In other grift-right news, Juden Peterstein is currently undergoing yet another meltdown.

The above was from about a week ago. Then he did the Bibi Netanyahu softball interview, and now he’s melting down again. He used to go longer in between schizo episodes, but the commentary from his fellating of Bibi Netanyahu pushed him into a low testosterone sperg rage that has not yet abated.

Juden Peterstein is a man who got so fucked up in so many different ways that he had to go to a Russian rehab center because none of the stateside ones could put Humpty Dumpty’s fragile penis washing id back together again. His daughter is a divorced megawhore with a fad diet who I’m shocked isn’t on OnlyFans. Him calling others “utterly pathetic,” is just him talking to himself and other people thinking he’s speaking to them.

Actually, that’s what he’s been doing his entire career, something John Fashcroft pointed out to me on my Eagle’s Nest appearance. This is a guy who helps “you” get over drug addiction and then goes to rehab for his benzos while flying on xanax. Or talks about overcoming narcissism, and then brags about making lots of money with the Daily Wire. And as for cleaning your room… 

What more needs to be said? Jordan Peterson has made a career out of giving Jordan Peterson advice and then not succeeding.

He follows up failing his own self-help advice by being, as Aquila put in on said Eagle’s Nest appearance “a sophist who is paid to argue any position,” and right now he’s getting big bucks from Schlomo. His crusade, or in his case jewhad, against the anons is continuing on twatter.

“The anons roasting me are dark triad psychopaths.” – Low testosterone Kermit The Frog impersonator.

I was going to write a long response to this, but the memes get the job done.

Moike and Warren said on the latest Warren Report that Jordan Peterson is just a guy with a substance abuse problem who got himself on a self-help grift that grew into something far beyond his greatest ambitions.

Or maybe they were quoting someone else. I’m not sure. What is sure is that Mr. Peterstein having a full blown freakout and is visibly angry online.

Since his meltdowns are now happening weekly I think at this point they’ll just happening pretty much constantly from this point onwards.

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  1. I kinda hope his meltdown ends up being a series similar to the Fuentes or Daily stormer series.

    1. That’s not a terrible idea. Peterson is far more politically relevant, even if he’s completely intolerable to me. I’ll check out KiwiFarms and work my way through the backlog of pompous xanax-fueled pseudo intellectual dipshittery that is Juden Peterstein.

  2. He’s probably gonna kill himself

  3. He is very entertaining in a hilarious way. If I had a Twitter account I’d definitely be trolling his account to provoke a response from him. Funny stuff for sure.

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