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Someone sent me a link to this in an email. We’ll get to the good parts later, but I can’t help but wonder who writes this stuff. Trust me, I’m not taking this out of context, it really is that open-ended what they mean by this. Personally, I think they mean “no one is to blame for the Holocaust.” Which is very disappointing, since that implies that it happened, and that Jews didn’t deserve it.

Thinking critically and being informed about conspiracy theories is key to challenging them.

Well this is certainly good news. I’m always interested in challenging conspiracy theories. 

But more importantly, who are they. 

I think we’re getting warmer.

Jews have been falsely blamed for moments of crisis, such as diseases, wars, and economic crises.

You hear that you fuckin’ Goyim. Stop falsely blaming Jews for all these wars for Israel.

Some of the most common antisemitic narratives include claims that “Jews” control the government – 

Yeah, get a load of all these “Jews” who are lovingly giving their hard earned cash to our wonderful representatives just to make sure that they do everything that we want. Also, why is “Jews” in quotation marks? Is UNESCO’s official position that “Jews” don’t really exist, or are just a social construct? If so, surprisingly based.

– the media –

or banks –

– for malicious purposes.

Oh, for malicious purposes. Right. I thought UNESCO was trying to pretend that Jews didn’t control the media, the banks, and the government. That would be utterly absurd.

However, it is very believable that the Jews that run the government, media, and banks, are really working hard on everyone else’s behalf to create a better world for everyone. I for one think this is an extremely intelligent narrative.

Despite vast historical evidence, some antisemites falsely claim that the Holocaust was caused by Jews  –

I have been bathing, basking even, in the uppity Goyim for years now. I have never heard someone say that Jews stuffed themselves onto rollercoasters that went directly into ovens. Or put Jew fetises in soccer balls for other Jews to kick around. Or hook jew penises up to masturbation machines. Or spend 9 hours helping a Jew mother give birth before chucking the Jew baby into a bucket. Or forced other Jews to climb tall trees before Jew lumberjacks would come out, chop the trees down, and make the other Jews fall to their deaths.

All so they could cleverly blame those German Goyim afterwards.

or never took place.


Imagine that. Imagine the holocaust never happened.

Imagine not believing that six million hooked nosed Harvey Weinstein lookalikes got shuttled off to summer camp for Schlomo, given food, water, shelter, and even medical treatment for no apparent reason, all so that they could be cleverly murdered in a variety of Rube Goldberg-esque ways, but only at the camps captured by the Soviets. And after they were murdered, you know what their corpses were turned into, don’t you?

That’s right, IKEA do it yourself furniture sets. And their eyeballs were squeezed for the jelly to make gummy bears for Aryan children. 

It’s hard to believe that it happened, but it did.

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  1. I can’t imagine the great yolohoax can remain a part of history for much longer, it is just so obviously fake, it’s not even a good attempt at fakery either.

    The number one thing that I would point to, in order to cast doubt on the “Jew high iq” is how sloppy the yolohoax writing was.

    I feel the only reason it ever even took of was because the people of the allied powers were happy to believe any propaganda back then especially if it made their enemies look bad and the Allied side look like hero’s who were saving the poor God forsaken kikes. What our ancestors could have never imagined is that once the yolohoax lie spread far and wide, they would be blamed along with the Germans for the yolohoax, since they are white and therefore genetically similar to “muh nazis”.

    I tried to redpill an old friend who has gotten super into Juden peterstien on the Jews and unfortunately he just shit talked me and acted like I was gonna burn in hell, since he is one of those (((Schofield Bible))) Christians who believes that we serve the Jew on earth we serve the Jew in the afterlife. I don’t think he actually read any of my messages, because it’s so challenging to his worldview all he could do is ad hominem me, and try not to look at the memes. He is a race traitor off in Vietnam anyways.

    With the yolohoax it’s like either you don’t know or you know. It’s a great way of separating people who have critical thinking skills and those who don’t.


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