I announced on Poast and Telegram that I was spending most of my day doing some video editing. Unfortunately I hit a little snafu, and realized that I needed to, for editing purposes, render the video without sound. This has taken its toll on my poor dual core i3-4100, and I realized I’d be doomed to spend the next hour with all four (virtual) cores locked at near 100% while this rendered.

In the meantime I decided to make the aforementioned announcement on Poast and Telegram. On telegram I realized I had a bunch of DM’s, one of which was from a guy who informed me that he had “gotten a really weird DM,” about me. Another DM simply said “new faggotry just dropped.” 

To the best of my knowledge, this “new faggotry,” refers to a telegram channel created two days ago called “thedailyrake exposed Neo-natzi skinhead”. Now, hold on a second, how many subscribers is that?


Well the “neo-natzi exposer,” didn’t appear to be happy with the organic growth of his channel these past two days, so he set his mind to DMing the Lord’s gospel to what appears to be a totally random sub-section of Daily Rake Enjoyers. None of them appear to have been swayed by this 9,000 IQ move, but let’s take a closer look at this anyway just for fun.

Xir starts off by dropping my doxx. Oh noes, that’s… something I did myself well over a year ago when making videos directly calling into various places, and something I repeated on this very site months ago. It’s also something I wrote about again just a few days ago when writing about Jeremy Mackenzie, the raging troon who is currently behind bars. I honestly don’t know why these queers bother. I’m so unconcerned about hiding my identity that anyone can look me up by looking at this website’s domain information. I’m an easy doxx because I don’t care, and I’m aware that the e-people who talk about doing something to me are LARPing up a storm.

As for the content of the writing, well…

Meet neo-nazi LARP and white CRT supremacist advocate, and holocaust denying Timothy Coish from Surrey, British Columbia who’s owner of Neo-nazi skinhead website Dailyrake.ca

What the fuck is a “white CRT supremacist advocate”? Also, the channel name literally contains the term “Neo-natzi skinhead,” so why is it now spelled “Neo-nazi.” I thought it was a stylistic choice, but now I realize that I’m simply dealing with a retard.

I’m not going to apologize for being a grammar “natzi”, but let’s move on to the content of Xir’s beef with me. I may not take this seriously, but my curiosity has been piqued. I’d really like to know what a “white CRT supremacist advocate,” is.

Luckily Xir informs us that yes, the next post in the channel called “thedailyrake exposed Neo-natzi skinhead,” is in fact going to be a continuation of his expose on Timothy “skulltat” Coish. He will not be posting pictures of his dog, his reviews of Harry Potter, or an in depth look at late 14th century Rome. It’s only the good stuff in this channel. 

Another DM had warned me about the “wall text of slander,” and they weren’t lyin’. 

Well I’m not reading this schizo post, but I will transcribe the very first sentence.

Teeny Tiny Little Timmy, all 170 lbs of him, likes to spend –

Sorry, which is it? Am I “teeny tiny little Timmy,” or am I indeed 170 lbs?

My critiques of the Manlet Cult may have given some people the wrong idea. I don’t think there’s any moral failure in being a relatively small man, and not every short guy is a manlet. To be a manlet requires more than physique, it requires a certain state of mind that can only be achieved by the chosen few.

But nevertheless, I don’t have the physique of a manlet either. I’ve never claimed to be He-Man The Destroyer of Worlds, but attacking me for being small is an… odd choice. Especially when you admit that I’m, at worst, slightly above average sized for non-overweight men.

And this isn’t nitpicking BTW, I don’t think he refers to me as anything other than “teeny tiny little Timmy.”

– his days on his blog called Dailyrake.ca where he posts white supremacist nonsense and admits to attending neo-nazi LARP fests like the “active club” get together,

Admits? I was so happy to go I bragged about it!

It’s always nice to be around a group of good guys, and I’d recommend any guy reading this to check out AC. Worst case scenario you wasted five minutes spending a DM. Best case scenario you found your new best friends.

The photos with little Timmy locking arms with his “Asian brothers” is most telling of what and who these guys are. Complete fakes, fugazi, frauds, the rapper who claims he’s a big time drug dealer but has never sold a nickle worth of jane.

Asian brothers? What the heck is this tranny talking –

BTW, my flight instructor was a great guy, would recommend if he’s still giving lessons. Also, what a terrible picture of me.

Oh, my bad. I forgot that me posing for a picture with my Asian flight instructor after my first photo was me posing with my “Asian brothers.” Lord help me regain the credibility to my reputation that has been utterly DEMOLISHED with this expose. I posed for a picture with non-Whites, I’m sure Hitler would be very disappointed with me.

Anyway, we leap over the majority of xir’s rant and get to the end, wherein xir suggests that Spielberg made a grave mistake not casting six year old me as an infantryman on the beaches of Normandy crying on some stairs. After that sick burn from whence I shall never recover xir’s rant ends. There is another crying laughing emoji, matching the first post, which leads me to believe that it was probably left by the OP.

Artist’s interpretation of channel admin.

I don’t really feel the need to respond to anything that was said here, but I do think it’s an interesting question as to who decided to spend their Saturday night effort-posting about my tiny little 170 lbs frame hugging my Asian bros. The whiff of schizo illuminating everything leads me to believe that it’s a homegrown tranny. That fits with the general assblastery, as evidenced not just by the tone, but by them at least doing the research to find out that I went to an Active Club event. They also appear to be a real life hate-fan, as evidenced by this line.

Little timmy also claims to be a chess player and he says he reads here and there.

The main candidate is a troon working by themselves, but Eternal Muscovite types are a pretty solid alternate candidate. These guys doxxed me before after all, and some English Second Language type would have more of an excuse for the more interesting writing decisions. That could also explain the overemphasis on “he’s not a giant REAL MAN like me,” tone through the writing, although let’s be honest, the complete lack of physical fitness would not stop a troon from delusional “fite me IRL,” posting.

All of which leads us to our dark horse third candidate, Jeremy Mackenzie and his dwindling Cult of Personality Enjoyers. I did just write a pretty scathing piece on him going to jail, and he’s also doxxed me before. Furthermore, Eternal Muscovite types would probably not be “muh neo-natzeeeeee’ing,” anyone or dissing Active Club, but “fite me IRL you neon-natzi weakling,” sounds pretty much par for the course for the Diagolon cucks. Finally, there’s one more piece of evidence that indicates to us that this is possibly not a tranny or antifa type.

In case anyone, antifa, or black/brown people who are in the Surrey Alberta area and wanted to say hello to little Timmy below is his address and phone number:

Surrey, Alberta?

LMFAO. It’s Surrey, BC you fucking morons. How sloppy are these faggots?

I don’t have enough experience to know for sure, but “hey coloured people and antifas, go and attack this neon-natzee,” sounds like something the Diagolon cucks would do. Again, this is all speculation for me, we can never know for sure, but what we can know is that our enemies are the most pathetic people on the planet, with the exception of the tiny number of people at the top who are using these golems.

Although let’s get real, he’s a figurehead at best. If this man was the brains behind our oppression we’d be rulers of the Universe in no time.

And even then, some of them are pretty retarded too.

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  1. It’s great you’ve gained yourself a fan club!

    Maybe next time they’ll see a pic of you near a black lady and call that evidence you’re a race mixer.

    This feel very similar to attacks on NJP, but perhaps lower effort/dumber. The pretense that any of these people are actually against jewish power or pro-white “exposing” fake nationalists is hilariously false, and the more we see of it the more the previous ones look faker and gayer.

    Also a nearly decade old i3 isn’t much of a machine for making videos, but it’s a fine cpu for writing articles and browsing the net. I’ve got an i5 MacBook of a similar vintage which is relegated to writing duties because anything else is painful. In 2020 I got a $700 laptop with an 8 core cpu because I needed to do online presentations. It has so much power I don’t know what to do with it, so now is a fine time to upgrade.

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