Remember that Dog Fucking Department of Energy Nuclear hire named Sam Brinton?

Remember how he got arrested for stealing wahmens clothing at the airport?

You can only get arrested for the things they catch you doing, and it would be shocking to me if this little creep never helped himself to anything more than just the one suitcase. Today it’s #MeToo for the poor wahmens who’ve been burglarized by this pirate of not simply butts but also airport luggage.

You can find this tweet here. Someone asks for more pictures and she delivers.

She claims this was a custom made fabric. She doesn’t post proof of the custom make, but she does have pictures from 2018 of her wearing this same pattern and colour that AIDS Matt Damon is wearing. 

She also claims that Brinton is walking around in another outfit of hers.

And even wearing her jewelry while he does it.

Do we have an absolute smoking gun proof that he stole this particular womans clothes? No. Do we know for sure that he steals women’s clothing? Absolutely. Is he the kind of person to steal women’s clothing and then wear said stolen clothing to photoshoots where he will flaunt both his sexual perversions and his kleptomania? 

I think that goes without saying.

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  1. There should probably be a 10 year long several billion dollar clean up operation for Palestine OH, an all effected areas and rivers, but it’s never gonna happen because the people in our government are to obsessed with gay sex to ever even get started on anything else. They think the clean up operation is crawling around licking the floor of the gay sex dungeon.

  2. Saw this on Twatter — fucking hilarious.

    But also infuriating:

    ‘When greatness is denied and filth is honored, the country is dead.’

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