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Well, that lasted long, didn’t it? Just weeks after Elon Musk took control of Twitter, it looks like the social media service is about to kick the bucket.

I don’t think I’ve ever been more annoyed by a story. On one hand, Elon Musk is a complete faggot and fraud. On the other, the people attacking him are truly insufferable. It’s a TardFight for the ages.

Ever since the world’s richest man was linked to buying Twitter, there have been raised eyebrows about what he would do to the once free platform of speech.

JFC. Twatter is censorship central, and has been for a half decade. Also, “platform of speech” is a stupid and clunky term.

Apparently, that involved monetisation as a way to claw back his $44 million.

Following the botched rollout of Twitter verification (and its $8 price tag), we’ve had wrongful impersonations and ultimatums. After Musk gave Twitter staff the chance to pledge their allegiance or take severance, it sounds like most have taken the latter.

The New York Times has confirmed that “resignations roll” at Twitter HQ. Musk gave staff until yesterday (November 17) to sign up for his vision “to build a breakthrough Twitter 2.0” or hand in their notice.

Apparently, hundreds of employees handed their notice in ahead of the 5pm ET deadline, while staff were later told Twitter was closing its office building and disabling their badges until Monday.

Around the globe, #RIPTwitter is trending. Users are sharing links to alternate platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and the newcomer called Mastodon. While it remains to be seen whether Twitter is actually done for, it’s not looking good.

Twitter is out for blood. Now that Twitter no longer has a communications department, the company and Musk haven’t responded to requests for comment. Still, Musk rattled cages when he posted a joke tweet about how much he paid for Twitter.

Well well well. Elon managed to do something that wasn’t completely fucking gay. Cutting entire departments is a great way to oven an entrenched bureaucracy quickly. If it’s needed, you can always reform the department with your people.

But let’s skip ahead to see how many people Musk has gotten rid of.

Musk had already fired half of the 7,500 Twitter workforce, and now, predictions suggest that around 88% of those who work(ed) for Twitter will be out of the door by the time the week is out. Twitter’s San Francisco HQ went in hard, projecting messages that called Musk an “insecure colonizer,” “worthless billionaire,” and “space Karen.”

Yeah, they really did that.

Not exactly how I would go about endearing myself to anyone else.

We’re not sure where we go from here, but until then, enjoy the memes. People have been comparing Twitter’s demise to that of the Titanic. Mr. Musk, will you please turn the light off on your way out?

This faggot “journalist,” is far from the only insufferable clown making the argument that twatter is doomed without the tranissaries drawing a paycheque.

Having said that, I did find this one post which was pretty funny.

I thought it was fake, but no.

I feel like this sums up the Elon Musk Experience. The man too incompetent to simply fire all the twatter parasites without needing to thank a Cohen for saving him from his own stupidity. Oh and he made sure to give them an extra six weeks of severance, just cause.

Nevertheless, the other side of the kosher sandwich is intolerable and completely out of touch with reality. Twatter had almost exactly 7,500 employees. Musk fired half of them, and now they’re projected to retain just a bit more than 10% of the original headcount. Let’s call it 1,000 employees. They’d be totally fine with a tiny fraction of that. Imagine thinking your company is going down the tubes because this soyboy is no longer working for you.

The video is getting ratio’d, and the comments are excellent.

Look at this as a permanent shadowban.

Twatter is the best example of “they’re not tech companies,” going. It’s literally just a shitty website in a winner take all market. I have no idea what twatter looked like when it was founded, but ever since I’ve been paying attention to politics, which started roughly in 2015, the site has been functionally identical, just with more censorship. These people pretend they’ve got some sort of mammoth project going on here, when in reality they don’t do anything of any consequence.

There are plenty of UI features that Twatter could add that would enormously add value. No one really cares right now, because mass censorship is far more important, but I could easily see them adding certain tabs or customizable suggested bars on the side. Take the “What’s Happening,” bar and make it actually useful. Maybe have multiple tweet streams. A bar with a “see your favourite tweeters,” on the side could be nice.

This is not to say the the site is terrible, it’s just extremely simple. So what have those thousands of people been doing for the past decade?

Absolutely nothing. As for Elon himself…

He continues to be entirely homosexual.

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  1. now its not just “hate” tweets, but also “negative” tweets – wtf is this? what is a negative tweet? anyway, looking on the bright side, maybe non-abusive tweets dissecting the lolocaust and other jew tricks may sneak through, who knows?

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