I should clarify the above title. It’s not so much that I received confirmation that diaper fetishes are real, when I previously was skeptical. It’s more like it never occurred to me that someone would become sexually aroused at a grown adult walking around in a used diaper. 

This all started when I was shown a tweet with the above comic attached. The comic is from the tweet author, Sophie Draws Comics, and contains the following text.

After I was very violently outed as a Little, 2 years ago, the last thing I wanted was to talk about it. Since then, not a day has gone by without getting harassment because of it (and yes, my harassers did file police reports back then- I’m thankful the officers were kind to me)
Oh no I’m sure you were violently outed. Especially if by “violently,” you mean no violence was done to you, but you’re an insane pervert who constantly refers to the slightest weird look people give to you as basically genocide.

“Sophie,” continues whining about “transmisogyny,” which is pretty unhelpful considering I was looking for an answer to what a “Little,” is, although I had a pretty good idea.

If a puppy wearing a diaper was actually sexual in any way, how could you be reposting it freely everywhere?

Uh, because twatter is run by perverted zionists who are totally fine with this. Also, puppy wearing a diaper? Something tells me this will be just about the least wholesome thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Not everyone in the thread is fanning Sophie’s female balls. One critical goy points out that this character, who I’m just going to start calling Samuel, took a picture of a real child and used it to draw some creepy diaper fetish stuff.

In response Samuel posts the above comic he made wherein he defends his creepy drawings. No, I never found the original drawings everyone is referring to, but I did find this other comic the spiteful mutant made which finally explains what a “Little” is, mostly.

What? You thought you’d only be exposed to one new perversion today? You didn’t think you’d also learn about trannies who identify not just as women, but as little girls, and expect you to go along with it? Well we’re in ClownWorld’s final form, so buckle up buckaroo, we’ve barely even gotten to the Diaper Enjoyers yet.

All these perverts network together, and in the replies to that thread I found a truly horrifying creating who goes by the name “Riley Kilo”. There is evidence that he is real, but I choose to believe that he is a Lovecraftian horror, and that this is the final proof that we are living in a simulation.

Mad at Ben Shapiro? How is it all these insane perverts are so finkled?

There are some who might say that Riley Kilo is just doing a clever parody, that he’s simply making fun of trannies with sick perversions. These people are referred to as “too pure for this world we live in.” I assure you, Kilo is 100% non-parody.

His twitter profile reminds us all to stay diapered and kinky, and he tells us he’s an ABDL Enjoyer. I had no idea what that was, but Urban Dictionary informs me it’s an “Adult Baby Diaper Lover.” In other words, we’ve got one sick fuck on our hands.

Actually we’ve got many more than one sick fuck on our hands, as the constant retweets from others reminds us.

You think that’s bad? At least these diapers are clean. What’s that? You tell me you can see where I’m going with this and you don’t like it? Well too bad faggot, because these totally mentally sane LGBTQ members love when they shit their diapers and then go walking around in their piss and feces laded drawers.

Yes, this is a used diaper. I am so sorry you had to see this.

Imagine being such an insane degenerate pervert that this is the most wholesome picture you have of yourself?

As mentioned earlier, once you find one of these perverts you’re introduced to the whole pack. 

For bonus points, try to find which of the above pictures are Eldritch Horror’s painted by artists, and which are the diaper fetishists. I know, at first glance it can be hard to tell them apart, but an experienced eye can, with some deliberation, figure it out.

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  1. “For bonus points, try to find which of the above pictures are Eldritch Horror’s painted by artists, and which are the diaper fetishists.”

    Nigga, I scrolled past that shit as fast as I could! You’re not going to get me to look closely at any of those pictures!

  2. Jim did one or two videos on adult babies years ago as part of his “Deviants” series if I’m not mistaken. He caused quite a lot of butthurt.

  3. […] all, people don’t really need to be convinced that the perverts who get erections from wearing diapers and shitting in them are all kinds of fucked up. What they need is politicians pushing concrete […]

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