A total of 25 Senate candidates and 162 House candidates endorsed by former President Donald Trump were on the ballot in the Nov. 8 midterm elections.

Eight other congressional candidates had also been endorsed by Trump but either lost their primary, dropped out of the race or did not appear on ballots for other reasons.

President Potato, or ex-President Potato in this case, put all his obese weight behind 25 senate hopefuls, 162 congress critters, and 8 people who have already lost. Before we get into just how terrible the politics of his endorsees are, let’s see how well he did. After all, analyzing this purely from a Machiavellian perspective, if Orange Faggot’s chosen candidates win, that could lend him some clout in terms of being a kingmaker, even if it was only pretend.

Among Trump’s Senate endorsees, the Associated Press has declared 17 winners.

There were also losers: Don Bolduc in New Hampshire, Gerald Malloy in Vermont and Leora Levy in Connecticut, all endorsed by Trump, lost their elections. Neither Malloy nor Levy was favored to win, but Bolduc’s race was more competitive, with a Cook Political Report (CPR) rating of lean Democratic.

The biggest blow was Republican Mehmet Oz’s 3.4-point loss to Democrat John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, which flipped that Senate seat blue. Trump endorsed Oz in April ahead of a crowded Republican primary, saying the decision was “all about winning elections.”

Seventeen out of twenty five isn’t necessarily terrible, except that it was obvious well in the past that Orange Faggot was simply endorsing people who had a good chance to win, with no thought to their political beliefs. We’ll get to this later, but it’d be a bit like me personally endorsing the Democrat in California, or the Republican in Utah or Wyoming. But we’ll get there later.

As for the creatures he endorsed, none show off how morally bankrupt Trump is than Doc Oz. This is a man who is one of the earliest promoters of child trannies. If you haven’t seen this video, please do, and understand that this is from 2010.

He’s a disgusting piece of garbage, and yet Blormph endorsed him. But then he lost anyway. So Orange Faggot threw away his credibility with his base in order to also throw away his credibility as some sort of kingmaker.

On the House side, Trump-endorsed candidates broadly performed well: 141 of the 162 endorsed candidates had been deemed election winners by AP as of Wednesday afternoon.

But the track record of how pivotal his endorsement was in closer contests is much worse. 

This cycle, Trump did not widely endorse candidates in highly competitive races. Of the 187 congressional candidates he endorsed in the general election, only eight Senate and 16 House districts were rated as lean or tossup by CPR.

Among those 16 House endorsees, only two have so far won election, according to AP race calls: Republicans Anna Paulina Luna in Florida and incumbent Ashley Hinson in Iowa, both of whose races leaned Republican. Eight others lost their elections, six of which were in tossup races and the other two of which leaned Democratic.

Among those 16 House endorsees, only two have so far won election, according to AP race calls: Republicans Anna Paulina Luna in Florida and incumbent Ashley Hinson in Iowa, both of whose races leaned Republican. Eight others lost their elections, six of which were in tossup races and the other two of which leaned Democratic.

In other words, all evidence points to Trump’s endorsement being a net negative for the candidates involved. This isn’t my opinion, it’s just the facts, and as shitty as the Republican Establishment is, they’re not wrong when they say that Blormph is a liability.

The Hill:

Conservative pundit Meghan McCain says that Tuesday’s disappointing midterm election results for Republicans might have put the “final nail in the coffin” for former President Trump’s political career. 

In an op-ed published by the Daily Mail Wednesday, McCain, a former panelist on ABC’s daytime talk show “The View,” wrote that Republicans “are waking up this morning outraged and confused” because the GOP has so far failed to gain majority control of the House and Senate despite “the highest inflation rate in decades, crime that is “up everywhere” and President Biden’s low approval ratings.

McCain said that the candidates Trump chose to endorse in the midterm cycle did not deliver in their races, adding that the hyped-up “red wave” push from the party will go down as a “giant warning sign” that Trump isn’t the future for the party. 

“There is a simple and easy conclusion to draw from this. Trump’s MAGA is cancer and it is killing my party. And this should be the final nail in his coffin,” wrote McCain, who has slammed Trump in the past over his attacks on her father, the late Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.). 

“President Trump is no kingmaker, in fact, he is the opposite. He seems to have a knack for picking losing candidates.” 

Of course, Gorland Blormph is not what stopped the Republicans from running strong anti-crime races, that would be their (((donors))). It would be kind of weirdly funny to me if the Republican Establishment manages to make that narrative stick though. If they can pass off to their voters that Blormph is presenting them from being tougher on crime, that would be a stroke of political genius. And hey, it’s not even that farfetched. Remember that time he let out a bunch of crack dealers when literally no one who voted for him wanted that?

Remember that time this faggot stabbed his most ardent supporters in the back when they went to the capital after he literally said “and I’ll be there with you.”

It was one thing when Blormph was still pretending to be some sort of maverick Republican Party outsider who was bullying the establishment cucks. But the problem with that is he’s burned so many different groups of energized people, from White Nationalists, to Boomer Patriots, that he’s doesn’t have any actual organic base anymore. What little he did have, he burned away after endorsing a literal child tranny promoter.

So then of course Blormph can fall back on being a kingmaker, except his track record there is objectively terrible. He’s batting somewhere around .200, and people don’t give a shit anymore. No one wants this clown, from the Republican Establishment to the average everyday decent people who once supported him. It’s over. He’s done. And if he ever makes a serious play for Ron DeSantis, the chosen cucklet, all they need to is bring up him endorsing the child tranny candidate, and that’ll be that.

Good riddance.

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  1. YOU are lying. Trump didn’t have J6 people arrested. That was Piglosi and her band of police thugs and the crooked FBI who did their treasonous act of bait ’em and nail ’em!

    And when the choices between two terrible candidates in PA elections he picked the lesser of two evils. Neanderthal Fetterman vs Oz. The choice between them was obvious in his picking Oz.

    The election results still came down to stolen votes and voter machine rigging just like in 2020.

    1. Of course it´s the evil DEMONrats that are destroying america. This time Trump is for real and fix everything. He just needs for more years and everything will be fine. Trust the plan, goys!!!

    2. Hail sister Phyllis.

    3. You piece of garbage, you support a muslim brown over a white man.

    4. I live in Pennsylvania, and I between the Dune Coon and the Tumour – I wrote in a vote for my cat . The “win” of the Tumor and his brain damaged illegal orc wife is hilarious. It pretty much sums up the state of Murka.

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