As a reminder, the Gravocaust Slander is the fakest shit ever.


Officials announced Saturday that the federal government and 325 First Nations have agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit, seeking reparations for the loss of language and culture brought on by Indian residential schools, for $2.8 billion.

I’m sure the federal government fought valiantly here. They just had to settle because the case against them was so overwhelming. Just like the prosecution in the Stephanie Warrimer case just had to not appeal the judge dismissing the charges against her murderers. We have a very serious government and a very serious legal system that deserves respect and admiration.

Canada agreed to pay the $2.8 billion of settlement money into a new trust fund that will operate for 20 years, if the court approves the deal. The fund will be run independent of the federal government, according to officials.

Soooo it’s theft. Naked, unvarnished theft, with our government entirely complicit. And I mean our entire government. I hopped on over to Cuck General Pierre Poilievre’s uncensored twatter page and found him retweeting the following from just a few days ago. 

I couldn’t find a tweet on this particular theft, although I did also find this.

Truly this man is standing up to the WOKESTERS in Ottawa and blah blah I can’t even do the bit today.

The fund organization will be governed by a board of nine Indigenous directors, of whom Canada will choose one, the agreement says.

Why bother choosing one instead of none at all? I may be missing the significance of this, but it also could well be meaningless.

“While settlements like those announced today … do not make up for the past, what it can do is address the collective harm caused by Canada’s past,” said Marc Miller, the minister for Crown-Indigenous relations, at a Vancouver event Saturday morning. “The loss of language, the loss of culture and heritage.”

Miller noted that this was the first time bands specifically were being compensated, with the funds set to support the four pillars of revival, protection, promotion and wellness of Indigenous languages and cultures.

Marc Miller

I’m sorry, I thought it was the 215 imaginary murdered children that were “found” at the Kamloops residential school. I thought there were murdered children everywhere, and now it’s about none of these people bothering to speak their traditional languages anymore, even though they were never banned from speaking their languages in their own communities.

They whine that, since the school staff could only speak English or French, that they were howwibly mistreated at the all expenses paid boarding schools that they demanded we build for them because the kids weren’t allowed to gibber gabber in whatever random language their little tribe spoke. Because apparently it’s possible to teach children how to do math when they don’t even speak your language.

I ctrl+f’d “church,” “burn”, “arson,” and got no results, by the way. So we’re just ignoring that Canada turned into the religious destruction capital of the World as a direct result of this slander. And no, they don’t mention the supposed dead kids in this piece, except as one possibly automated link that talks about the Kamloops Group crying about their imaginary dead children.

The Trudeau government reached an out-of-court settlement with day scholars in June 2021, agreeing to pay cash compensation to survivors and their descendants, settling part of the Gottfriedson case.

But Canada initially refused to negotiate with the remaining band reparations plaintiffs. Their case was heading for trial until it was abruptly adjourned to pursue negotiations last fall.

They “negotiated,” because if they went to trial they would have utterly destroyed these people with an even half-hearted defense of the Canadian Government. 

It really is all so tiresome. The never ending anti-White attacks and the constant theft of our money.

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  1. What’s next? Reparations for slavery for Kenyans who came to Canada in 2014?
    The illegitimacy of our governments knows no bounds.

  2. These abos were so tiresome and repulsive that only the most religious of fanatics would go live in the boonies to teach them at these church-run residential schools.

    Now that religion is on the wane, government lavishes billions on these abos so that normal people will have anything to do with them. It’s like hanging a pork chop around the neck of an ugly child so that dogs will play with them; or putting very expensive lipstick on a pig. Dysfunctional abos use this fortune to buy/hire functionally competent people such as lawyers, casino contractors, teachers, whatever to keep their little tribal “societies” from imploding.

    The end result is that Whites generally are being taxed to feed this much smaller class of expensive abo enablers. And the “law” requires that Whites consider this all good and fine; and woe to anyone who calls it out.

  3. A few things I’ve noticed about Jews in the years since my redpilling.

    1. They are very good at 1/4 assing some fakery and having most of the goy believe them, they fakery is usually related to genocide as genocide is constantly on the murderous Jews mind.

    2. Most all of them have multiple nasty sex fetishes that they will project your way in an argument to use as an insult. Most common Jew fetishes seems to be poopoo, niggers and sexual sadism in general

    Ps. I grew up near the wind river indian reservation in Wyoming. People are always talking about how bad the reservation is, and how hard the Indians have it, and blah blah blah. They never mention how they have the right to operate casinos and other businesses that white people can’t. Their reservation land is actually beautiful and we didn’t stick them with bad land. Tax payer money builds them family homes to live on and then tribal Gang Warfare between Arapaho and Shoshone for example leads to murders and arsons. The reservations doesn’t suck because of the White Man, if anything thanks to our tax dollars it is much better than it would be. The reservations all throughout America, suck, because of the Indians who are low iq violent savages for the most part, and even with massive economic advantages when it comes to business and taxes they still can’t do it.

  4. Prairie niggers.

  5. Now I want reparations for surviving high school.

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