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Last night, Sam Bankman-Fried DMed me [Bloomberg journalist Kelsey Piper] on Twitter.

That was surprising. I’d spoken to Bankman-Fried via Zoom earlier in the summer when I was working on a profile of him, so I reached out to him via DM on November 13, after news broke that his cryptocurrency exchange had collapsed, with billions in customer deposits apparently gone. I didn’t expect him to respond — typically, people under investigation by both the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of Justice don’t return requests for comment.

This ought to be interesting. Sam Bankman-Fried is a grifting Nose-American, utterly surrounded by other Nose-Americans who are running a system supervised by additional Nose-Americans. But even ignoring that, he himself appears to be a really weird guy with plenty of hangups and insecurities, as evidenced by him paying this YouTube “Influencer” to call him the most generous man ever.

The original video was holocausted by Nas Daily, the creator, but others have reuploaded this video. I say this because there’s a good chance the video might get taken down before you read this. If you can’t see it, just understand that it’s exactly what you’d expect.

There’s also this great excerpt from the debate I mentioned in the last post on this guy. In it we learn that Sam Bankman-Fried, who also wanted the government to regulate crypto in a way that would have removed anonymity, doesn’t appear to understand the point of crypto. I quite enjoyed watching the goy make him squirm on this issue. And keep in mind that he is 100% not arguing for any government oversight that would have prevented him from stealing billions of his customers deposits.

The Jew Sam Bankman-Fried projected this aura of empathy, generosity, and intellect that is totally mismatched with reality. To show that let’s get back to his private messages with this Vox propagandist.

Bankman-Fried, though, apparently wanted to talk. About how FTX and his hedge fund Alameda Research had gambled with customer money without, he claims, realizing that’s what they were doing. About who gets lauded as a hero and who’s the fall guy. About regulators. (“Fuck regulators.”) About what he regrets (“Chapter 11,” the decision to declare bankruptcy) and about what he would have done differently with FTX and Alameda (“more careful accounting + offboard Alameda from FTX once FTX could live on its own”).

Propagandist Kelsey Piper: you were really good at talking about ethics, for someone who kind of saw it all as a game with winners and losers

Sam Bankman-Fried: ya


I had to be

it’s what reputations are made of, to some extent

I feel bad for those who get fucked by it

by this dumb game we woke westerners play where we say all the right shiboleths and so everyone likes us


Oh gawd, these Woke Westerners who are ruining everything. Let’s take a look at some of these horrible Woke Westerners.

I’m just so sick and tired of all these hook-nosed beady eyed Woke Westerners with dual citizenship to Israel. Somebody save me from these Woke Westerners who all take their Woke Cues from Klaus Schwab and the Woke WEF. I don’t think I can take any more Wokeism from these (((fellow westerners))).

Don’t take this the wrong way if you don’t do this, but I can’t stand people who message each other with this butchered English. These aren’t even texts, although they are probably being sent by phone. Even still, there’s no reason to have punctuation like “–“, while not having any capitalization or periods at the end of the sentences. And not every single sentence needs to be its own paragraph.

I bring this up, because this guy was promoted as a boy-genius, and yet he writes like a drooling idiot.

Anyway, here he’s pretending that financial regulation is terrible. This is probably true of the (((financial regulation))) done by living Boatsinker parody (((Gary Gensler))), but he pretends this is some immutable characteristic of the government.

OFAC [Office of Foreign Assets Control] is slowly undermining US interest globally, and is the single biggest threat to the US being a superpower. ESG [Environmental Social, and Governance] has been perverted beyond belief.

First of all, he should have written his statement as I did above, minus the brackets to clue in the audience. Nevertheless, he’s claiming that a small government department that exists to (barely) regulate international finance criminals is singlehandedly responsible for removing the US’s status as a superpower. This is the worldview of (((fellow woke westerners))).

Why did he quote the “also,” or the “some”?

Der Bankman wasn’t done there. They get into a discussion on ethics, which, while interesting, I won’t reproduce past the “we woke westerners” line that you’ve already seen. We’re skipping ahead to when Der Ewige Bankman explains to us that he never stole anyone’s money. This is so amazing that I’m transcribing it all underneath the screenshot.

Kelsey Piper: You tweeted out some stuff like “we never invest your deposits.” That was BS, right?

SBF: It was factually accurate.

KP: Huh?! But like, their deposits were totally not there? Or do you just mean, technically, it was Almeda.

SBF: FTX. Correct.

Kelsey Piper: So… FTX technically wasn’t gambling with their money, FTX had just loaned their money to Alameda, who had gambled with their money, and lost it? And you didn’t realize it was a big deal because you didn’t realize how much money it was?

Alameda was also owned by SBF, if you don’t get how funny his “well ackshually,” is here. He started a second company just to do this, but he’s saying that, since FTX didn’t steal people’s money, only giving it to Alameda to steal, that this is okay somehow. This is pretty much Baby’s First Talmudry.

SBF: And also thought Alameda had enough collateral to reasonable[sic] cover it.

Kelsey Piper: I get how you could have gotten away with it, but I guess that seems sketchy even if you get away with it.

SBF: It was never my intention. Sometimes life creeps up on you.

Give me a fucking break you Fellow Woke Westerner. It was always this lump of judensoy’s intention to steal money from people. That’s why he had his second corporation. That’s why there was a hidden ability to transfer funds from FTX to Alameda. But no, life just sort of snuck up on him, and he accidentally stole billions of his customers money.

Really makes you wonder how this guy got into MIT. Really gets that noggin’ joggin’.

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  1. just to tie up loose ends, this nas daily is “israeli”

    1. I’ll do you one better, Nas Daily was a Palestinian born in Israel; to get into Harvard, he wrote an essay detailing his experiences as a Palestinian minority in Israel. You would think he cared about his homeland, but of course not. The guy is a non-religious Muslim and married to ‘Alyne’ who is half-Jewish half-Mormon and was divorced when they met. Oy Vey! I’m sure his kike wife won’t divorce rape him.

      1. Of course it’s even worse than I previously thought.

    2. Oh FFS. How could I not have seen this one coming?

  2. “but he pretends this is some immutable characteristic of the government.”
    I would argue that it is a characteristic of a zionist occupied government.
    Either this long nosed oxygen thief is rubbing it in our faces that his fellow tribesmen are running white countries into the dirt on purpose, or he’s one of those dumbfuck jews who is fucking things up for the rest of his decrepit race through his inept bumbling.
    My money is on it being the latter. I’m calling it now – SBF is going to get Epstein’d.

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