire process of being sentenced to death and being crucified.

So you constantly see this tension but acceptance of so many religions that we are never talked about [sic] in the United States. And I feel like so much of the history for Israel is completely unwarranted and based in a lie.

What do you think?

You know what? I think she’s right. I think that’s absolutely what’s going on here.

If there are three religions that are never talked about in the United States of America it’s Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. You really have to go all the way to Israel in order to hear anyone even mention that.

The comment section also points out something you may have noticed, which is that she never really defends Israel. At best she sort of implies that there are non-jews living there in Israel, which begs the question of why Christians and Muslims should tolerate such important holy sites being controlled by Jews. That there are areas that are essential to the Christian Faith in Israel is damning of a country that doesn’t just not let Christians immigrate to it, but blocks the 99.8% of the World’s population that wasn’t born Jew, as measured through a genetics test.

Also, Israel is a racial state, not a religious one. You don’t need to pass a religious test to get into Israel, but an ancestry/genetics one, as previously mentioned. The oppression of the Palestinian Goyim is not based on religious beliefs, but rather that they are a different race of people. 

You’ll notice that Benny doesn’t say “Muslims,” or “Christians.” Little Benny Shapiro says “Arabs,” because his hatred of them is entirely racial. It is unlikely that Arabs enjoy living in open sewage, and the settlements he refers to are essentially state sanctioned racial cleansings done by the state of Israel, which he supports.

I should note of course that NAJALT…

But this is the best defense that TPUSA can come up with for Israel. We’re supposed to pretend that this isn’t a racial state, and then also pretend that it’s okay that a hostile religion full of people who killed Christ is in control of sacred Christian religious sites. 

And frankly, this is probably some of the highest quality content they put out, if this recommended video in my sidebar is any indication.


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