I have been somewhat following Irish politics ever since November, when I saw a telegram post about the Irish National Party being attacked by antifas at one of their meetings.

This was covered on an episode of Strike and Mike in early December, where they interviewed Shane, a member of Ireland’s National Party. 

Around 50 minutes in he starts detailing the attack. 

Strike and Moike Episode 242:

A wave of guys went running up the stairs. He’s like “guys there’s reds.” Now what I heard I thought he said “there’s reds they’ve got cameras.” I thought they were here to dox our guys and spread it around. Then he said it again, and I realized he wasn’t saying cameras, he was saying “they’ve got hammers.” 

Shane details some of the extreme confusion and surreality of these situations. They were simultaneously worried about these spiteful mutants going around the building, breaking in the windows, and attacking the women and children inside the conference room, as well as just coming down the stairs. So they had to quickly make up their mind to go up, not sure if they should pick up stools to fend them off, and by the time they did some other Nationalists had already gone up and confronted these cunts.

But then we started seeing the injured be brought in. The first guy that I saw had received a few blows to the head, presumably with a hammer or something like that. He had blood just running down his face all over his head, all over his clothes.

Another friend of mine – I can name him by the way, because there’s a public fund for this guy – his name’s Caleb. He was one of the guys at the frontline. Had his hand slashed, and two of his tendons were severed. 

Like myself he’s a keen musician and he’s into martial arts and all that kind of stuff. So yeah, he might not be able to move his hand for a long time if anything. So he’s gonna need God knows how much physiotherapy and whatnot over the next [while].

They link to the GiveSendGo page for Caleb. But when I click on it all I get is the following image. Caleb got the money he needed for his treatment, I don’t know exactly when.

Shane goes on to explain that these antifas are not entirely similar to the pathetic losers that we saw in Kelowna, with at least some of them being run of the mill criminal scum who already have arrests for petty assaults for apolitical things. The kosher-left see the National Party as the biggest threat to their owners, especially because the Nationalists are outcompeting them on social-economic issues like housing and healthcare, especially with their House The Irish Campaign. Just like here, they don’t attack cuckservatives, even the Irish Freedom Party, a fake populist conservative party.

(1:01:40) One of the guys, named Daniel Comerforde, from Dublin, was lifted on charges of criminal damage. He was wielding a hammer. 

Let’s find out more on this Daniel Comerforde.

Irish News:

Daniel Comerforde from Mic Uilliam Heights, Dublin is accused of attempting to cause grievous bodily harm to a male, having a hammer as a weapon, affray and damaging a glass door at Lough Erne Resort.

But no terrorism charges of course. And he was granted bail.

On arrival, officers stopped a silver car being driven from the resort by Comerforde and a search recovered a hammer and pair of gloves under the driver seat.

The court heard a group of people, who had attended the resort to demonstrate against the Irish National Party who were holding a conference, became aggressive and attempted to enter the hotel, during which damage was caused to double glass doors.

They were just there to “demonstrate,” against them with hammers. I’m sure their original plan was to hammer some nails into two by fours to show solidarity with working class people, but then they were set off by the bourgeois Nationalists and were forced to attack them with hammers. How convenient that they had them on their persons.

CCTV showed a male matching Comerforde’s description smashing the glass with a hammer with further information alleging he attempted to strike the injured party using his car.

The detective advised while Comerforde has no record in Northern Ireland, he has convictions for assaults in the Republic.

In other words, criminal scum. That’s somewhat matched by the pictures of these subhumans, although as Shane points out, there were some fat wahmens there, so it’s more like anyone willing to pick up a knife and stab someone.

The thing is he’s being defended by one of Sinn Fein’s top lawyers. A guy called John Finucane. The plot thickens, of course. 

Above we see John Finucane confirming that physiognomy is real.

The Liberal:

Two people were treated at the scene for their injuries and four others were taken to hospital.

Comerforde appeared in court on Tuesday via videolink and a PSNI detective constable connected the accused to the charges.

Defence solicitor John Finucane said there was no application for bail but indicated one would be made later in the week the Irish Examiner reported.

Sinn Fein lawyer John Finucane

Mike explains how, when he started doing legal actions against the antifa groups in his Charlottesville case, he discovered a nest of (((lawyers))) who are behind these groups. It is not the slightest bit surprising to hear that this is a top down coordinated thing. 

The mutants were driven off, and the event resumed as normal. In the time since they have increased their protests against migrants, and for the Irish. It is impressive how many people they’ve gotten to go out with them.

I compiled a few videos that I’ve seen uploaded by these types. The latter videos show the enormous crowds they can generate.

The very first video is from January 25th, and was found on the Late Stage Ireland telegram channel. The description of the video is:

Paul Murphy and his open-borders supporters making a hasty retreat after being out-chanted in Citywest:

“When migrant rights are under attack”

—”Send them all fucking home”

It is incredibly satisfying to see these antifa catladies mumble some incoherent bullshit about “muh migrants,” before some normal people all shout together “SEND THEM ALL FOOKIN HOME.” Even better when they all turned tail and fled. I cannot stress enough how important it is to show these losers all standing there like dipshits while they don’t even join in on the lunatic woman “leading” the chant. The term optics was used and abused by a certain small group of people, but this right here is a good look. 

The video is too dark and low resolution for any one frame to tell the story, but it is beyond satisfying watching these losers put their heads down and shuffle off into the night while the good guys laugh at them. It’s simply perfection, made all the better by the footage being a short highlight of this stream by Philip Dwyer. He’s a National Party candidate, so you know this isn’t some kosher bullshit where they’re like “oh noes the migrants are bringing Sharia Law into this country so we must support Jew Nationalist Israel genociding Palestinian Goyim.” 

But who is this “Paul Murphy,” that the Nationalists are fighting against?


The government has failed refugees that have come to Ireland for safety, according to People Before Profit TD Paul Murphy.

Paul Murphy

JFC. Just look at it.

He says that the prospect of refugees being asked to vacate hotels to make way for tourists is a poor reflection on the people who run this country.

Deputy Murphy has called the government’s lack of planning “scandalous”.

“Over 100 people now living in tents after the government said last month that won’t be happening”, he said.

“There’s people in extremely substandard accommodation and of course the homeless crisis in this country continues to get worse.”

“150,000 homes vacant in total across the state and we need to be saying to those people, ‘you have to use it or lose it’.”

This disgusting thing is telling Irish People that they need to give up their homes to foreigners. I know that I focus a lot on how people look, and I’m not saying that I’m God’s Gift to Women, but it’s crucially important that you show normal people the faces of your oppressors over and over again. Fucking look at this fucking bugperson. 

He is just viscerally repulsive. Everything about him makes me want to step on his neck. And from that same article we meet “Eamon O Cuiv.”

Former Minister for Social Protection Éamon Ó Cuív has said that welfare payments for asylum seekers are “too low”.

Here’s what he looks like. 

These guys look like actors that Hollywood casts in villain roles where there isn’t enough screentime to develop them as characters, so they just have to roll out the hideous people and hope the audience gets it. 

A Ukrainian mother has said she’s worried that she and her three children will end up homeless when they arrive in Ireland next week.

Ukrainians have been reading about the lack of accommodation in Ireland on Telegram and those planning a move feel extremely apprehensive.

Later on in that piece they bloviate about Ukrainians. For the record, I support infinity Ukrainian immigrants, refugee or otherwise, into our country. But in the top linked piece on their own site they’re whining about migrants not being pampered enough. Let’s take a look at these “Ukrainians.” 

They sure seem to keep getting darker and darker.

I have to cut this piece short here. I have a lot more to say about these guys, as well as the excellent journalism done by The Burkean. It’s exciting to see how strong and effective the Irish response to this has been, partly due to things that anyone can emulate, partly due to institutional servatism being very weak in Ireland, although (((Globo Homo))) is trying to bring that in as fast as possible.

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