Steven Crowder, a tier 2 shill, recently exposed (((Big Con))) as being in bed with (((Big Tech))). This is something that we all knew, but it’s always nice having your biases confirmed. As expected Benny Shapiro and the Daily Wire didn’t go down without a few malicious, bad faith attacks sent towards Mr. Crowder. Their entire argument was that Crowder was whining about money. Remember this video?

Let me just show you the transcript again.

… until Tyler Cardan made it profitable. During all of that time Steven drove a ton of revenue. He’s incredibly valuable. I’m not suggesting that he wasn’t driving value, he was.

I’m only saying he didn’t have to build all of that. He didn’t have to think about it. And he didn’t necessarily have to be profitable, and he doesn’t know for a fact that he was profitable, because as he has said very publicly, none of those companies really shared all the information about what was happening with him.

So Steven feels very certain that his show was always profitable, but he doesn’t know that his show was profitable. And even if it was, what became of that profit? Most of that profit almost certainly was reinvested into growing the infrastructure, growing the technology, growing –

Crowder responds with this video, and has this to say around 40 seconds in.


They immediately tried to make this all about money. 

Go back to the 20 something minute video, 30 minute video, you’ve never heard me say, or write anywhere online, that these offers weren’t paying enough money. Why? Because it’s not about the money. 

It’s kind of unreal to me that the only thing that these people can still talk about is the money. The conversation was about conservatism the movement and Big Tech. They keep talking about the money, I’m talking about a country. I’m talking about a movement. I’m talking about making a difference.

It’s not about the money, and Jeremy and The Daily Wire know it wasn’t about that.

I’m not sure I trust Crowder when he says it wasn’t about the money, because Crowder is a shill. Sure, I think he’s a tier 2 shill who has some legitimate political beliefs, but as Mark Dice pointed out, if he were serious he would talk about Israel, Zionism, Black Crime, anti-Whiteism, etcetera. I don’t know and can’t pretend to see into his mind.

But even if it were all about the money, it’s misleading to say that Crowder was getting well paid, because Shapiro could have at any moment colluded with Jonathan Greenblatt and got him holocausted off of all these platforms. Then Crowder would be contractually obligated to keep producing the show for 5% of his original pay. Oh and Shapiro would own his social media in perpetuity.

Whether Crowder is genuine or not, it’s utterly insane to be so directly rewarding to your – supposed – enemies by putting it into the contract that you will be paying them less if there’s an advertiser boycott or censorship. It’s like waving a big sign and saying “please, censor our guys and do advertiser boycotts of them,” and only makes sense because conservatism is a grift operation with the secondary goal of getting in the way.

Crowder recorded a private conversation between him and Jeremy Boreing of The Daily Wire. Now first of all, this may have been necessary, but it’s still unforgivable. It’s a sign of how utterly fraudulent koshervatism is that recording private conversations between long time friends and business partners is necessary and arguably forgiveable. Everyone involved in this is disgusting, with Crowder being the least terrible.

Steven Crowder (on the call): Let’s say it’s a kid who comes in with 500,000 YouTube subscribers, or something like that, or 100,000. Let’s say it’s some other kid you’re paying six figures to come in and do it. 

There’s not the penalty of the demonetization or if they’re removed from iTunes, Apple, YouTube.

Jeremy Boreing: Yeah, sure there would be.

I hate to keep giving him credit, but Crowder’s reaction is pretty much on point.

This is totally indefensible. Cuckservatives bloviate constantly about “muh tech censorship.” Even Pierre Poilievre, the chief cucklet of Canada has done this. They whine about this from their uncensored YouTube channels, Facebook groups, Spotify channels, Twatter accounts, you name it.

If they were serious about this they would be pooling money together and supporting the guys who got e-holocausted by (((Susan Wojcicki))). After all, if (((Big Tech))) is your enemy, then them censoring your guys means that guy is right over the target. That’s how we view things, because it’s true.

Crowder (on call): What I’m talking about is – you’re describing a model for everyone. Not just – get rid of me here. Everyone, if there’s a penalty for being demonetized on YouTube because your business model requires that be a huge component of it, you need to change your business model or this movement cannot work, Jeremy.

I can’t imagine my show trying to come up and be beholden to YouTube advertiser guidelines. Let alone, I mean honestly, being beholden from a conservative entity with hard strikes, right. Being removed, let alone being advertiser friendly. We know how broad those guidelines are. They might as well just read ‘don’t say anything offensive,’ and they change them at the drop of a hat.

Jeremy Boreing: I’m not suggesting that the guidelines aren’t terrible. I’m suggesting that if making money off of those platforms is part of how you’re justifying the salary you’re paying someone, then when – or the fee, I keep saying salary – the fee you’re paying someone, then when you go away everybody loses money. You can’t pay the same amount with different revenue.

Crowder: How ’bout you create a different business model.

I know, right?

There is nothing preventing (((Big Con))) from building replacement tech for their purposes. These people are not us. They are not cash strapped, they are overflowing with money. Of course, they are only overflowing with money because their job is to subvert White People and that’s a very valuable service that they provide. In addition to relatively apolitical grifts for big business of course.

But it would be a trifle for them to build and host a video sharing site. It would be nothing for them to set up their own version of Patreon, and get support that way. There is little organic support for little Benny Shapiro, but a genuine political movement could do that no problemo. 

They had $50 million for Steven Crowder. Kevin McCarthy raised $500 million for the midterms. Conservatism has all the money in the world. They don’t make alternative platforms, whether this be for YouTube, Patreon, Facebook, or what have you, because they are the beneficiaries of censorship. 

Crowder: These people have immense power and incredibly deep pockets. That is all true. It is incumbent upon conservatives, if we believe what we say, –

I’ll stop you right there, you mostly don’t, and (((Shapiro))) and the rest are outright malicious.

– to uncouple, to divest if you wanna use that term, from Big Tech. For the business models of the movement as we move forward, to not rely on playing ball with Facebook and with YouTube. [And others I might add].

That is something that we have to move towards. You know that we’ve been trying to do that here for here for years. That’s why every show we say ‘hey if you can watch on Rumble please do so.’ We’re not looking to be banned on YouTube, but we certainly won’t compromise the truth in order to be advertiser friendly.

We’ve done that. We here have found a way to make that work. For proof, see election night, our numbers on Rumble there and see the numbers on Rumble when we get suspended from YouTube I think it was four times last year. And I went to great lengths to communicate that to the people at Daily Wire.

Yes. There are alternative video platforms out there. If (((Benny Shapiro))) was serious about politics he’d be doing everything he could to grow them.

Speaking of alternative business models, Mike Cernovich chimes in on substack, and is so retarded that he accidentally makes Crowder’s case for him.

Mike Cernobitch Substack:

Crowder has 6 million YouTube subscribers. Crowder also has a membership only club that he charges for.

I don’t know what his conversion rate is, but let’s say it’s 5%. If he can get 5% of his 6 million free viewers to sign up, he’s a very rich man.

5% of 6,000,000 = 300,000 monthly subscribers at $15 a month = $4,500,000.

Anyone who has done a paid subscriber model is going, “No way he can do that.” But again, Crowder’s fan base isn’t us. Let’s assume these magical numbers are real.

What happens if he is banned from YouTube, and he loses the ability to market his membership group to his followers?

He makes 5% of a much smaller number of viewers. Maybe he gets a short-term sympathy bump. But he’s not going to convert as many total subscribers because 5% of a smaller number is fewer than 5% of a larger number.

Basic math, right?

Again, Cernovich is a retard and this analysis is stupid. Presumably Crowder’s most loyal followers are signed up, and won’t unsign if Crowder gets banned from YouTube. Will banning Crowder be bad for him? Sure, but mostly because he’ll be directly competing against other people who have subscription services and have already been banned, without much of a leg up.

Having your own subscription service where people pay you directly is what any serious and genuine political group does, not rely on YouTube to be really nice for no reason. But it turns out The Daily Wire has this Daily Wire+ subscription service that they wanted Crowder to help plug.

If Crowder agrees to the deal, he’s guaranteed a certain amount of money. In the industry, this is known as a minimum guarantee.

Yeah, of 5%, which would not come close to covering the production costs.

In exchange for this, Crowder would drive his free viewers to Daily Wire’s paid membership service, Daily Wire+.

As part of the deal, Daily Wire wanted Crowder to agree to a reduction in fees if Crowder were banned from YouTube. Crowder, before the term sheet was made public, misrepresented the facts by claiming Daily Wire was acting as a censorship arm of YouTube.

Cernovich is a faggot whose time is over, as evidenced by this substack getting four comments. It’s a good thing too, since he’s too dumb to help The Daily Wire, unless this is a subversive masterpiece.

Let’s break down what the actual plan was by little Benny Shapiro.

  1. Get Crowder to constantly plug The Daily Wire+ on his show. 
  2. This will have rapidly diminishing returns over time, but you’ll get lots of new Daily Wire+ subscribers at the beginning.
  3. Force Crowder to constantly shill other products, which lowers the quality of a competitor show, Crowder’s, and puts money in Shapiro’s pockets.
  4. Once Crowder’s shilling stops being worth the returns, get the ADL, who have defended Shapiro in the past, to get Crowder censored from everywhere.
  5. Crowder is now still forced to put on his show, still forced to do all the ad reads, and still forced to shill for The Daily Wire.
  6. But Shapiro gets to pay him 5% of what they agreed on, probably less than costs.
  7. If Shapiro fired Crowder, there would be blowback, but now he can throw up his hands and pretend to have the guys back, maybe even use this as an “attack on The Daily Wire/Conservatism” or whatever.
  8. Crowder’s fans have little reason to keep subscribing to him personally, when most of his content is on The Daily Wire+, probably for roughly the same cost.

This was a hit on Steven Crowder’s political career. It was an attempt by Shapiro to take out a political and financial competitor right from the very start.

Cernovich does get some digs in against Crowder.

Being banned from YouTube would hurt Crowder. That’s why he plays by the book on YouTube and doesn’t leave YouTube, even though he cries about how he’s been “demonetized.”

Crowder is not demonetized because he is still able to reach his free viewers on YouTube, where he tries to sell them a premium product.

This is almost fair. Crowder plays up being a big free speech warrior when he isn’t. He is demonetized on YouTube, but he probably makes more from that boosting his cred, and subscriptions, than he loses in ad revenue. After all, people hate YouTube ads anyway.

If Crowder is banned from YouTube, he wouldn’t be able to drive his free viewers to Daily Wire, to become paid subscribers.

No, but The Daily Wire would have received most of the subscribers he would ever bring them in the first few months. Those paid subscribers would presumably stay with them after Crowder was banned, since Shapiro could pretend that he wasn’t the one responsible.

Daily Wire isn’t censoring anyone. They are recognizing that while Crowder’s conversion rate may increase because of censorship, fewer people will see his offer.

It’s a situation where Crowder is screwed by YouTube, as is Daily Wire.

It is literally the opposite. They have every incentive for this to happen.

Look, if it were really “conservatives,” and not “uppity White People/Goyim,” who were being censored by zionist multinationals, then you would think that they would get bonuses written into their contracts for being censored by their “enemies.” Doing the opposite doesn’t make sense except as subversion.

As a quick aside, Crowder keeps promoting Rumble, which is just an alternative video sharing platform that we are no doubt not allowed on. I don’t think this is a serious way to get any productive message out. However, if conservatives were serious, this wouldn’t be the first time I ever heard of it. They would be constantly promoting this everywhere, using their extremely deep pockets to get as many people on there as possible.

Anyway, that’s conservatism for you.

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