WASHINGTON, Dec 8 (Reuters) – U.S. basketball star Brittney Griner has been released in a prisoner swap with Russia in exchange for former arms dealer Viktor Bout and was heading back to the United States on Thursday, ending what President Joe Biden called months of “hell” for her and her wife.

I only tangentially wrote about Griner once, because it was so obvious that she really was caught with weed. They didn’t dispute the facts, and she confessed. Also, it’s extremely believable that some basketballer would be caught with weed. No one was surprised. In exchange for this worthless turd, the US released an arms dealer whose life served as the basis for Nicolas Cage’s Lord of War.

Somehow I am shocked and not surprised all at the same time.


In celebrating WNBA star Brittney Griner’s release, President Joe Biden made a point on Thursday to say the prisoner swap was “not a choice” between Griner and Paul Whelan, the American former Marine who is still detained in Russia.

Whelan has spent four years in detention since he was seized in 2018 by Russia’s domestic intelligence agency, the Federal Security Service, while visiting Moscow for a friend’s wedding. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison on espionage charges but the United States and his family say they were fabricated in order to take him as a political bargaining chip.

He said he hopes officials will do everything they can to bring him home, “regardless of the price they may have to pay at this point.”

“My bags are packed. I’m ready to go home. I just need an airplane to come and get me,” Whelan said.

Paul Whelan

They also had a White former marine and schoolteacher who is claiming that he was arrested for no reason to be used as a bargaining chip, and they were like “nah, we need the lesbian Basketball-American pls.” If Paul Whelan was legitimately arrested under false pretenses and is innocent, then they should be fighting for his release. If he’s a spy, which is more likely, then they should still be fighting for his release, because he is an intelligence asset. And remember, he’s been there for four years. But he’s White and not a lesbian, so they figure he can rot. Maybe if he came out as a troon he’d have been deemed worthy of saving.

Christopher Cantwell:

Today marks a release from the Federal Prison system more glorious than my own. Viktor Bout was my next door neighbor in the Communications Management Unit at USP Marion, but tonight he will sleep next to his wife for the first time in more than a decade. He will be home in time to see his daughter marry. 

If you pay attention to the news, you have likely already heard about Viktor Bout, whom the media have dubbed the “Merchant of Death”, and on whom a Nicholas Cage movie, “Lord of War” was loosely based. Viktor ran a shipping company, and for all this talk about him allegedly delivering weapons to various characters around the world, he was not charged for any of these deliveries because they were not illegal. Viktor was not sentenced to 25 years for delivering weapons to anybody. He was caught in a sting operation, with the same rats who set up our other CMU neighbor, another good man named Monzer al-Kassar. To call the setup that Viktor fell into entrapment would be to discredit entrapment. Even the Judge who sentenced him, Shira Scheindlin, knew it was bullshit.

I’d forgotten about Christopher Cantwell since his glorious speech in the Cville trial about a year ago. Then I wrote about him in reference to everyone’s favourite meth midget Andrew Anglin. But just recently he was released from prison and is back out presumably doing his show and definitely updating his site. 

It’s crazy that Cantwell was in such close proximity with this guy while in prison, something he details later on in the piece. However, I will slightly pushback on the narrative he’s building on Viktor Bout. Obviously the feds have zero hesitation with doing entrapment and bullshit interpretations of laws to convict people. We saw that with the Proud Boys in the Gretchen Whitmer case, and a similar story with the Rise Above Movement guys years before the existence of this site. I’m sure if we go back through time we’ll find many more cases of this. I can easily believe that the specific case they nabbed Bout on was manufactured. After all, they got Al Capone on tax evasion.

But that’s actually not the point, because there’s no question that Bout was an arms dealer with a ton of contacts throughout the World, and someone the Russians prized heavily, probably because he’s one of these semi-state actors who can transfer guns and equipment where they need it to go. You would think someone nicknamed the “merchant of death” would require quite a lot in exchange to be released, right? Well ZOG would agree, which is why they got their most prized possession, a lesbian Basketball-American, in return. And not even a good Basketball-American, a female one, I think.

One of the least talked about aspects of the troon lobby is that there are a lot of women who have somewhat masculine features, and yet are not trannies, and the same is true in reverse for men. I’ve read people claiming Griner is a troon online, and some claiming the opposite. Personally I think the latter, because there are pictures of Griner throughout her life where she is clearly a female with low sexual dymorphism. 

I feel comfortable saying that she’s a woman. Comfort may be the wrong word. I would strongly bet that she’s a woman, and maybe she just went a little crazy on the PED’s and it changed her face. The lack of titties is concerning, but there are some women who are flat chested.

Whatever the case, she’s a confirmed Lesbian and basketball “star,” to the extent that anyone watches the WNBA. Because of that she was prized as an even trade with a fucking international arms smuggler. And not just any international arms smuggler, arguably the most infamous one ever.

I really can’t satirize this other than to belabour the point. She plays basketball, is Black, and eats pussy. The people in charge of the US government decided that this is the equivalence in value to a nation as a guy who transfers huge quantities of weapons to various groups and has a meaningful impact on the various power struggles throughout the World. Viktor Bout can change the outcome of wars, or at least could in the past. Britney Griner plays basketball well for a woman, smokes weed, and knows what pussy takes like. That’s what she brings to the table. Oh sure, there’s a CIA spy named Whelan rotting away, but he’s not as strategically valuable of an asset as the pussy licking quasi-troon basketball mulatto.

When Griner was sentenced Striker congratulated Russia, saying that she would serve as a useful bargaining chip for serious assets. It made sense to me at the time, but even I could not have predicted this. But I guess all’s well that ends well. Viktor Bout and Britney Griner both get to return to their loving wives.

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  1. “ I pray, and I mean this literally, not as a metaphor, that America can get its act together and make peace with a strong and stable Russian Federation. China is not interested in multipolarity, but in a Chinese led unipolar world order that will rival America in its brutality and deceptiveness without any of the good intentions. An American Russian alliance is the means by which this outcome is prevented, and it can only be accomplished if the US Government treats the Russian Federation with the respect it deserves as a peer nation.”

    I’ve heard similar takes from nick fuentes in the past… I’m a little bit worried that this man spent too much time in prison watching Tucker Carlson.

  2. I’m a dude and her nipples look like mine, in terms of size and shape, I’ve dated itty bitty tittie girls, even ones involved with the IBTC, they still have the female looking nipples. So idk. I think she may be a woman but that’s strange.

  3. I don’t know what that Hinder Grinder is, but it is way more male than female.

    Everything about it, the bone structure in the face, etc – that is something that got plenty of testosterone in the formative years…but HOLY FARG who could possibly care about “it” or womans NBA which I wish I never knew existed – after today my wish is dashed… oh I believe in yesterday.

    Speaking of which, I cannot stress enough that anyone born after say 1982 – Has NO IDEA How america was before then – and their entire childhood was regulated, brain-policed – in fact america is UNRECOGNIZABLE now and their childhood was stolen.

    “You could be like me, and that’s free, but now your chains are on…still your chains are on…” (Ronnie James Dio) – Dio had a good collection of Nazi memorabilia by the way, Ozzie got tired of his and sold it to him.

  4. Poor Paul Whelan – now finds out where he ranks in Western society. He just might want to stay in Mother Russia after his term.

    1. he chose the wrong side – he was a willing tool of globohomoshlomo, and can rot there as far as i’m concerned – this is not a game, and in earlier times he would already have been shot

  5. […] Russia Gets Famous Arms Dealer Released in Exchange for Weed Smoking Lesbian WNBA Player […]

  6. The US government has inadvertently handed the Russians a pretty potent recruiting tool. “We did want to release you in the prisoner exchange, but Mr. Biden insisted that we release that dope smoking chimp instead. Do you still love your country, (insert name of political prisoner)?”

    1. That’s a fantastic point. The demoralization of the intelligence community over this has to be immense.

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