Tonight at 9PM EST, or 6PM PST, I will be appearing on John Fashcroft’s “The Eagle’s Nest,” show, alongside regular cohost Aquila. I can’t speak for any other guests, but it’s been hinted that Mr White Tuber, who you can find here, will be on the show, albeit unconfirmed. If you’ve seen his show before you know it’s not going to be a rigidly structured interview, but I’ll be going over my personal history, before we get to a little Jordan Peterson roasting and whatever else takes our fancy. That’s always fun.

Join us for that tonight, and then tomorrow night get ready for Kvetch Game at the same time, 9PM EST, 6PM PST. I’ve already been on Kvetchgame a few times. Coincidentally Mr White  Tuber has as well, although we’ve never been guests before.

The format for the show is essentially Ad Libs for Natzees. A statement like: 

There I was, minding my business at the local Flamers, when all of a sudden I saw ______

The guests give our answers privately, the audience gives their answers publicly, and then we kvetch and whine until we can pretend that the two answers have something to do with each other. It’s a good time. 

Remember, Eagles Nest tonight, Kvetchgame tomorrow

UPDATE: I had to back out of Kvetchgame due to a long planned family event that I had forgotten about. But you can watch my Eagle’s Nest appearance here.

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  1. I enjoyed the eagles nest podcast so far I’m about an hour in. Keep up the good work!

  2. Is there an archived version of this or was it only live? I can’t get it to load. Thx for the great work on the site

    1. Not that I know of. Odysee can be really hit or miss that way. There is this excerpt on YouTube of us making fun of Juden Peterstein.

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