Well now here’s a story in two parts.

Clutch Points:

New Orleans Saints star running back Alvin Kamara recently posted screenshots of a DM conversation he had with a fan who used a racial slur towards him.

They link to their own twatter account where they’re cheering on the sportsball negro schooling this *checks notes* high schooler.

Let’s look at the two screencaps individually.

We see Dane H, a high school athlete, send Kamara a congratulatory DM that he thinks he won’t eve see. Kamara’s very first response is threatening to blackmail him, because Kamara was assblasted that a White Kid would say “nigga.” But Kamara doubles down on bullying the White high schooler.

Kamara then screencaps this conversation and puts it up on his social media. When the White Kid says that he’s getting harassed and asks if it can be taken down, after apologizing numerous times I might add, he simply says “no.” This is celebrated by the soyboys at Clutch Points, who commemorate the occasion with this Marvel-tier image.

They’re not alone, as other soyboy sporstball Enjoyers join in, full of unabashed praise for the Golden Negro of Sportsball.

But that was five days ago, so let’s check in with Alvin Kamara and see how he’s doing today.

New York Post:

A man is suing Alvin Kamara for $10 million, alleging the five-time Pro Bowl running back is no saint.

He plays for the New Orleans Saints, if you didn’t get that reference.

Darnell Greene Jr. filed the lawsuit in Louisiana on Friday, claiming he was injured during an alleged felony battery by Kamara and three others, including Chiefs cornerback Christopher Lammons, in Las Vegas during Pro Bowl weekend in February.

Greene alleges that he was knocked unconscious outside a Vegas nightclub after Kamara shoved him into a wall and punched him several times in the face, even after he fell to the ground.

What? Alvin Kamara? But he would never violently assault someone. He’s a good boy who just DEMOLISHED RACISM by bullying a White High School Kid. Here we see him with his girlfriend, who somehow has less jewelry with him. 

I know that’s his girlfriend, because New York Post helpfully included a small sidebar with more stories involving Alvin Kamara. 

Yes, I thought it was weird that they wrote a totally unnecessary puff piece on a mid tier NFL star. This is made all the more absurd by the next three pieces being “yeah so buddy over here violently assaulted a guy…”

The 27-year-old Kamara also is facing criminal charges regarding the incident — a felony charge of battery resulting in substantial bodily harm and a misdemeanor count of conspiracy to commit battery. The next hearing slated for Nov. 9.

“Kamara currently faces criminal charges for the occurrence described herein. However, these proceedings have seemingly been put on pause to allow Kamara to play an entire season for the Saints without being suspended,” the lawsuit states. “Further, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has failed to fully investigate the incident at hand, and is ostensibly waiting for the criminal proceedings to play out before issuing a suspension.

It is highly suspected that Goodell has seen the violent security footage of the assault — just as Plaintiff has — but is choosing not to take corrective action. Darnell Greene refuses to allow the Commissioner, the authorities, or Kamara himself to sweep this matter under the rug.”

A multi billion dollar corporate cartel, in this case the NFL, is trying to sweep the vicious assault of a poor Black Man by a deca-millionaire under the rug! What does Alvin Kamara have to say about this?

Well no actually what he has to say is this:

Pro Football Talk:

The lawsuit includes alleged quotes from Kamara. He allegedly said things such as, “I connected with the [expletive]’s jaw so hard,” and “that shit sounded like the [expletive] got hit with a baseball bat.” Kamara also allegedly talked about the incident in a vehicle after the incident.

What’s the redacted? Could it be… nigga?

Alvin Kamara is an anti-White turd. He’s a vicious and disgusting human being who takes pleasure in bullying the people around him. What he did to that kid was bully him. What he did to Darnell Green was bully him. Darnell Green’s orbital socket is allegedly broken, and while he may be no angel himself, I hope he gets all his $10 million and then some. I also hope that Alvin Kamara enjoys some jail time. What I do know is that nothing in this story surprised me in any way.

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