The Ballad Of The Wakandian Prince has been fun to cover. At this point I think it’s undeniable that Kanye has thrown a big wrench into Jonathan Greenblatt’s gears. The same is less true about Kyrie Irving, but it’s still entertaining, and has led to a lot of plenty of extremely poorly done damage control. 

Kyrie Irving’s Black Hebrews to Jews documentary was retarded. There was some stuff in there about Jews running the slave ships, which is true and seriously damaging. Other than that, nothing in the documentary hurts Jews, and it’s so innocuous that it’s still available on Jeff Bezos’ Amazon Prime.

UPDATE: It’s since been taken down.

Anyway, LeBron James chimed in.

NY Post:

The King has spoken.

Yeah, that’s how NY Post opens their piece. It also shows you why Kanye West is causing them so many problems. They’ve made it a point to promote these Blacks in everything, and constantly put them on television. They literally call LeBron James “The King,” for being good at basketball. So when they snap back at massah it causes lots of problems for them. This is true even if they do it in kind of a dumb way, like Kyrie Irving.

Following the Lakers’ 130-116 road loss to the Jazz on Friday night, LeBron James answered questions regarding Kyrie Irving’s recent sharing of a documentary laden with anti-Semitic tropes and disinformation.

“I believe that what Kyrie did caused some harm to a lot of people,” James said. The Lakers star added that he can’t speak for why most of the league hasn’t spoken against Irving.

I never followed the NBA, and haven’t watched a single game since the last ten minutes of game 7 of whatever year the Toronto Raptors won it. Before that I’d have to go back to whenever Shaquille O’Neal, who is confirmed housebroken, was the premier player in the league. As a result I didn’t immediately realize how old LeBron James is. He’s basically set to retire, and his new team, the Lakers, and firmly in the cellar.

These Black athletes aren’t geniuses, but it doesn’t take one to realize that sucking Schlomo’s circumsized penis is for their own personal gain, especially as they edge closer to retirement. LeBron has made tons of anti-White comments over the years, most recently making fun of Kyle Rittenhouse, a White Man who was almost thrown in jail for defending himself against three antifa pedos.

But Mr. James needs to get his post-career media gigs and endorsements, so he’s happy to throw his “Black Brotha,” or whatever they call it, under the bus.

As for Kanye West, he put out the above tweet. Unfortunately it’s since been deleted from twitter. However, Kanye West bought Parler. Sure, it’s a worthless app, but at least he’ll be able to say whatever he –

No, Parler is so utterly worthless that it auto-censors its owner.

This saga has been nothing if not entertaining.

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  1. Kanye has already done more good than the orange rat ever did.

  2. not that it really matters, but i doubt the parler deal will go through – anyway Kanye would be better off spending $10 setting up a fediverse instance for himself than falling into that jew trap

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