The Musk saga has been mostly mediocre thus far. It’s been fun at times, but my excitement for New System Approved Populist has been muted. I’ve had a hard time buying into the Elon Musk experience, and he’s consistently let me down. After all, he did a poll asking for Trump to be reinstated that received far fewer positive responses than the poll that asked for everyone to be given amnesty. Despite this, I had little faith he would actually grant everyone said amnesty. I said the following at the end of my last piece.

Cheering for Elon Musk to just let everyone back on twatter is like cheering for prime Mike Tyson versus a skinny fat Jew who probably looks like Sam Bankman-Fried, only Tyson is retarded. I don’t mean that in the “retard strength” way, I mean functionally retarded to the point where he’s just flailing around randomly. And maybe blind to boot.

His opponent, the skinnyfat soy-jew, is nevertheless landing blows on him that he could easily parry and counterpunch. You have to watch, because even retarded and blind Tyson is a dangerous opponent, but you’ve got a grimace on your face the entire time. He just has to swing at his face and it’s over, but the best he’s done is punching his kneecap really hard, which hurt both of them.

It’s like that, but also if there were serious political outcomes on the line.

In order to let us all back on Twatter all Musk needed to do was just… let us back on Twatter. Nothing outrageous needed to be done, he completely owns the site. But as they said on TRS, Musk purchased Twatter for $44 billion only to find out it’s still owned by the ADL.

But perhaps I was wrong, because Mr. Musk claims that he’ll be giving us all back our accounts as soon as Monday. As can be expected, NPC’s are positively furious.

Thanks to BANG user Mike Enoch Cat for finding this.

Only this time I’m really enjoying the seething. It’s one thing when it’s these awful antifa types assblasted at Mitch McConnell and the GOP for pretending to do something on abortion. It’s another thing entirely when these people are seething over Moike Enoch and David Duke being given a voice once again.

Elon Musk is still a fraud with a tranny son. Having said that, this will be an extremely important victory for us. Telegram is good, Poast is solid, but Twatter is, for better or for worse, the public square. My prediction for all this is that Musk is going to let everyone back on. But considering that he’s bragging about catching more “hate speech,” he’s going to continue banning uppity goys at the behest of the ADL, even though that’s the group that’s organizing advertiser boycotts against him.

The number one thing to do if Musk actually follows through and lets us all back on is to bully him into making it clear that no one will be censored outside of pushing clear and obvious spam, legally unprotected speech, and other things such as pornography. If we could get that, the game would be irrevocably changed.

Remember, the free speech argument for free speech, that unpopular speech deserves to be protected, is false. We are not censored because what we say is unpopular, we are censored because what we say is popular. Nobody is going to choose Mitch McConnell or Nancy Pelosi over a legitimate populist with a voice and a platform.

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