When we left off five days ago, the Twitter Tardfight had taken the form of the shitlibs whining that Twatter would die without censorship, while Elon Musk was not actually removing any of the censorship. The entire thing bored me so much that I didn’t bother covering anything since then, so we have a bit to catch up on.

First up, E. Michael Jones is back on Twatter, and tweeted out this pretty great video above announcing his return. I don’t know if he used a video template of sorts, but I’ve never seen anything like that specifically. Either way, the guy’s seventy four years old. You’d expect a brief “feels good to be back,” post and that’d be that.

Jones being let back on is a great sign.

In my last piece I pushed back on the ridiculous notion that Twatter was somehow dying. It’s the winner of a winner take all market, it’s not going anywhere. The only way Twatter could die is if a competitor site sprung up with tons of money and celebrity support behind it, which let it cross the critical mass threshold whereupon it would be the biggest thing that people’s friends are on, necessitating them leaving as well. After all, Twatter is not a tech company, it’s a shitty website that, through networking effects, is in a winner take all market.

Musk tweets out confirmation of what everyone with a brain already knew. The less censorship on the platform, the more people want to be on it. While it’s true that (((advertisers))) may try to starve the corporation out – and for a great look at some of these advertisers go here – the people want a free public forum. Musk can probably figure out some way to monetize such a large userbase, should his advertiser donations dry up.

Musk is rightly dunking on the absurd propaganda from the WMD Liars that Twatter was going to die because the common man was once again allowed a voice. Although it is highly questionable how important the voice of the common man is to Elon Musk, since he’s putting out tweets like this.

I’m smelling brimstone and gefilte fish right now. Is it just me?

Yoel Roth left the company two weeks ago, but it’s quite discouraging to see Elon “nuke Mars” Musk accepting the premise that Twatter is not a place for “hate speech,” a nebulously defined term that is all too often defined by the Yoel Roth’s of the world.

On a more positive note, the African-American named Elon put out a tweet asking the plebs if they want amnesty for suspended accounts, barring their speech explicitly breaking laws. Of the 2.5 million votes, almost three quarters voted yes for a complete amnesty. And that’s despite many of the people who would be voting already being censored off the platform. You can still vote on that poll if you have twatter, so please do.

While the response was overwhelmingly positive, there were some detractors.


Interestingly, a few days prior Musk tweeted out a poll asking if Orange Faggot should be allowed back on.

The answer was only barely yes, and Musk used this to bring the Orange Faggot back. This is interesting for two reasons. First, if 52% support was enough to bring The King Of Israel back, then surely 73% support should be enough to bring actual cool people back. Second, it’s interesting to see how flat out done people are with Orange Fag. People have moved past the time waster that is Orange Zionist and have gone back to just wanting policy directly.

Also, it’s not worth its own piece, but Musk found a closet with “Stay Woke” merchandising at Twatter HQ. He posted the following video.

All in all it’s a mixed bag, as is everything with this mostly fraudulent fake genius with a tranny son. If he really wanted to destroy the ADL and the advertisers they’re organizing he’d hit back at them in a much different way.

Justice Report:

Twitter has begun to thoroughly crack down on the proliferation of child sexual abuse material (CSAM) across its worldwide platform, and some believe it has everything to do with the rise of its new owner, Elon Musk, and the departure of ex-Trust and Safety czar, Yoel Roth.

First reported in a lengthy Twitter thread by the self-described human-trafficking advocate and one-time survivor, Eliza Bleu, Twitter has updated its tweet reporting system, making it easier than ever for users to report indecent and grotesque acts of CSAM being openly peddled on its platform for years.

Often hidden behind secret hashtags and uploaded by internet pedophiles, Eliza Blue claims that three of the largest of such hashtags have successfully been removed from the platform, paving the way for a safer, more secure online community.

The Justice Report piece is, as always, excellent and they go into great detail documenting the insane CSAM that Twatter has allowed for years. Now, we know for a fact that Balenciaga, and their parent corporation Kerning, have used the sexualization of toddlers in their advertising. We also know that their CEO, Francois Henri-Pinault, received a once in a decade buttgoy award from none other than the ADL. And we know that they were so assblasted at Musk that they pulled out of Twatter on November 14th. We also know that they dropped Kanye West for being an uppity goy.

As always, ignore the “2 days ago.”

If Elon Musk was serious, he’d be swinging hard against Balenciaga, Kerning, and the ADL by pointing out that his boycotters are disgusting pedos who were fine with Twatter being a haven for Child Sexual Abuse Material. And that this is not because they are an apolitical corporation that solely exists to make money, since they undoubtedly lost money by dropping Kanye West as a brand ambassador, just like Adidas undoubtedly lost money by dropping their Yeazy shoes, which was their most profitable product.

But while the removal of a large swath of offensive CSAM is being celebrated in the public space, the question remains as to who is ultimately responsible for the purge. Many people, Bleu included, have taken to applauding the new CEO of Twitter, Elon Musk, who ascended to the position with some controversy after acquiring the social media company in October.

Even Musk himself seems to affirm the narrative, having come out in defense of children and those who would use his new acquisition to prey upon them. When Twitter user, EvaFoxU tweeted “Elon Musk has begun addressing the issue of posting child sexual exploitation content on Twitter after years of the platform’s inactivity on the subject under past management,” Musk himself replied, “(It is) Priority #1.

Elon Musk has the biggest bully pulpit in the world, and he could be absolutely hammering his enemies right now over and over again. If he were serious, and he’s not, he could be destroy the credibility of the ADL in the eyes of the entire world. They are a disgusting cabal of jew supremacists who were founded to get a Jew who raped and murdered a thirteen year old White Child out without punishment. They are just as disgusting now as they always have been, and recent events has made this abundantly clear. Or at least could make this abundantly clear, if Elon Musk wasn’t a faggot with a tranny son. But hey, he makes sink puns that he carries around a sink just to set up. So there’s that I guess.

Cheering for Elon Musk to just let everyone back on twatter is like cheering for prime Mike Tyson versus a skinny fat Jew who probably looks like Sam Bankman-Fried, only Tyson is retarded. I don’t mean that in the “retard strength” way, I mean functionally retarded to the point where he’s just flailing around randomly. And maybe blind to boot.

His opponent, the skinnyfat soy-jew, is nevertheless landing blows on him that he could easily parry and counterpunch. You have to watch, because even retarded and blind Tyson is a dangerous opponent, but you’ve got a grimace on your face the entire time. He just has to swing at his face and it’s over, but the best he’s done is punching his kneecap really hard, which hurt both of them.

It’s like that, but also if there were serious political outcomes on the line.

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