Until last week I had no idea who Kyrie Irving was. Well that’s something of an exaggeration, since I had heard the name before, and knew he was an NBA player. It wasn’t until he was buck broken by the ADL, then resisted, then finally caved again that I even learned which team he played for.

Believe it or not, this November 4th apology by Kyrie Irving isn’t even the end of it. The zionists at the ADL, and who control the NBA, are demanding he apologize more.

NY Post:

The road map to Kyrie Irving’s return to the Nets has been revealed.

The team has a list of six steps it wants the troubled star — who is currently suspended indefinitely for promoting an anti-Semitic movie and book — to complete before he returns to the court.

It has been reported that Irving must apologize for his social media posts linking to the movie and book, and must meet with NBA commissioner Adam Silver and local Jewish leaders, as well as with Nets owner Joe Tsai, whose texts he had not been returning. But apparently the list runs deeper.

The Nets, who are 2-0 without Irving, also want him to speak with the media and issue a verbal apology for promoting the film, acknowledging its message is harmful and untrue. He also has to share the apology on his social media accounts. In addition, he has to go to sensitivity training.

All the above was reported by Yahoo. On Saturday night, The Athletic added that Irving must make a $500,000 donation to anti-hate causes, and also undergo training to understand anti-Semitism.

Are. You. Fucking. Kidding. Me.

Keep in mind, he has already apologized. Two days ago in fact. But they’re still demanding that he go to “sensitivity training,” give them half a million, publicly verbally apologize, and also go to “antisemitism training,” afterwards. It’s so ridiculous that it’s actually kind of hilarious.

Look at the way these jews just openly talk down to these famous negro celebrities. Let me transcribe the above tweet in case it’s too small to read.

The Nets are showing no tolerance for hate. We can’t pick and choose when we want to stand against injustice. Kyrie hopped on the trend of being antisemetic & was put in his place quickly. I hope he opens his eyes beyond the conspiracy theories he spreads & can educate himself.

Israeli ambassador to the US, Gilad Erdan

I’ve made this point before and I will continue to make it. All this propaganda about “listening to Black Voices of Colour,” and all that instantly goes out the window when said Voices of Blackness say something that Schlomo doesn’t like. Not only do we not need to listen to these Coloured Voices of Decolonialism or whatever, but they get instantly “put in their place,” and the people doing this openly celebrate this without even bothering to use euphemistic language most of the time.

Trust me, these likes are not from me. Someone on BANG screencapped these tweets.

And yet, despite how obviously racial and obviously Jew the Jewing of Kyrie Irving is, you’ll have these extremely anti-White housenegroes like Tariq Nasheed, who literally wrote a book on buck breaking, is running cover for the actual people doing this while attacking Whitey. Note that Tariq Nasheed is allowed to do this, slander White People by pretending that the putting of Black Celebrities “into their place,” that is being done by the (((ADL))) and others is secretly being done by HuWhyte Supreemacists, without being censored in the slightest. In contrast, Kanye West has plenty of deleted tweets littering up his timeline. This started only after he criticized zionists in the music industry fucking him over.

Why would White Supreemacists do such a thing?

And once again, linking to something I wrote yesterday, you never need to take seriously these anti-White going on about “nuanced and hidden White Supreeeeeeemacist systems of oppression,” when we see that power is so obvious. Kyrie Irving tweeted support of some dumb Hebrews to Negroes documentary, and now he’s facing a 5 game suspension, a $500,000 fine, sensitivity training, a massive endorsement deal holocausted into thin air, as well as plenty of condemnation from his fellow Black Sporstballer Brothas. And why are they condemning him? See the above.


Kyrie Irving said Wednesday he didn’t want to lose salary or a chance to compete for a championship with the Brooklyn Nets, but was doing “what’s best for me” by refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Nets decided Tuesday that Irving wouldn’t be with the team because he isn’t eligible to play in home games, where a New York mandate requires professional athletes on one of the city’s teams to be vaccinated to practice or play in public venues.

I also recently learned that Kyrie Irving made a big deal out of not getting vaccinated. The NBA accommodated him over this. He was never suspended, although he couldn’t legally play games in New York due to state laws. He was not fined by the team for this. He was not forced to attend “sensitivity training.” His cause was picked up by numerous cuckservatives looking for a fake issue to grift on. That’s because Covid-19 was always a Finkled issue, where you were allowed to whine about things, provided you didn’t point out that BLM protests were allowed to go on unhampered while everyone was told to stay at home constantly or the Waifu Flu was going to kill granny.

By the way, I couldn’t justify making this its own piece, but #TheNoticing has continued to trend. However, each time I’ve seen it trending in the sidebar there have been fewer tweets. I don’t know what to make of this, because this could simply be a time based thing and totally innocuous, but it would not surprise me if there’s a huge tweet holocausting going on in our midst.

UPDATE: After publishing the article I go back to twitter to see this.

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  1. Kyrie’s ancestors may well have been slaves, owned by the ancestors of the very same kikes who rule over him now. It would be exhausting apologizing over and over to a filthy slaveowner-american.

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