Edmonton Sun:

An Alberta farmer who shot and killed two Métis hunters after his father chased them down a public road has been sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 13 years.

Court of King’s Bench Justice Eric Macklin imposed the sentence on Anthony Bilodeau in front of a packed courtroom Friday, saying Bilodeau killed “two innocent men doing no more than celebrating a successful day providing food to others.”

Yeah no. That’s not what happened. I wrote about that when the two White men, Anthony Bilodeau and Roger Bilodeau, were convicted in June. These two “innocent,” Abos were drunk, and violently assaulted Roger Bilodeau. They were only confronted after they showed up driving erratically and armed with rifles on the Bilodeau’s property.

Here’s an excerpt from that piece.

The father and sons described a harrowing scene after their trucks came to a stop, in which Cardinal and Sansom [the Abos] allegedly broke their windows, grabbed them and threatened to skin them with knives. Anthony Bilodeau said all three were in mortal danger and that he fired in self-defence.

Once he arrived, Anthony Bilodeau claimed he repeatedly tried to calm the situation, telling the men they just wanted to talk. He shot the smaller of the two men only after he lunged for his gun, then the heavier-set man after he pointed a “very large firearm” in his direction.

One of the Bilodeau’s in for questioning

[Justice Eric Macklin continues] “He brought a gun, at the direction of his father, without questioning its need or the full circumstances,” Macklin said. “Within seconds, he loaded and racked his rifle and shot Jacob Sansom in the chest, and shot Maurice Cardinal three times.”

Eric Macklin, right.

Here’s a picture I found of “justice” Eric Macklin. It’s the only picture I was able to find, and it comes from here.

Alberta Jewish News:

On April 19, close to 300 people came together at the Fantasyland Hotel to roast, toast and otherwise honour Jeff Rubin for his commitment to the Congregation Beth Shalom and the greater Jewish community of Edmonton.

Highlights of the event included a number of speakers who spoke about Jeff’s kindness,  generosity and leadership while lightly mocking his sense of humour and proclivity for gaffes. Jeff, ever the good sport, joined the crowd in receiving the loving teasing from his wife Gaylene Soifer;  their blended family – Jared & Hannah and Adam Paull and Taylor and Kaylee Rubin; his long time friend Justice Eric Macklin and MC Howie Sniderman.

Justice Eric Macklin spoke about his formative years with Jeff as a friend and a neighbour. He noted that their Talmud Torah classmate Gord Bushewsky had served as president of Beth Israel Congregation for an overlapping period with Jeff’s reign at Beth Shalom. “Who would have imagined that these two youngsters would grow up to have leadership positions with the two largest Jewish congregations in Edmonton?” marvelled Macklin.  “Certainly not Moreh Yedlin!”

He lauded Jeff for his contribution to Beth Shalom and in particular for his role in brokering the deal to sell a portion of Beth Shalom’s land to Beit Horim – Our Parents Home. Macklin said that Jeff had skillfully facilitated that important project for the Jewish elderly, that was long needed in our community.

The judge who proclaimed these innocent White Men as murderers is a literal Talmud studier. He didn’t convict them, but no doubt he prevented many motions that would have helped them, as well as giving them overly harsh sentences, even assuming guilt. Back to the Edmonton Sun.

The Bilodeaus claimed they chased Sansom and Cardinal because they were scared of rural crime and believed the men wanted to steal from their property. Sansom and Cardinal had in fact spent the day hunting moose and delivering meat to friends and relatives.

So why did they show up on the Bilodeau’s property then? They just accidentally showed up, armed with rifles. Then later they just accidentally assaulted the three White Men who confronted them, instead of just saying “oh sorry guyz, we took a wrong turn.” You know why they couldn’t say that? Because it’s not believable that someone would accidentally go up to the entirely wrong property in a very rural area where it’s clear that you’ve got the wrong ranch.

“Both were important members of their families and stalwarts of their communities,” Macklin said. “They were men who honoured Mother Earth and were knowledgeable of their culture. They inspired many.”
The fact both victims were Indigenous deeply coloured public perception of the trial. Parallels were drawn to the Colten Boushie case, in which Saskatchewan farmer Gerald Stanley was acquitted of killing the Indigenous man after claiming self-defence. Debbie Baptiste, Boushie’s mother, herself attended the Bilodeau trial the day of the jury’s verdict.

Yes, it is precisely because the men who killed these two turds were White that this case was even brought to trial. It is precisely because of anti-Whiteness that the WMD Liars are writing insanely biased screeds against them. If there wasn’t the racial motive, then this would be an open and shut case of armed thieves who violently assaulted their victims when confronted and were shot dead in self-defense. No amount of talmudry from “Justice” Eric Macklin will change that.

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  1. I can only wonder how this situation would be different if the feather-gamerwords had been quietly buried, without bothering the “police” with the matter.


      Farms are generally in rural locations. Never mind the farm itself. The surrounding areas. Drunken injuns do stupid things.

      1. Agreed, except if the Abos had cell phones. Pretty hard to hide that if they could be located by cell tower pings.

  2. shoot, shovel, shut up. Thats how things need to be done.

  3. These are not our police, courts or laws anymore. The psychos running them need to be feared and shunned.

  4. There will be no justice until you expel every last jew from your nations.

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