I referenced Summer Bushnell twice before now. She was featured impotently whining about the Mossad trained Coeur d’Alene sheriff, in the most idiotic way possible. But the first time I mentioned her was in my expose of chubby rat Dave Reilly. Since she was a minor character, I didn’t pay much attention, and simply grabbed the very first female face I saw on her site, the Bushnell Report.

I was somewhat disappointed, as this woman, while having an incoherently dumb take, is relatively attractive. She didn’t look the type to be squealing with joy and fist-bumping antifas over Patriot Front guys being arrested.

Turns out she isn’t, because she isn’t Summer Bushnell. That woman is @whitplusfive on TikTok, and her name is Whitney. Summer Bushnell simply took a fancy to one of her TikTok videos and posted it on her site.

This is Summer Bushnell, in all her glory. As taken from her garbage site The Bushnell Report.

Summer was in fact at the Coeur d’Alene Pride in the Park event. Or at least, she was in the city at the time. According to someone I know who was also there, Bushnell was with the Dave Reilly lead queers who went to the wrong park and kneeled while wearing suits.

Ms. Bushnell is convinced that she strikes fear into the heart of antifa when she shows up with her nerf gun. I’ve made fun of koshervatives before with the “brings platitudes to a gun fight,” line but she’s basically the meme come to life.

Watch Out! This self-proclaimed “beautiful badass,” might shoot you with her nerf gun if you support Patriot Front. Well she’s probably too much of a pussy to even do that, and would waddle away in fear of any real confrontation. All of which begs the question of why she’s carrying a nerf gun around anyway. What could possibly be the point, other than to reinforce the delusions and impotence of koshervatives?

I had to write this piece because Bushnell was instrumental in the Tranny Penis Hoax, something I had to write an article apologizing for promoting. While the dance that this tranny did was disgusting, and it clearly broke the law by repeatedly and sexually groping itself in front of children, at no point did it ever get naked.

Bushnell passed around these censored screenshots, while refusing to provide people with the uncensored video. Well eventually word got out on telegram, and the two uncensored videos that the censored screenshots are taken from were given to some people privately by Bushnell. As these things go, they eventually made their way to me, and I put them together into the video that you see below, with some context added.

As an aside, Summer, being an idiot, also had those videos slowed down to an unbearably tedious degree, and kept looping them in the oddest places. You’ll just have to trust me on that one, because I’m not uploading them individually anywhere, but suffice to say this wahmen is a worthless and self-aggrandizing idiot.

This clown also released a selfie-video of herself vlogging after the event. It’s a fascinating window into the mindset of a nasty wannabe-antifa.

I support our local sheriff’s department. I think they did the right thing with the U-Haul people [Patriot Front]. Why did no one arrest the man in the dress who flashed his genitalia to minors and people in the crowd?

In three sentences she’s managed to support Sheriff Mossad Bob, backstab Patriot Front, and then impotently whine about the police she supports not arresting the tranny dick flasher. Except that he didn’t actually flash his dick. He broke the law, yes, but he didn’t show everyone his female penis, as she claims. 

That’s not okay, and there’s video. I’m gonna put up blurred video to prove it.

Putting up blurred video, that exists to hide what actually happened, could not possibly prove her claims. The entire point is to obfuscate what actually happened. In reality, Summer knew she was lying, so she had to put blurred video out there specifically to obfuscate her lies. And she made up some nonsense about how innocent children could happen to stumble upon the video if she released it publicly and uncensored.

Okay so when I was watching [Patriot Front] get arrested. Queued up to get patted down and processed. A lady in a Pride shirt was standing next to me.

She said ‘those are the nazis. Those are the racists.’

And I think she knew I wasn’t exactly promoting her side, because of the shirt I had on, but we both agreed and we fist bumped. That’s what we want out of this. Thousands of people were praying over all of this, for over a week. But no, we gotta focus on the extremamism(she said that) and beat that drum.

So she fist-bumped an antifa, because they both agreed that it was great that the innocent men in Patriot Front were getting arrested for protesting an event that she herself claims had trannies breaking the law at. The groomers didn’t get arrested, but the PF guys did. Instead of being outraged, this fat loser named Bushnell is congratulating herself on some antifa cuntess not calling her NPC triggerwords that she cowers in fear of.

Honestly we don’t know enough, in my opinion, to know if this is a false flag or not. No one has enough information yet. And you know, if you know me, I hate Monday Night Quarterbacking as I call it, and all the dehumanization going on online.

I’m not gonna dehumanize you, I’m gonna try not to. And why are we dehumanizing people because of their jobs. Being in law enforcement doesn’t mean that’s all that they are. That doesn’t define them as a person. Take it on a case by case basis.


How is it possible for someone to have every single wrong opinion at the same time? Patriot Front are not feds. They are worthy of your support against this slander, as well as the slander that they were there to riot. You should embrace being attacked by antifas, or the soyim who are one step removed from antifa. Fuck the police, and fuck the Coeur d’Alene PD specifically.

Coeur d’Alene PD Lee White

Were Summer Bushnell an antifa simply pretending to be bravely fighting with her nerf gun against the antifa groomers in the park, it’s difficult to see what she would be doing differently. My personal suspicion is simply that she is a fat loser who wants a social club online where she can hang out with other weirdos like her. A lying obese weasel in humanoid form, who is clearly more interested in building a social community that she can fit with as opposed to getting actual tangible political gain.

Since fighting back against power can lead to unpleasantness in various ways, she will do that about as often as she says no to her third helping of cheesecake. And this hungry girl will never miss an opportunity to bite the ankles of men who are there to actually do something about perverts who want access to children. Koshervatism is a temperament, not a set of policies.

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  1. Summer Bushnell clearly puts as much thought and effort into her reporting as she does in maintaining a healthy body weight.

    1. Sometimes I really regret this site not having an upvote feature for the comments section.

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