Cooper has made multiple contributions to this site before, and he’s back again as the Edmonton Police unroll their revolutionary “Phenotype Report.”


I am not a particular fan of the Pig System, and that includes its auxiliaries, the cops. However, sometimes by the very mandate of having to protect and serve, they do something that is at least half-ass productive. This is never, of course, without significant backlash, and that leads us to today’s story.

In March of 2019 a woman was violently raped in downtown Edmonton. She almost died. When she reported the crime to police the assailant was described as 5’4”, with a black toque, pants and sweater or hoodie. He was described as having an accent’

Now if you gave that description to an honest Edmontonian, and told them where it happened, they’d be able to tell you whodunnit. Apparently, though, the EPS needed to pay Parabon Nanolabs to do it instead.

I’m not going to delve into Parabon, what they do, and how they do it. Suffice it to say they have worked with the NYPD in addition to several Canadian municipalities. They use DNA samples and family-tree-whatever to figure out what a person of interest may look like.

And the results *DRUM ROLL*:


Okay so let’s back up a couple steps here. The fact the rapist is a bleg was beyond probable from the start. Why is that? Here are a couple facts:

The 2016 Canadian census reported a black population of 3.5%. Edmonton’s black population that same year was 5.9%.


The Queen Mary Park and Central McDougall neighbourhoods form the centre of the black community in Edmonton. Queen Mary Park has been home to a long-standing African-American population since the early 1900s, centered around Shiloh Baptist Church, although today the neighbourhood is composed mostly of recent migrants from Africa.”

Hmm…I wonder if the rape location is anywhere close to those hoods.


But hold on: does this diaspora have a history of criminal activity in Edmonton?

Archived Link of Edmonton Journal:

Staff Sgt. Kevin Galvin, head of the gang unit at the Edmonton Police Service, says officers started seeing central African refugees forming gangs about six years ago.

Historically, every new wave of immigrants has had problems with organized crime. Criminal elements tend to recruit within their own cultural communities. In Edmonton’s case, established central African groups in Eastern Canada have been found trying to set up branches here.

I found several articles relating to african crime in Edmonton, most centering on programs offering them court time (as in basketball) in exchange for not harming innocents. They were more recent than the article above, too, such as this one. Here’s an example. Check out this excerpt:

The Africa Centre started the program in March 2019 as a crime prevention tool. It was funded by Alberta Justice and Solicitor General.”

March 2019, sounds familiar. Oh right, that’s when the rape occurred. Must have started later in March though, which is why the rape occurred. This is all the Crackers’ fault for not providing gibs fast enough.

While researching I reached out to some Albertans for more info. I ended up speaking with a woman who lives in this section of Edmonton. She advised that she cannot go out at night for fear of having exactly this happen. Nogs are constantly and forcefully propositioning her. She has even been chased by blacks in the rare instances she has to venture out after dark. There you have it: Edmonton, and indeed this specific area, is a hotbed for black crime. To suggest the assailant would be black, especially with biological evidence backing it up, should not be controversial.

Now the cops definitely knew what they were stirring up here. At the end of their brief, the EPS wrote:

Following consultation with community stakeholders, the EPS is aware of the impact this release may have on a marginalized community. Due to the severity of the occurrence, the need to advocate for a victim of a violent sexual assault and in consideration of the public safety interest, investigators believe the release of this image based on DNA evidence is required in order to further the investigation. As always, any leads generated from the release of a composite image would require further investigative steps”

That type of TL;DR notice did not dissuade the denizens of twitter from losing their shit. When I started writing this the tweet announcing Parabon’s findings had over 1K retweets and many more likes/quote tweets. I did initially see a couple of 13 do 50 comments but they were scrubbed before I capped them (sorry!).

This was the most poignant comment I found:

This is probably the biggest strike against Parabon. The implication is that this nog may have a better chance than you of getting into Valhalla. Sorry boys: the eye chart tells all.

Let’s check in on some more typical responses.



Specimen two:

Interesting. What kind of a lady would refuse to stand up for another woman’s right to retribution?

Oh yes; that kind…

Almost all of the comments were of this nature. In a couple instances I did see old-school libtards saying something different.

The woman commenting puts face masks on her shepherd (poor Blondi) as a gag. She’s clearly Fauci-pilled, but she neglected to realize that science-trusting does not extend to NOTICING and was promptly shut down by someone even more plugged in (and more retarded) than herself. This is a great example of the Michael-Moore-type boomer who still believes in the concept of setting precedents (IE: DNA has supposedly exonerated black criminals, therefore, it is conceivable that it could also be used against them).

What was the result of this clapback?

After encountering criticism, the force scrubbed the image from its website less than 48 hours later”

Typical. They also gave a canned apology after doing so in which they noted the victim herself was non-white.

This woman was raped; she deserves justice. In fact, every woman who has to deal with Nog enclaves deserves that and much more. Instead, they get railroaded by MK-Ultra’d faggots who would rather take the side of malevolent apes. Social-conditioning aside, these people should be ashamed of themselves. Instead, they are willing to put faces and names to their opinions. Hopefully no one is writing them down…

Yeah, that’d be a real shame.

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