I’m starting off with the potentially mentally unstable Riley June Williams, since it’s up for debate how this woman should have been treated.

Justice Gov:

WASHINGTON – A Pennsylvania woman was found guilty in the District of Columbia today of felony and misdemeanor charges for her actions during the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol breach. Her actions and the actions of others disrupted a joint session of the U.S. Congress convened to ascertain and count the electoral votes related to the presidential election.

Riley June Williams, 23, of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was found guilty after a trial in U.S. District Court of interfering with law enforcement officers during a civil disorder, and resisting or impeding law enforcement officers, both felonies, as well as four related misdemeanor offenses. The jury was unable to reach a verdict on two other charges, including obstruction of an official proceeding and aiding and abetting in the theft of government property.

Riley June Williams was briefly famous for the above shot, as well as stealing Nancy Pelosi’s laptop. Of course the two things have little to do with one another. The above picture is not her from Jan 6th, 2021, although I have to say that the combination of glasses, rifle, and a skull mask is a visual aphrodisiac on par with little else. Ladies, this is a respectable spring look. 

The jury not finding her guilty of “obstruction of an official proceeding” is highly relevant to the Secor case, which we’ll get to next. Secor had charges stacked against him, and took a plea deal accepting only the obstruction charge, which is obvious garbage considering that he did far less than Riley Williams and she wasn’t convicted of that charge. 


Prosecutors described Williams as a “Groyper” — a term for acolytes of white nationalist Nick Fuentes, who spent weeks prodding listeners to his podcast to oppose the transfer of power to Joe Biden. Williams wore an “I’m with Groyper” shirt during the Jan. 6 riot and sent Groyper-associated memes to her friends mocking Democrats for cowering amid the violence at the Capitol. One of Williams’ ex-boyfriends testified during the trial that she had become obsessed with Fuentes’ podcast in the weeks leading up to Jan. 6.

Riley June Williams was found guilty of two unserious crimes and four misdemeanors. Theoretically she shouldn’t be getting too much punishment for this. But we’ll see with Christian Secor below that sentencing for these kinds of crimes can be entirely arbitrary and ridiculous.

The groypers made sure to completely disavow her, and even spread lies that she was a porn whore with a negro boyfriend. I can’t find any evidence to support this, and nowadays they support Kanye “where da HuWhyte Womxyn at” West. The girl also went to the capital with her father, not an entourage of aspiring rappers.

All evidence points to her being someone who naively took Fuentes and the Grift The Steal movement seriously, thought her country was being stolen, and had been agitated to do something about it by these grifting e-boys and Gorland Blormph himself. She’s also got this “bad optics,” picture that any normal person thinks is cute and funny, because cute girls doing hardcore political LARPs will always be adorable.

But remember, someone doing an ironic heil Hitler pic in a cute dress is terrible. We in the Good Optics Incel Club can never have anyone praise Hitler. To do that is –

Has the TradCatboi Mestizo HuWhyte Supreemacist Child Saviour of the White Race commented on her?

Of course not, because the catboi cult always has some excuse as to why they should break solidarity with the oppressed. But hey, that’s just one girl, so maybe that’s a one time thing. Let’s see how the Alt-Republicans are treating Christian Secor.

Law and Crime:

A pro-Donald Trump former UCLA student who admittedly breached the Capitol on Jan. 6 to obstruct the congressional certification of Joe Biden’s 2020 election win was sentenced to three and a half years in prison.

Christian Secor, 24, of Costa Mesa, California, was sentenced Wednesday in the courtroom of U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden, a Trump-appointed judge who has handled many Jan. 6 cases and acquitted some defendants at bench trials. Secor didn’t get a bench trial or any trial because he pleaded guilty to the obstruction felony back in May.

Defense attorney Brandi Harden argued in the defense’s sentencing memorandum that Secor’s “participation was minimal, short lived, and included no violence.” She said her client will “forever regret” his choice to enter the Capitol.

“He joined the crowd without a plan and without any understanding of what was about to unfold,” the lawyer said.

Christian Secor’s crime was going to the Capitol Building and walking around for a while. 

The prosecution did the classic bit of stacking charges against him, no matter how ridiculous, and then letting him plea guilty to one lesser charge. Again, this was the charge that Riley June Williams got off from, despite doing far more. I won’t say “despite doing worse,” since Secor did nothing wrong, but Williams was literally encouraging people to steal Nancy Pelosi’s laptop.

The Trump appointed judge, Trevor McFadden, then decided to sentence him to a penalty multiple times longer than the recommended sentence. The Main Street Tribune’s reporting on this was the best, but I wanted to have multiple sources on this to show how absurd and enraging this all is.

Main Street Tribune:

[Prior to his sentencing at his bond hearing]

The court ordered the young man to be held in detention pending trial. In and around February 2021, Christian would then spend 40 consecutive days in solitary confinement, sealed off from the outside world in a dungeon where he was denied basic toiletries like razors. His beard grew long and he had little contact with other people.

Following the physically and psychologically challenging experience, Secor was finally granted a draconian bond of $300,000 and house arrest for his political crimes, a pre-trial punishment that in today’s America is usually reserved for rapists and murderers.

Remember, his crime was briefly walking around the Capitol Building while carrying an America First flag. For this he was denied bail under the presumption that he was a danger to society.

During proceedings, McFadden would push back against federal prosecutors who sought to make Secor’s criminal case about his legally owned firearms (he was not armed on January 6th) and his political organizing at UCLA. Christian was the founder of the second national chapter Nick Fuentes’ America First campus group.

The Department of Justice had initially stacked several charges against Secor, including a novel interpretation of “assault on a police officer.” During his protest and entry of the Capitol on January 6th, Christian never made any physical contact with law enforcement.

Federal prosecutors and FBI agents nevertheless menaced Secor during his legal woes. Agents sought information on Nick Fuentes and others he had contact with over the years. They also began threatening to charge his loved ones for procedural crimes if he did not speak to them. The young man held firm and turned down every attempt by the FBI to interview him.

Good for you Mr. Secor.

Eventually, Secor and his legal team agreed to plead guilty to a single count of Obstruction of an Official Proceeding, a non-violent crime, and prayed that the ostensibly conservative judge would sentence this model citizen in a way that actually fit his crime.

Judge Trevor N. McFadden

Well if he’s a conservative then he’s going to stab Christian Secor in the back and twist the knife. On the other hand, if he’s only pretending to be a conservative then maybe Mr. Secor has a shot. Unfortunately, in order to qualify for the position he’s in, methinks it’s a real longshot for this man to be anything other than a pile of filth.

According to federal guidelines, Christian should’ve only been sentenced to 12 to 18 months in prison for his obstruction charge.

Despite all of the legal and mitigating circumstances, Judge McFadden made a sudden reversal on his belief that nonviolent Capitol offenders should be spared serious prison sentences. The judge erupted into a rant at Secor’s hearing about making an “example” of the college student. McFadden went on to state that he was planning to give him 3 and a half years in federal prison the whole time, regardless of the circumstances.

Observers, including Christian’s probation officer who had recommended leniency after watching his good behavior, were taken aback by McFadden’s viciousness.

The judge that spent multiple hearings telling Department of Justice prosecutors that Secor’s criticisms of Zionism, his work as an America First campus activist, or his hobbyist interest in firearms were not relevant to the case was now pointing to these very things as aggravating circumstances meriting his decision to more than double the maximum sentence under established guidelines.

Judge Trevor McFadden

I have had a very similar experience with one of these disgusting cunts. “Justice” Michael Tammen in the Rob Hoogland case went on a fourty five minute rant where he had to contain himself on multiple occasions from screaming. Here’s a quote from this cunt, and keep in mind that he’s dressing down a man who is guilty of breaking a bullshit publication ban in order to save his thirteen year old daughter from permanent sterilization at the hands of child abusers.

No member of the public can decide when, in what circumstances and which court orders to follow. Unless and until successfully appealed, court orders must be obeyed. They are part of the legal fabric of society and, thus, the law. Without the ability to enforce court orders, and if citizens were free to disregard them at will, there would not be democracy but anarchy.

The judge then explicitly said that while the punishment for Hoogland’s crime is supposed to be 45 days, because Hoogland knew about the punishment and did it anyway, this could not be a sufficient punishment for him. Therefore the judge was entitled to sentence him to 160 days, a 3.5x longer sentence than the actual law allowed Tammen to give. This eventually got overturned, but only after Hoogland had spent many weeks at a vicious and dangerous prison usually reserved for violent criminals.

Back to the Mainstreet Tribune.

Assistant US Attorney Kimberly Paschall, who asked for an even steeper punishment, admitted that Secor’s paleo-conservative political ideology and association with Nick Fuentes was the outrageous factor she sought to punish.

Neither the judge nor prosecutor hid the fact that they wanted Christian to suffer for his beliefs, rather than his actions. 

Secor’s family has also been burdened by hefty legal fees. Neither Nick Fuentes, Donald Trump, or anyone affiliated with their groups have offered any kind of solidarity or support for Christian.

But hold on a second, all this guy did was found the second national chapter of the Nick Fuentes’ Anal Faggots campus group. You can’t expect Fuentes to stick up for such an unimportant and lowly character. What is this, a serious political movement now?

Secor with Fuentes

Not only can you not expect Fuentes or Trump to provide material support to their own soldiers when they get nakedly oppressed by the government, you can’t expect them to provide any rhetorical support. The police murdered multiple Jan 6th peaceful protesters, hundreds of them are rotting away in jail, a Trump appointed judge is fucking over one of Fuentes’ top and most productive supporters, and Trump is silent and Fuentes has this to say.

Oh right, absolutely nothing. It’s been two weeks since Secor was sentenced, and still nothing. This is what you get for supporting grifting pieces of shit like Fuentes or Trump. You get sanctimonious cunts sentencing you to jail for almost four years for walking around the Capitol while unarmed. Trump doesn’t care, Fuentes thinks it’s funny, and they’d rather no one ever talk about you again because doing so ruins their grift.

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  1. It’s so strange to me the outrage over jan 6th. Had the protesters chimped out cartel style and raped/skinned every member of congress to death, and killed hundreds of cops and judges and their entire treason benefiting families ect I would still just think “well what do you expect?”.

    Judges, cops, all of them, deserve the worst torture then death. So sick of their shit.

  2. It blows my mind that they actually found proof that one of Nick’s viewers is female.
    It’s equally mind-blowing that said female was not able to successfully mount an insanity defense.
    Are we sure that she’s actually a she?

  3. Meanwhile, I am “noticing” Bankman-Fried wandering around as free as a wandering jew. I hope a lot of other goys are also “noticing.”

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