Remember Yoel Roth? He was the homosexual Jew in charge of censorship over at the twatters. We all thought him being removed in the middle of November was a positive sign. Maybe now someone could do something about the CSAM rampant on that site.

Well three weeks after Justice Report broke the story of this disgusting pervert allowing CSAM on the site Elon Musk has finally gotten in on the action.

Musk goes on to tweet about the guy’s PhD thesis, something that absolutely no one knew about until just yesterday. Trust me, no one knew about this. Not one person knew until yesterday that Yoel Roth’s PhD thesis promoted statutory gay rape. 

Luckily, the thin skinned kippah licking LOLcow named Elon rides in to our rescue. Oh sure, he was calling Yoel Roth a good guy who had his full support and trust back when we were talking about him literally allowing CSAM on the site. But Elon Musk is juts a small indie capitalist. He doesn’t have the resources that the well funded political machine of random people on the internet who found out about this easily.

Okay, Elon. I guess he’s got to build back his fraudulent image as a brave man courageously fighting against censorship. It really took a hit after he censored Kanye West for a windmill of peace.

But it’s okay Elon, because nobody knew that Roth was a pedo until that girl just yesterday.

Absolutely no one. Not a soul. Not even a –

Oh right, sorry. His PhD thesis was all about how he wanted underage rentboys to statutorily rape, and we found out about it on November 22nd. So I guess the people who Musk censored knew about it for weeks, but not Musk himself. How strange.

I guess that’s just the kind of thing that you overlook when you’re a totes for realzies genius and definitely not just a faggot who had an ultra rich daddy who owned a diamond mine. I personally might wonder if the insanely anti-White fag who literally made “groomer” a bannable term on twatter while not doing anything about CSAM has some skeletons in his closet. But to look up publicly available information like his PhD thesis? You might do that before dropping $44 billion on twatter. Hell, you might do that just cause. But GeNIuS eLOn MuSK is too intelligent to bother with something so trivial. The man has to lose $44 billion on twatter just so he can get bitchslapped by the ADL, and he doesn’t have time for trivial little details like “let’s make sure the guy in charge of censorship isn’t a literal pedophile”. 

It does put into perspective how utterly disgusting the (((ADL))) lead advertiser boycott of Musk/Twitter is though. These people are disgusting child abuse enjoyers, as we saw with the Balenciaga Saga – not coincidentally one of the boycotters and loved by the ADL – and everybody hates them. If Musk were serious he’d be throwing this in their face hard. But if Musk were serious he wouldn’t have sold his payment processor, would have banned the ADL, and wouldn’t have banned Kanye West or the NJP. It’s long past time to do anything but turn the guns on this LOLcow.

And just to reiterate how new twatter is just old twatter, I got the following two comments on one of my posts. The first is quite clever, but the second is “highly offensive comment”. Let’s take a looksie and find out what sort of TOTAL MEGADEATH Satan Worship we’ll uncover.

It’s a guy saying “literal LOL. Nice!” And no, you still can’t edit tweets. It has always been this and nothing else.

Elon Musk is a complete and utter faggot who is somehow even more of a disappointment than Trump. Or maybe he’s just too much of a pussy to keep the grift going any longer. Either way I’m kind of happy, because his apolitical business ventures are ghey bullshit as well and it made me feel dirty being tied to this guy politically.

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