It’s been a long time since Elon Musk trooned out and banned Kanye West. A full twenty days by my counting. They also banned the NJP account just after. Sven got banned, Moike still hasn’t been let on, Randbot was banned. It seems like everyone interesting with a large following has been ovened, especially with a connection to the NJP.

We still have our account, although I question how much longer that’s going to last. At the time of the mass censorship under thin skinned LOLcow Elon Musk, I noticed a faint whiff of cheap cologne and a screaming on the wind. As I listened harder I realized it was the sound of a thousand e-boys screaming:

Harvey Weinstein did nothing wrong you Marxist feminazis.

But as I strained harder I realized it was merely one e-boy screaming it a thousand times, each time harder than the last.

Yeah, Andrew Anglin is still on twitter.

I’ll remind you that he used to say that TRS/NJP were feds because they had only been censored off twatter like seven times, but still had their burners up. He also claimed that Juan Fuentes was legit even though he wasn’t censored, so it was never particularly coherent. Now he himself is less censored than the normal sized heteros, so he’s been calling himself a fed and telling everyone to not support him.

By calling himself a fed and telling everyone to not support him I mean he’s been doing nothing of the sort and instead dragging up tweets from literally five years ago in order to really hammer home that Harvey “raping YOUR women goy” Weinstein did nothing wrong. I made fun of him in the title of my piece on the Weinstein conviction, but I didn’t think to actually look at what Anglin wrote about it. Then someone linked to his twatter on BANG and I guess I had to.

I don’t want to rehash my pieces dunking on his unhinged defense of Harvey Weinstein. What I will point out is that he’s sticking to everything that he wrote before, to the point of parody. 

There are some biological failures in the replies, but for the most part even his followers aren’t enjoying his defense of the evil kike rapist Harvey Weinstein. Sort of makes you wonder who he’s doing it for, no?

To give you the quick rundown. First, Anglin claims that Harvey just prostituted White Women. Telling your employees that they need to do sexual favours for you in order to receive employment is illegal, and this is not a new thing. It’s called rape through coercion. Anglin, who is not a lawyer and has zero legal experience aside from grifting $150k off his fans, just pretends there’s some new legal theory that “makes heterosexual sex illegal,” because he is a biological failure who hates White Women and wants to see them raped and abused by kikes.

Anglin, the guy who runs a site called The Daily Stormer, then has the audacity to claim that der ebil neo-natzees were slandering him as a “Weinstein Defender.” Yeah, about that…

“Stop calling me a Weinstein Defender and start supporting me getting him out of prison. It’s what a real natzee would do. Also, fuck you neo-nazis feminazis.”

As a bonus I did find this tweet of his.

Apparently you just have to follow the rules and not get banned from twatter. It’s funny, because everyone who has been banned, after this tweet of Anglin I might add, has faced the same opaque bullshit non-rationale as before Musk bought twitter. But they made the crucial mistake of being serious political actors who weren’t interested in defending Jonathan Greenblatt Harvey Weinstein.

There’s a certain point where you just have to call Anglin a biological failure and move on. 

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  1. I’m amazed he’s still sticking to this losing battle after so many years. He could just ignore it and not say anything and pretend that he never took such a stupid position but I guess that’s if you’re a real tiny size man, then you have no choice but to take positions that are popular with literally no one on the face of this planet (except for maybe the jews on his defense team)

  2. While I don’t agree with everything he says nor the way he says it, I give Anglin credit for addressing the problems caused by the ever-widening role women are playing in society, including in positions of authority, for which I agree they are generally temperamentally unsuited.

    I think Anglin’s complaint about the Weinstein allegations is more about the quality of the evidence — and judging by this latest trial, where jurors found the story of only one of the plaintiffs convincing enough for a conviction (albeit it was purely a ‘he said, she said’ case), he seems to have a point.

    False rape allegations are not all that uncommon — there’s a meme about this: link

    The justice system has been weaponized against Whites; I don’t need to go thru all the recent cases — so believe it or not, I don’t want to concede any kind of abuse carried out under the rubric of ‘justice’, even if the target is a slimy Jew bastard like Weinstein, who no doubt did abuse his power to take advantage of a number of women by cajoling them into having sex in exchange for the promise or prospect of movie roles etc.

    But I acknowledge the legitimate question: When such conduct in an asymmetric relationship rises to the level of a crime?

    1. FFS go read all my pieces on Weinstein. Nobody here is a feminist who thinks there are no false rape accusations.

  3. It has been clear for a number of years that Anglin is a closeted homosexual with a seething hatred of women, especially White women.

  4. “A real nazi would get a convicted Jew rapist out of jail!”

    Does this faggot even read what he’s written before publishing?

  5. The world of neutered Peasants isn’t eunuch enough – so “modern” society had to invent a new illusory world for the pastey anti-social media dweebs to argue with each other about those responsible for their amphibious living under a moist rotting log dilemma and of course it had to be given “great importance, all the while being a sea of microbial activity and complete Inaction.

    This wonderful new world of concern and great fear of being “banned” from it, was called Twat, land of the Salamander.

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