I had a great Christmas last year. I don’t like to be too personal online, so I’ll just say that it was great spending time with my family, enjoying the fireplace, drinking coffee with perhaps a bit too much Bailey’s Irish Cream, watching a bad Christmas movie, and unwrapping the tasteful amount of presents that adults get on Christmas. I couldn’t get too drunk of course, since I had planned a Christmas gift to myself.

I snuck away for only about an hour at some point during the day, and wrote an article that would serve as the precursor to the Andrew Anglin is a Biological Failure series, “The Politics of Biological Failures.” Like much of my best work, I had been wanting to write it for quite some time, and the piece felt like it wrote itself. 

Two days later I sat down and cranked out the very first piece in this series, The Context. I felt it similarly easy to write, albeit slightly different from what I had anticipated, as I used an excellent comment from a previous article, written by another ex-DS reader. It also featured the Manlet Cultists pathetic attempt at brigading, as well as Andrew Anglin desperately trying to have sex with me

The next piece, Shekelstein’s Journey, is what I originally imagined as the first piece. I detailed my own history with the DS and the Manlet Cult, ending in me getting censored for tepidly defending TRS on their now deceased forums. I also went over the “Groyper Wars,” and what a comical failure that was, both at the time, and definitely in hindsight. Something I touched on in other articles.

After that, it was time for The Suckjob of Harvey Weinstein. I had to make sure that everybody reading my four part takedown of this seething biological failure’s defense of Harvey Weinstein understood that Harvey Weinstein’s defense team was quite literally all jew, all feminist. In addition to Harvey Weinstein himself being the Worlds’ most famous feminist.

(((Lisa Bloom))), one of his three heeb feminist lawyers.

That’s actually an important point for everyone to understand, regardless of this series. Feminism is an entirely fraudulent political movement. Weinstein is a feminist activist, as were his entire legal defense team. But it is also important for this series in particular, because Anglin seethes for seven thousand words in his first article alone, only a small fraction of which I could quote, in The Weinstein Saga Continues.

This video I made does not even begin to capture the level of seething we witnessed here. Everything from “you’re all secret feminazi jew marxists,” to his pseudo-historical theorizings on how rape was secretly allowed in Ancient Greece. There was also something about how Hitler liked Schopenhaur, and Schopenhaur said some mildly critical things about women, therefore Hitler would have approved of Harvey Weinstein raping White Women in Hollywood.

I’m sure Hitler was a big fan of this.

He also repeatedly stated, in no uncertain terms, that this now meant that every single rape case was now going to result in a conviction, evidenced be damned. Of course, this never happened, but we can still find him positively seething about Weinstein to this day.

He’s still seething just as hard in the next piece, Weinsteingate Turns into Weird Manlet Societal Power Dynamic Theorizing. I mostly just quote him screaming about us being secret marxist neo-natzees and ignore that to give a history of Harvey Weinstein and the absolute filth that he pushed on America, and the World. It is not an exaggeration to say that Harvey Weinstein may well have been more harmful than Jonathan Greenblatt. And he certainly shared the same goals.

He also rants about “female sexual innocence,” and talks about how women are naturally prostitutes and all of that. He also pretends that disrespecting women gets you mad pussy. He also admits that he’s an incel who gets no pussy.

The next piece, Defense of Harvey Weinstein Reveals Evolutionary Fitness Strategy of Tiny Ugly Man, is what ultimately decided the name of this series. I could rehash that piece again, but the bottom line is quite simple. Andrew Anglin is a tiny weirdo with a face that is so hideous it makes him look like he’s part of a slightly different species. Almost like there’s a related, but different ape that he’s evolved from.

Weev looks like he’s photoshopped in every picture he’s in.

These are the guys telling you that women are sinful and wicked…

And one of my commenters said the same for Anglin, but just his face.

And you know what? I have to admit, once he said that I can’t stop seeing it.

Andrew Anglin is the male equivalent of a four hundred pound broad with yellow teeth. His rugged and manly appearance is the only good piece of propaganda that Antifa ever produced.

Anglin makes girls as dry as the desert in a 200 mile radius around him. He’s like that Burly paper towel from the Simpsons, but for fish tacos.

He knows that he has nothing to offer the opposite sex. It’s harsh, but true, and he’s seething angry about it. If he wasn’t such a nasty sperg, we would all feel sorry for him.

The real enemies of the Manlet Cult are normal women, and normal society more broadly. In a normal society there’s a good chance that Andrew Anglin, a nearing forties hideous midget, would not be able to breed. 

It’s difficult to have sympathy for Anglin, even though he’s going to be dying alone. Or in his case paying for the company of the lowest tier possible Asian hookers to unenthusiastically service him for money, before one day he decides he’s had enough, and he blows his brains out in a bug ridden motel room in Cambodia.

We’re actually not even done with his seething about Weinstein, but for now we move on to Tiny Gay Men Love Big Snitches. This is the first part where I refute his slander of Mike Enoch, Sven, and all the rest of the goys at TRS, and by extension, NJP. 

Anglin takes us through some dream logic where Christopher Cantwell sending video to the FBI of antifa committing crimes makes him a “fed snitch.” Then TRS letting Morraiku go on his show one time makes him a “fed snitch.” Then TRS letting Morraiku keep doing the five minute Friday break skits make them all “fed snitches.”

It’s made all the more ridiculous considering that he has promoted, and continues to promote Nicholas Juan Fuentes as the future POTUS. And yet, at no point in time has Anglin ever whined about Fuentes going on Milo’s show, reposting Milo, and giving Milo a spot on his shitty streaming service. Because Andrew Anglin doesn’t actually believe a single word of his own slander, it was all just a grifter tactic to get rid of a competitor.

Remember, always associate with confirmed and boastful federal informants.

The next piece, Weinstein and Cantwell Odds and Ends, is in my opinion the funniest entry in this entire series. This isn’t even the last we’ll see of him seething about Weinstein, if you can believe that, but the funniest bit is his stream of consciousness ranting about TRS being feds that he himself admits is incoherent. It ends with the crack squad of Matt Forney, weev, and Andrew Anglin teaming up to save the White Race from Morraiku and Tony Hovater.

We’re done with Weinstein, for now, but The Retarded Smear of Jayoh, is arguably the most politically important work in this series. I go through the absolutely idiotic slander of TRS, through Jayoh De La Rey, from Anglin’s assertion of him being TRS’s “head of security,” when no such position exists, to his false credulity at Jayoh’s obviously made up stories. 

Anglin would like you to believe that Jayoh De La Rey was a U of Chicago… guy… who was busy doing gonzo drug journalism in Detroit when he decided to apply to Harvard on a lark, got in, and just a few days later was banging a busload of trannies while shooting up meth and then writing papers deconstructing Kevin Carson. After that he was set upon by 40 CIA agents with APC’s and flamethrowers, had to rat out some guys and then leave the country. This wasn’t so hard, because he knew a guy on Facebook who owned a plane, so next thing you know he’s a mercenary in South Africa.

I miss Jayoh, even if I never believed his stories.

And we’re up to Cantwell and Jayoh Bits and Pieces, the mopping up operation. I said at the time that I felt entitled to some easy content just laughing at this sperg, and so I did exactly that. I did get him explicitly saying “anyone who associates with a fed snitch must themselves be assumed to be a fed snitch.” Which is politically useful considering…

That last piece was written on January 14th, 2022. The first piece was written on December 27th, and published the next day. If we count the Politics of Biological Failures, that extends the time period to Christmas Day, 2021. Either way, I was writing a new piece on this biological failure pretty much every other day. 

But when I finished my piece by piece dismantling his slander of TRS, there wasn’t a huge political reason to continue. I had gotten most of what I wanted to speak about off of my chest, and my motivation to continue the series was far less. I had more to say, but it was one-off stuff. 

That’s why it was a full two weeks later before Give Up But Also Die For Jesus. If you want to see how incoherent the throughline of the Stormer is, you might as well read that. In it you will learn that you must die for Jesus but also everything is totally hopeless and there’s nothing you can do, except maybe send Anglin Shekels.

The shortest piece of the series, Fuck You Whitey, follows over a week later. It’s just another example of Anglin’s nasty character. Another week later, and we get Happy Valentines Day!, where Anglin, the god fearing Asian sex tourist, spergs out about Valentines day being a “fake holiday for satanic idolatry.” 

But after that piece, nothing. I always planned on wrapping things up, but there was also something fitting about not bothering. After all, other people had told me that my series was the first they even thought about Anglin for years, and that was sort of the case for myself. But then something happened that forced my hands back to the keyboard.

Yes, the infamous Jadengate. I had a huge amount of fun chirping Fuentes and their entire cult for the month of May. And it got me back into the swing of things with Anglin with Suck Cock the Trad Way for Jesus. We went over Anglin going hard on the homosexuals, except for when Nick Fuentes sucks their cocks.

No, not that. Trannygate happened later.

I’m talking about Catboi Kami. And if you don’t know what a Catboi is, good for you. Just think “creepy homosexual, but weirder,” and you’ll get the gist of things.

Yes, those are both guys.

Quickly after that came Don’t Search My Old Articles Pls and Bitching Out After the Dylan Roof Fiasco. I pointed out Anglin and weev’s deliberate removal of the search function from their site, as well as Anglin the coward fleeing the country despite that having nothing to do with him. 

After that it’s I Finally Found the Posts Promoting Atomwaffen. I had gone over who those fed retards were in a previous piece, but I didn’t find any of the posts on the DS where these bad faith midgets promoted him. The manlets removed the search function for this very reason, so you would need a direct link to the piece you wanted, which is going to be unlikely. But the internet being what it is, someone forwarded these to me, and we got to see the glorious fed honeypot promotion straight from the mouth of weev himself.

Because who wouldn’t want to promote this insanely anti-social loser LARPfest fed honeypot.

I mean these guys are definitely something that didn’t exist purely to make White Advocacy look evil, stupid, and impotent.

Remember children, always talk about doing terrorism without ever actually doing terrorism. That way you face the all the downsides, without even any theoretical upside. It’s win-win, for your fed handler that is.

The next piece, Stormer Book Clubs Shut Down, is really the third last piece in this series. I needed to write about it, in part due to my involvement, but in part because the shutting down of the Stormer Book Clubs was the absolute last straw. That was the moment that any possible political legitimacy from Anglin’s e-grift was gone. 

Real life organization is an absolute must, especially in this age of mass censorship online. It was such a joke that Anglin, as censorship was ramping up, shut down the real life groups that could possibly have made a difference.

Emphasis on “possibly.” Anglin insisted on everyone wearing clown shoes, and it was all run by confirmed schizo retard Azzmador. But even still, at least they could have organized some local election campaigns or something.

Preferably without this dumb retard.

All of which brings us to the final trilogy, starting with The Introduction to the Tanya Gersh Fiasco. In the first piece I introduce you to Tanya Gersh, a zionist terrorist who extorted Richard Spencer’s apolitical mother, harassing her and her business and trying to get her to sell to Tanya, before giving the proceeds to Tanya’s antifa “charity,” Love Lives Here. 

I wanted to establish how vile Tanya Gersh was, so that the next piece, The Whitefish Retard Rally, shows how badly the two littlest LARPers in the alt-grift-right fucked up a serious political battle for us by pretending to get armed KKK members to run through Whitefish, Montana. This predictably made Spencer’s mother want nothing to do with the lawsuit. But since that wasn’t enough, Anglin incited his audience to harass Tanya Gersh and her twelve year old son.

Not that Tanya is a victim, but I cover all of this in the final piece of this trilogy, Harass Twelve Year Old Jews for Da White Race and then Paypiggy for Anglins No-Show Legal Defense. In it we see Anglin grift off his audience for the legal battle of the century. No, goy, it isn’t enough that he raised $150k off of your back, he needs more, for da HuWhyte Race. We need a “show of force,” here goyim. We need to make the SPLC and Tanya Gersh pay.

Anglin desperately needs your shekels so that he can have his lawyer file three motions in three years, none of which win, and lose his lawsuit in absentia because he was too much of a bitch to show up.

As a result of all this, Andrew Anglin owes about $20 million. He will never come back to the US, at least not without cutting an enormous deal with the feds. Oh and he will never refund anyone who gave him their hard earned money so that he would fight. He feels he’s just entitled to that.

All of which leads us to the final piece, The Absolute State of the Stormer. What could possibly be better than Anglin telling his constantly online audience of incel 50 year old Zoomers to go out and knock on people’s doors telling them that, if Donald Trump wasn’t elected, negroes would kill them.

It’s thunderstriking in its total divulsion from reality. And in that same piece I looked at some of the most idiotic predictions of Anglin that he’d prefer if you just never talked about. Who knew that there would be computer chips installed in peoples bodies due to Covid-19? I certainly didn’t, because that didn’t happen, just like his prediction that cannibal black rape gangs would kill everyone if Trump loses. Or that Tucker would need to flee the country. Or that the tranny agenda was just a temporary fad that would go away. Or that May 2020 was a good time to remove the “Race War,” section of the site.

But with that, I am well and truly finished. There’s certainly more to talk about. I barely touched on him constantly whining that literally everyone doing anything in real life meant they were a fed honeypot, before promoting Jan 6th. That probably should be written about, but not by me. I’m tapped out. I’m finished. I’m done. If someone forwards me the links to specific articles where Anglin explicitly says “anyone doing anything IRL is a fed group,” and also links to articles where he promotes Jan 6th, then I’ll strongly consider writing it up. If not, then this is the end for me.

This is a long series. Very long. Almost 70k words long.

Sure, some of that is quoting others, but I also didn’t even count all of the relevant works. Not the Manhandling the Manlets series, or the TradHomo Twinkcel Revolutionary Republican Voters. I barely even covered weev, who is one of the most comical characters on the internet. And I didn’t even dive deep into the depths of the Catboi Cult.

There’s plenty of meat left on the bone, but you have to keep things in perspective. As I’ve written many times before, the internet can be a productive place, as well as a collecting ground for losers. The Manlet Cult is most definitely the latter, and I have too much contempt for these people, and too much respect for myself to continue to write much more about them. These are the kinds of people who can only exist online, where their incel freak message, that resonates with 1% of the population, and drives away the other 99%, can e-congregate the biggest collection of losers you have ever met in your entire life.


There is tremendous political value in this series, but it’s done now, and good riddance. Imagine still talking about these guys five years from now?

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