Elon Musk has, up until this point, been mostly a mediocre disappointment. However, he did promise to bring back everyone who was censored, aside from spam or illegal speech, starting this week. That should have started on Monday, and it appears that it has. Myself I downloaded and listened to the latest TRS late last night, and about halfway through Svenjeet and Alex McNabb realized that they had their twatters back. I laid out a worst case scenario, and him giving us our accounts back only to immediately turn around and censor us again was a distinct possibility.

But it appears that has not happened.

Sven is alive and well.

And our favourite queer psychiatrist and home barista is back in action. Also, some bike fag I know nothing about is on twatter again. No idea who that guy is supposed to be but he keeps going on about his transformers collection and throwing shade at drivers and weightlifters. Weird.

Mike Enoch is still censored, to the best of everyone’s knowledge. I don’t even think the above is his original account, but I can’t find the exact name of that one. I will say that our twitter account is still up.

Musk did promise that it would be a process, which is believable. A lot of oven’d accounts were closed due to spam. In fact, my old twitter account was censored due to spam, which was ridiculous. Sorting through which ones were censored for political reasons, and which accounts were censored for apolitical reasons could well take time. It could also be that Mr. Musk is hedging his bets, and doesn’t want the Chairman to be there on his site. We’ll wait and see.


Assuming this is the correct account.

Warren Balogh appears to have an account, although his most recent one is still censored. Tony Hovater’s most recent account is gone, as is Jazzhands. I think I’ve seen Spectre on there, but either I didn’t follow, or he got shoah’d again. Emily Youcis is also not present.

Again, I’ll be updating as we go.

UPDATE: The title picture for this piece is from “Dept. of Public Enlightenment,” on twatter. Give him a follow because he’s great.

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