Recently I made reference to the below image in a previous article. This is from the University of British Columbia’s “Social Justice Institute,” and it’s exactly what you’d expect.


From #revolution: feminism and social justice to Queer of Colour Theorizing, the Social Justice Institute offers dynamic courses for students to engage with and think critically. 2020/21 course registration opens on Jun 16, 2020 (graduate) and June 23, 2020 (undergraduate)!

I will never be able to properly satirize these people to the extent that they do themselves. However, let me attempt to categorize just a few of the unparodiable absurdities in this two sentence statement.

1) #revolution. Everybody give a hearty round of applause to the revolutionaries who still have twatter accounts in the year 2022. Not being liked by normal people does not make you a revolutionary, it makes you a weird mutant that no one but the parasite class likes, because they can use you as golems.

2) feminism Harvey Weinsteinism in the year 2022. Do these people think it’s the 60’s or something? The World’s most famous feminist is Harvey Weinstein, and it’s truly shocking just how little anyone gives a shit about feminism anymore. It’s a dead meme.

3) Unironically using the term “social justice.” Lol. LMAO.

4) Queer of Colour. Need I say more.

5) “Queer of Colour THEORIZING.” My bigoted brain of goyness is unable to figure out what exactly this entails. Is it coming up with theories as a perverted brown dude? Or is it theorizing about perverted brown men? Or perhaps something entirely unrelated.

6) There’s certainly going to be a lot of CRITICAL THINKING going on in these courses. We know that because they say it, and these perverts of colour would never lie.

Even still, perhaps they’ve not gotten the memo that critical thinking == bad. I’ll cover a piece by Sam Wisenberg that makes that point quite explicitly.

7) Finally, I know it’s petty, but what is with that exclamation point to end the sentence? Is course registration really that exciting?

Becki Ross, PhD in softball.

I wanted this introduction to be nice and brief. I’ll be going through a few of their most ridiculous self-written biographies. For instance, the above lesbian thinks that paragraph breaks are optional. We’ll get to it next time but here’s a screenshot of her biography.

Trust me, it’s a lot of fun. Coming soon.

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  1. POC – “Perverts of Colour” – brilliant, lol!

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